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The Sizzling Game of Missionary Sex

Are you a regular reader of sex and relationship blogs over the internet? Then we are sure, you must have come across the missionary sex positions. Because you can date missionary sex position to many centuries ago. Though it was a sexual practice then. But the sex experts named it as the ‘missionary sex’ in the late 1960s or you can say at the start of the 1970s. It is a form of heterosexual intercourse.

You can understand this as a simple sex position. In this missionary sex position, you will be at the top of your female partner. However, in the present era, there are many instances, where the male can be laying and the female partner is moving above him to derive the sexual pleasure. So, it can vary according to the circumstance.

In any case, the missionary sex position is considered as one of the extreme forms of pleasure deriving activity. Both the partners are facing one another and deriving joy through penetration and kissing. Well, this seems to be igniting your sexual spark. It is very comforting and satisfying in real life too.

Therefore, we have decided to compile a blog post on the missionary sex positions for you. So, that you can learn from it and apply it in a better way with your partner. We assure you that it will be giving you both unlimited joy and pleasure. So, please keep reading to have a better understanding of the missionary sex positions. Here we go with the fact-filled account of this sex position!

The Essence of the Missionary Sex Position

Now first, let us brief about how the missionary sex position works. For trying missionary sex position, you must be having a partner. In most cases, you will see that in the missionary sex position the female is lying flat on the bed. While the male partner is over her and both are uniformly facing one another.

Well, another interesting thing you will discover through the sexuality blogs is that only heterosexual couples don’t need to try this type of sex. Even homosexual partners can go for this. Anyhow, the crux is that both must be facing each other. When you are in a missionary sex position then there will be an automatically closed contact of the genital organs. This close contact will make penetration inside the vagina or anus quite deeper and easier in a comfortable mode.

missionary sex position

Usually, the partner who is over the top is standing on kneeling between the female partner’s legs who are lying flat. So, if you are at the top then ultimately, you will have more control over the other partner. Also, you will be able to do speedy and deeper penetration through perfect and quick movements. However, the pleasure is not only limited to this. Because you will see that your partner is also moving her hips and body to feel the sensual penetration joyously.

Also, one more thing which is worth mentioning here is that sometimes, the top partner will be opening his arms and bend a little bit to kiss the below partner. They may put some of their weight on the other partner. Also, there is a possibility to kiss the legs of your partner as you are penetrating to have further arousal and joy.

Misconceptions Regarding Missionary Sex

Though missionary sex is everyone’s favorite and we are sure that each couple has tried it at least once in their life. However, you will observe that there are several misconceptions and myths which people relate to the missionary sex. For example, you can see people describing it as:

A Boring Sex Position

For some people, there is no charm in facing your partner as you are penetrating. Probably they never derived any joy from it because maybe they were doing it in the wrong manner. However, this is not the case. Missionary sex is one of the oldest and most intimate sex positions. Thus you may understand that how much everyone likes it. If you are wondering about intimacy then let us tell you why is that so?

Because in the missionary sex position, you both are facing one another. Your eyes are in contact and your understanding improves. So, in addition to the physical contact between the bodies, there is also a deeper connection between minds. Kissing adds further fuel to the fire. Also, you can do it without any effort or skills. So with the minimum effort, you have immense joy. Well, isn’t that comforting? Well, it is. That is why missionary sex has remained one of the most popular sex positions.  

Single Way of Penetration

Another biggest myth famous about the missionary position example is that you can only do it individually. That means people think that missionary position is the name of one partner above another doing penetration. However, this is a wrong concept. Let us tell you why you are wrong in thinking so.

You may adjust yourself to the missionary sex position in different ways. In either way, you will be creating a lot of sensations and pleasure from any angle. For example, you may get extra stimulation by the proper rotation of your partner’s hips. Another way of deriving more pleasure is by putting a pillow beneath your partner’s hips. In this way, their vaginal or anal opening will be lifted above and you may have further deeper penetration.

Dual Functions of the Missionary Position

In many missionary position examples, you will see that people are complaining about the pain due to pressure, etc. This is especially prevalent if the partner over the top is stronger and heavyweight. Maybe taking the consent of your delicate partner will be a good practice to do. In this way, you are your partner will be on board for trying the missionary sex position.

We have some good news for you. If you have back pain and you choose to do sex in a missionary position then most probably you are indirectly treating your back pain. Because if you lay in the missionary sex position on the bed over your back, then you will be holding your legs in the perpendicular position. That means your legs will be at a 90-degree angle. As a result, there will be relaxation in the back muscles.

