We’ll look at the PLAB book in this essay (part 1-2). The PLAB test (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) assists us in ensuring that doctors who have completed their training outside of the UK have the knowledge and skills to practice medicine in the UK. As a result, for decades, they were the top pick of top pupils. However, the PLAB is a two-part exam that assesses your medical knowledge, ethics, and suitability for licensing in the United Kingdom.

You’ll almost certainly need to take the PLAB test if you graduated from a medical school outside of the United Kingdom, the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. Furthermore, the PLAB test will verify that you understand and can perform the same tasks as a doctor beginning their second year of Foundation Program training in the United Kingdom.

PLAB BOOK (PART 1-2) Key Points

  • Those notes succinctly define every detail. As a result, understanding the subtleties is made easier.
  • Because it is more effective to study notes with handwritten content in the PLAB book.
  • As a result, their most distinguishing trait is the use of colorful headlines to enhance their appeal.
  • Each topic has its own set of details. As a result, you won’t have to look through multiple books to find them.
  • Because of their writing style, these have become the most popular books in recent years.
  • It completely covered the syllabus for the PLAB test.
  • Subjects with unique perspectives on the subject set them apart from all other books in the field.
  • As a result, the book has high-yield content. An elite group designed with meticulous planning and deliberation them in each subject.
  • It also includes MCQs that cover the topics in depth.

PLAB Part 1

This workbook explains how to study for and take the PLAB 1 exam. There are resources and example questions available to assist you in preparing. We also go over the logistics, such as when and where you can sit it, as well as how to schedule or cancel a spot. However, the guide explains what to expect on exam day and how to find out your results later.

Furthermore, the blueprint serves as a guide to what the exam will cover and might aid in your preparation. It outlines the knowledge, abilities, and behaviors you’ll need to succeed in the exam and beyond. The blueprint covers all the topics and skills required to pass.

The PLAB blueprint covers all the topics and skill areas that doctors in their second year of UK Foundation Program training are likely to encounter. This is how we ensure that doctors who pass the PLAB test are on par with doctors who have completed their training in the United Kingdom. Una F. Coales’ 1000 Extended Matching Questions, David Sales’ A Workbook for International Doctors and PLAB Candidates, and PLAB Tips & Tricks by Coll are all recommended books for the PLAB part one exam.

1000 Extended Matching Questions by Una F. Coales

1000 Extended Matching Questions by Una F. Coales contains questions based on the themes like Investigation of Epilepsy, Diagnosis of Childhood illness, and many more. It will help you to study more precisely based on the themes and helps you to excel. The answers are also present so it will aid you to know answers and improve accordingly.

A Workbook for International Doctors and PLAB Candidates by David Sales

The book is divided into two parts. In part one focuses on the topics like history taking and various systems like the digestive system, nervous system, and various disorders while part two focuses on vocabulary and is further divided into the general and topic-specific vocabulary. This book will help you a lot.

Tips and Tricks for PLAB by Coll

This book will provide and tips and tricks which will help you to grasp the topic very well. This book contains topics based on the system, disorders, and the most common cause.

PLAB Part 2

We covered the PLAB 2 exam in this book. There are tools and sample questions to assist you in your preparation, as well as information on when and where you can take Part 2 and how to schedule or cancel an exam spot.

Furthermore, all the subjects and skill areas addressed in Part 2 of the PLAB book are typical of those encountered by doctors in their second year of UK Foundation Program training. This is how we ensure that doctors who pass the PLAB test are on par with UK-trained doctors. Jitendar P Vij’s If You Can, You Can, PLAB Notes by Samson and many more are all recommended for the PLAB part two exam.

If You Can, You Can by Jitendar P Vij

If You can, You can by Jitendar P Vij gives an introduction to PLAB-2 and there are mock papers to make you able to get prepared for exams. The book also contains history taking and clinical examination which will help the student a lot. The book contains general information and common terms which will make the study easy to grasp the topic. There are recent examination papers too.

Samson Notes For PLAB

Samson Plab notes comprise lecture notes of Cardiology, orthopedics, dermatology, and many more. This note will be your aid during preparation for your exams.

The PLAB Book’s Summary (Part 1-2)

After reviewing the content, we say that it is one of the most prestigious MBBS notes. We highly recommended these for PLAB hopefuls. However, the subjects display a diagrammatic explanation. It is supplementary material for all candidates who want to achieve the best potential exam results.


What is the PLAB test all about?

The test is divided into two sections. Part 1 comprises 180 single-best-answer questions in a written multiple-choice format. Part 2 is an OSCE, or aim structured clinical examination. Before you may apply for registration with a license to practice medicine in the UK, you must pass both portions.

What are the prerequisites for taking PLAB?

You must first create a GMC Online account and show that your medical qualifications and English language skills are acceptable before taking the PLAB test. However, your information will be validated, and if it matches our requirements, you will register for the PLAB test’s first section.

After passing PLAB 1 and PLAB 2, what happens next?

You can apply for registration and a license to practice once you’ve passed both parts. After passing part 2 of the test, you must submit an application within two years. You can work as a doctor in the UK if we approve your application and you receive registration.

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