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Heartbreak : Effects on health and ways to overcome it

Heartbreak seems to be inevitable. We cannot escape from it. But we have experienced it one way or another way in our life.

Our heartbreak occurs from break up from the person which we thought were the one. It can also occur from the death of our loved ones. But dealing with it is always hard and unfathomable. There is no cure or medicine for heartbreak. But there are ways which will help us to lessen it.

What is heartbreak?

A heart’s that broken is the heart that’s been loved – Ed sheeren

This verse in the song really gives us exposure that loving someone so much and a sudden departure can lead to a heartbreak. But let’s find out what really is a heartbreak.

Simply understanding it is a worst feeling felt by a person and makes the person lonely and alone and the person feels their heart being broken to pieces if speaking literally about it. It a state not so many people can cope with it.

Jo Hemmings a psychologist and relationship coach says that “Essentially, it is a state of devastating emotional loss”. Some state it as a type of emotional injury or a sort of chronic emotional pain cause the brain is seeing it as a traumatic experience.

Although many well renowned people have their own way to describe heartbreak  but the intense sense  of sadness, pain, grief and loneliness and the unability to move forward by being bound to past remains a common trait in a heartbreak.

How does it effects your health ?

Heartbreak has significant effect in your health as it effects your brain too. As heart is already under-construction but brain seems to be in dilemma too. Most people think it is due to the effect in heart. But they fail to see its effect in brain.

Lets see how our brain gets effected by it.

  1. A research conducted in 10 women and 5 men who has been recently rejected by a partner. But they were still intensely in love their neuronal system was seen using MRI. The research showed that the romantic rejecter and cocaine cravings have several neuronal correlates in common. This research brought an insight about why the feelings and behavior during romantic rejection are difficult to control and leads to depression, suicide like conditions well. Because the area of brain which is activated during a breakup and cocaine addict is same. So like an addict we suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Winch who is a well-knowed psychologist has said that the powerful withdrawal symptoms which has occurred from the loss of love will impact our ability to think, focus, and function in the broadest terms. He also said that an addict is unable to do well in social and personal life so similar thing happens to us during a heartbreak
  3. We are unable to comprehend about truth and false that has happened to us during a heartbreak. A research done by the University of California has stated that even a person having a photogenic memory doesn’t remember everything perfectly. So. Our mind can be fooled into believing things that are not the way they are or distorting the truth.
  4. So, what happens when we are under a lot of stress which is normal during heartbreak. According to a study published by ASU researcher Sabrina Segal in the journal Neuroscience stated that during stress hormones like cortisol and nor-epinephrine is released. During this research it was known that a negative experience are remembered quickly when it is traumatic enough to release cortisol and nor-epinephrine shortly after the event.
  5. Similarly, the hormone which makes us feel good like dopamine and oxytocin when we are in love, their level seemed to be dropped and where replaced by stress hormone cortisol. Stress hormone cortisol gets secreted in response to flight or fight response. But when it is secreted in more amount for a long period of time than it will cause unpleasant mental and physical symptoms like anxiety, acne, nausea and weight gain which is seen in individual going through heartbreak.

So, in this way we have seen how heartbreak has affected our brain and body .

How can we heal?

I think nobody wants to get stuck in this heartbreaking and gut wrenching pain phase. So everybody wants to heal their broken heart. So let’s look what we can do to heal from it.

After the heartbreak the brain has reruns of images and memories of your loved ones of your ex or your partner. We must break this loop. But it is hard to do so because some people are not aware of it.  Due to which it is hard to move on and heal their broken heart. The healing process is hard but there are ways which can aid us to heal us from our heartbreak.

First step is to reduce contact with the person but cutting off completely with them. This means not checking their whereabouts in social media or calling them to know about them. Because each time you do this it will just open up your wound and you will bleed instead of healing.

Second step you much keep some distant from them and let your mind and body adapt your life without them. Next is we must try our best to think less of the person as possible.Great willpower and distraction is a must for this task.

We must distract ourselves either indulging ourselves with things we like to do like journaling, writing, blogging or crafts etc. Engage ourselves to spend quality time with friends or family or with our close and near peoples is a way to distract ourselves too. We have to sometimes force ourselves to do the things that are good for us  but doesn’t sound appealing to us.

Healing from a heartbreak is an uphill battle. It needs a great willpower and patience. It requires a lot of time. Although is hard but it not impossible. Just you need to work on it moved forward cause there is always a rainbow after the rain.

Rashmi Shrestha

Namastey!! I am Rashmi Shrestha. I am an ethusiast writer and reader. I am currently reading Bsc. Human biology in Kathmandu University. I love to read poetry and write some too.
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