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Welcome to WOMS medical podcasts. In these medical podcasts, there will be a discussion about various health and mental well-being topics and issues. This podcast is mainly designed for listeners who are very keen to keep their knowledge up-to-date about health-related topics and diseases. It will not only give you the information you are searching for but also put the limelight on the topics which are not brought into the limelight. The suggestions are reviews of the listeners are highly appreciated. We are looking for the active participation of all the listeners. Thank you!

The thunderbolt afflicts of 11-litre water consumption within 2 hours.

You know water is important for life as our body comprises 60% of water. But have you consider what happens to our body when water is consumed more than it is needed. Have you thought what changes is seen and what effects is imposed in our body by consuming more water. So, today we will talk about the thunderbolt afflict of 11 liter water consumption within 2 hrs. You will learn what changes our body goes through and how it is detrimental to our health when 11 liter water is consumed in 2hours.

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