Therefore, in most cases, people refer to missionary position examples as serving dual purposes. That means that missionary sex can give you pleasurable joy as well as can improve your muscular health. We hope this factor will now make you want the missionary sex position more and more.

Fossil Bugs in Missionary Position Example

Are you wondering why have we added the sex life of the fossil bugs inside a relationship and the sex life of human beings? Sit back and relax. And keep reading as we tell you what the relevance of the fossil bugs here is.

It’s not just you loving the missionary sex position. But the froghoppers love it too and have been doing it for many centuries. We came to know about this interesting yet funny fact from the fossils which are as old as 165 million years ago. There were those froghoppers doing penetration in the missionary style. Probably you can call it the oldest form of mating between two insects.

This paves another path in understanding the closer relationship regarding sex and mating between human beings and insects. Though with time, there is an emergence of a wide range of other sexual activities. Yet, we see the likeness for missionary sex position not reducing in any way.

Try it For Your Advantage

Well, after telling you different facts and aspects of the missionary sex position, now it’s time to tell you the basic reasons for suggesting your missionary position. That is why we have devised this section to make you aware of the reasons that why you should go for the missionary sex position. These benefits are inclusive of:

Ultimate Intimate Pleasure

No other sex position can beat the sizzling hot intimacy which the missionary sex position creates. The reason for this intimacy is that you are your partner are facing one another nearby. This creates more energy and causes more release of oxytocin. Well, you must be aware, that how essential it is for couples to have intimate eye contact.

So, best eye contact is what missionary sex creates. This leads you to have a stronger relationship. When you are in a missionary position you can easily touch and kiss the neck, hair, and face of your partner. This is the type of pleasure, everyone longs for you. So, you can get it easily with the missionary sex position.

Sizzling Stimulation

Another advantage related to the missionary sex position is that it causes sizzling stimulation. Are you thinking about what the science behind this is? Well, there is no rocket science but simply the close contact between the penis and clitoris causes more stimulation.

You will be able to touch her G-spot through this position. Both of you will enjoy this sensual stimulation in an equal manner. That too with little effort and more pleasure. That is why you should go for this.

More Pleasure with Less Effort

A missionary sex position is an easier sex practice which you can try without needing prior skills and expertise. This is the lighter form of sex which can give you maximum pleasure. This is the most comfortable and less intimidating form of intercourse. Also, you will be able to please yourself and your partner by kissing them on the erogenous regions to further stimulate them. Therefore, enjoying such joy with less effort is fantastic and thus you must go for it. We assure you, you will have great fun!

Making It Versatile

As we discussed earlier that some people may think it is a very simple sex position. Yet, you will be amazed to learn that it is up to you to make it as versatile as possible. You may use a propping mechanism. That means you can put a pillow beneath your partner’s hips to have speedier and deeper penetration. The hands of both the partners are free to caress one another body. Therefore, in the view of most people, missionary sex positions are highly versatile sex positions giving you pleasure.

Summarizing the Discussion

With this, we come to the end of our blog post on the missionary sex positions. The crux of the whole discussion is that missionary sex is one of the oldest yet most enjoyable sex positions. However, the proper name was coined for it in the 1960 or 1970s. Also, another noteworthy thing is that missionary sex positions are not just a game of pleasure for human beings.

Yes, we mean it because we have scientific evidence in the form of fossil fuels. Even froghoppers are known for doing the missionary sex position almost 165 million years ago. Well, you may find it hilarious that you and froghoppers are the same for wishing for the missionary sex position! Anyhow it is what it is!

We would like to wrap up the discussion with the suggestion that you should go for this sex position because it has very good health benefits in addition to other pleasure-related fun. The other benefits of the missionary sex position are:

  • It causes sizzling stimulation which you will always remember
  • You can gain more pleasure with less effort
  • You can make it as versatile as possible
  • It is also possible for you to derive the ultimate intimate pleasure

We will be glad to read your comments regarding this blog post on the missionary sex position. Therefore, do spare a few moments to share them with us. Thank you


Is missionary sex good for people with back pain?

Yes, in missionary sex you can choose to lay down on the bed and ask your partner to do the rest of the job. As you erect your legs in the perpendicular form, your muscles will relax. Therefore, it will cause relaxation in the back pain by relaxing your muscles.

Why is missionary sex so intimate?

It is intimate because both the partners enjoy eye contact. There is also ease in smooching. Therefore, it leads to more smooching.

What is the best advantage of missionary sex?

The best thing related to missionary sex is that it gives you a sizzling stimulation and there is a possibility of hitting the G-spot leading you to the best experience.

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