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Pleasurable & Best Sex Positions to Conceive Baby

Getting into the bedroom after long hectic hours to have sex can sometimes be very pleasant to your well-being. Or this time you are planning something else besides pleasure? Are you looking for the best sex positions to conceive a baby? Well, then it’s fantastic to tell you that you have landed on the most suitable page. Please go on reading as we disclose some secrets regarding the best sex positions to get pregnant.

Living in a pandemic situation has caused us a lot of damage. If you look at the sex side of the COVID-19 pandemic, then you would see several people complaining about the higher levels of stress and anxiety. So, ultimately you face a reduction in the libido and at the end of the day, when you think of making love, you feel drained.

So what to do in such circumstances? Probably adopting a good lifestyle with a good diet can help you out. Well, another big factor to enjoy the sex life is thinking of the most suitable positions. But how do you know if the sex position you are adopting has good results to get pregnant or not?

To help you out in this confusion, we have devised this blog post on the best sex positions to conceive a baby. We have added related things like type of sex position, Kamasutra sex positions, sex positions images, and oral sex positions. Therefore, please keep reading as we go on informing you of the sizzling hot kind of sex positions to get pregnant. So, here we go!

Ultimate Pleasure through Best Sex Positions

If you want to have ultimate sexual pleasure for an extended time duration, in addition, to get pregnant, you must be known about the way to reach such joys. You can achieve the spark of pleasurable sex and pregnancy by trying the best sex positions. The following section will through some light on the best sex positions for you. Have a glance and enjoy doing sex in these positions.

Soulmate Missionary

First in the list of best sex positions is the soulmate missionary position. This is the type of sex position which can lead you to have an increased spark than any other position. Apart from the goal of deriving pleasure and getting pregnant, soulmate missionary is also related the better orgasms. If you are tired after a long hectic day and unable to go for the strenuous sex positions then catching one another in the bed through soulmate missionary is the best way to do sex.

In the soulmate missionary, you just have to straighten up the legs and let your partner come closer to your body in the laying position. Then you will follow this with intense emotions and sex. The best thing about missionary soulmates is that they will be giving you the limitless opportunities of kissing one another.

Reverse Cowgirl

Another exciting type of sex position is the reverse cowgirl. You might have seen this type often in the movies and magazines etc. Most of the sex potions images seem incomplete without the reverse cowgirl. The reason is that it can give both of the partners ultimate pleasure. However, if you see it from the man’s eye, it is the most demanded thing. But what is the reason?

Because in the reverse cowgirl position, you man can see you in a great way as you move over him. You are required to do all the work in the position as a female. However, it’s not just about the male. Even many females find it a joy practice to dominate their guys in this sexy sex position.

Lotus Sex Position

We suggest you try another best sex position in which you and your partner will be hugging one another tightly and also doing sex side by side. Well, what can be more pleasurable than this? That is why most people often call it ‘hug sex’.

But how do you make the lotus during this sex posture? Simply by getting on the lap of your partner and sitting in a cross-legged way. You will be sitting on their top and wrapping your legs around them. While at the same time you will be hugging them. You will be absolutely in love as you and your partners have slower sensual movements. There is another level of intimacy by breathing close to one another’s ears.

Flat Doggy

How can we complete the list of the best sex positions to conceive a baby without adding an account of the flat doggy? Well, so here we are with the flat doggy description for you. You may be thinking that flat doggy is not that attractive because you are not facing your partner. This is true that you are not facing your partner. Yet the type of satisfaction and pleasurable joy associated with the flat doggy is truly matchless.

The reason is that you will be getting an entire penetration and greater skin-to-skin contact resulting in ultimate pleasure. Don’t you crave such joy? Well, if yes then you must go for it to get pregnant.

Propped Up

With this, we come to the end of the list of the best sex positions. Though if you search through the internet you may find different sex positions. However, here we have restricted our discussion to the only important and best ones. Propping up is the simpler yet vulnerable position to get pregnant. It helps make you and your partner feel much closer to one another.

In propping up you just have to lift your region of the vaginal opening. You can simply do this by putting a pillow under yourself. In this way, your partner will be above you and it will be easier for him to do the penetration in the full mode. One thing highly arousing between propping up is that it causes more stimulation as you look into one another’s eyes.

After reading these different sex postures, which one you are going to try tonight with your partner?

Kamasutra Sex Positions

Any erotic note is incomplete without the mention of the Kamasutra sex positions. We know you also want to know about it in terms of the different sex postures to conceive a baby. Therefore we have added a special account of the Kamasutra sex positions for you. Though very ancient as the sex postures images depict it is the widest window into soulful sexual pleasure. That is why you see many Kamasutra sex position images showing you pain, pleasure, fantasy, arousal, etc. in a way that you are turned on.  

The domain of the Kamasutra sex positions is very wide. It is itself a topic in it and probably we would be doing another separate blog post on it. Can you imagine, there are about sixty-four Kamasutra sex positions and activities? However, here we will give you a glimpse of the Kamasutra sex postures. The most famous and practiced Kamasutra sex positions are:

Doggy Style Kamasutra

According to the rules of the Kamasutra sex positions, doggy style is considered best for the maximal penetration for people with heavyweights. You can do it by just bending your knees and providing a vaginal opening to your man. Both the partners derive pleasure from this position

Butterfly Sex Position

This style of sex is recommended for couples in which the male partner is a petit and the female partner is heavy. She lays on the bed with her legs on her shoulders. Or you can do it in a kneeling position. This is also one of the arousing sex positions.

Spoon Sex Position

There is a possibility that you and your partners are not of the same heights. If this is the case then you may go for the spoon position. In this Kamasutra sex position, you both will be sitting side-wise with the male partner behind his girl. Enjoy the cool moves of the skin touching and just do the penetration as you reach the highest level of pleasure.

Janakurpara Position

Can’t you understand what Janakurpara’s position means? Let us brief you about this in a simple manner. There is a possibility that you are a fitness-conscious person. And so is your partner. If your answer is yes, then we can say that the Janakurpara position is for you. Having stronger abs is an important requirement of the Janakurpara position because it will be burning a lot of calories. This is a relatively different sex position and we do recommend you to go for it for getting pregnant.

Tripadam Position

If you are your partner are having similar heights then you must be very comfortable with one another. Because then you can easily do the quickie sex. You must have seen Tripadam’s position in the sex position images. Though you may not have the maximal penis penetration in this position. But of course, it causes greater blood flow. So, as a result, you feel good.

Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex positions are something we all enjoy and want to do. Awe surveyed oral sex positions. And amazingly we found that the majority of the people love to do oral sex postures before they could go for the penetration. Oral sex positions are very intimate and you will be using your different sensual organs to derive pleasure e.g. lips, hands, mouth, tongue, etc. Now there are three major terms we must tell you. They are:

  • Cunnilingus: Oral sex position in which the performing media is female’s vagina
  • Fellatio: In Fellatio, the penis of the male is treated for having the pleasurable sex joy
  • Anilingus: In Anilingus, the anal part of any of the partners are stimulated to have satisfaction.

The oral sex positions often lead to the intensified other different sex postures. So, which type of oral sex stimulation you love the most? Indeed it varies from person to person, however, the results of the survey indicated that couples love to indulge in oral sex postures.

Tips for Conceiving after Sex

Now, to become pregnant and have a baby, it’s not an easier task. There is a great deal of debate going on about the type of routine you should adopt after doing sex aiming at conceiving a baby. When it comes to the different sex positions, you saw that most of the sex postures are effective in getting you pregnant.

But the real debate arising in the medical domain is to give some time to the sperms to travel in your body. That means some medical professionals suggest you lay in your bed for almost 30 minutes when you are done with sex.

Now there is another school of thought which says that no need to lay after sex in your bed like a frozen statue. Rather, you must enjoy and take bath with your partner. Such medical professionals say that by the time you are done with the sex, the male’s sperms have already landed in the cervical mucus. The cervical mucus will be holding the sperms and lead to ultimate fertilization.

Another physical suggestion in improving the odds of pregnancy after sex is to use a good quality lubricant. Regular lubrication will help you in conceiving sooner. However, you must make sure that your lubricants do not contain any kind of spermicides other your efforts will be wasted.

Wrapping up the Conclusion

With this section, we come to the blog post on the different sex positions to conceive a baby. We hope you would read it and derive benefit from the highly researched informational material we just provided. In the case of any sex postures, the most important consideration is to be equally mindful of the wellbeing and satisfaction of your partner. Only then you both will be able to enjoy the intensified sexual pleasure.

We will be glad to answer your queries regarding any confusion you encounter in the different sex positions to get pregnant. Therefore, you may spare your precious time to share your thoughts with us regarding the subject matter in the comments section. Thank you! 


What are the best sex positions when you have fibroids?

Trying different sex positions when you have fibroids can get you into trouble. Therefore, we do not suggest you go for all types of sex positions. Rather you may reduce the pain and pressure by simply following the doggy style, side-lying or you may go for the standard missionary. You can put a pillow under your buttocks and enjoy the good penetration.

How many sex positions are there?

On the global scale, the reports and other events regarding sex positions are indicative of the greater number. To be more specific it is reaching up to seventy.

What are the sex positions?

Sex positions are a set of activities that two partners do during their sexual intercourse. These positions ensure that the two partners are having great fun and pleasure with one another as they do sex.

What are the best sex positions when you have ovarian cysts?

Doing sex with ovarian cysts can be very painful at times. However, there are some positions in which there will be lesser pressure on the female partner and thus she will be able to enjoy also. For example, such less painful positions are inclusive of the doggy style, side laying style, and lotus position, etc.

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