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Rough Sex | Playful Physical Aggression & Beyond

Relationships and sex are an integral part of medical and health sciences. They involve several factors which have medical importance. For this reason, we see several sexologists and other biomedical researchers conducting different investigations about them. When it comes to a relationship between two adults, there are possible chances of developing intimacy through sex. Another trending term in this regard is rough sex. Have you ever tried this? Well, if not, then we must brief you about it.

Rough sex is not just rough, as the name indicates. However, how two individuals do it is very rough. It is important to note that if two individuals are not doing it with the proper consent of one another, it is a type of assault. And sexual assault is a big crime. Therefore, the enthusiasm of both partners is a must in this regard. And only then can you say it is rough sex.

To date, there are several types of research and surveys done on aggressive sex. The sexologists and medical doctors understand it. However, the general public, especially the younger adults, still have a lot of confusion about wild sex. Therefore, it is necessary to educate you in this regard. For the solution to this confusion, we present to you this blog on rough sex. Please keep reading as we will be covering all the relevant concepts and misconceptions about wild sex. Have a glance!

What is Rough Sex?

Well, you may be looking for the proper definition of rough sex. However, there can be as many definitions of rough sex based on the experiences of different people. It is inclusive of very vast concepts. Therefore, defining aggressive sex in few words can be a challenging task.

In a general sense, hard sex is a type of sex which is intense and complex. A wide range of things is there. The two participating partners do hard kissing and then other items in a more complex manner. Or you can also call it sex-done aggressively. By this, we mean that you can go for other elements known as bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) elements.

Interestingly, among two partners doing it willingly, there are chances that one partner feels it as usual while the person feels it as rough sex. Their interpretation can be variable. Different people around the globe expressed pleasure in having pain during aggressive sex. They enjoy faster and vigorous motion during rough sex.

Variable Names Used for Rough Sex

If you talk to the general public, they will not always call rough sex as it is. Instead, there are several adjective terms used for it. You see different porn sites using other words to describe aggressive sex. For example, they are inclusive of the:

  • Aggressive sex
  • Violent sex
  • Forceful sex
  • Passionate sex
  • Hardcore sex
  • Twisty sex

One thing worth mentioning here is that these terms can mean different to your partner. Therefore, you must check them clearly about rough sex before going wild. Otherwise, the results can lead both of you to confusion. Because when it comes to sex, assumptions can lead you to misconceptions. And, this is what you need to avoid with your partner to have an inclusively pleasurable experience.

Rough Sex | Recognized Terms on Global Scale

If you see and study rough sex, you will see some terms used in this regard. Even now, there is a recognition for these words on a global scale over the internet. You must have come across these terms while searching for Forceful sex. Are you still curious about those terms? Let us simply help you:

  • 77% of the people know about chocking
  • 75% of the people have information on hair pulling during rough sex
  • 69% of people admitted that they know about spanking their partner during rough sex
  • 66% of individuals say they have pinned down when they do Forceful sex with their partner

In addition to these globally known facts about rough sex, there are other terms as well. For example, people love to tie up their partners and then do different things. They do hard thrusting. They slap the body of their partner, e.g., buttocks, etc. Or they also do scratching.

Rough Sex | The Less Recognized Terms

Well, the account of recognizable terms during rough does not end here. Some other words which are used at a global scale are as follows. Though you can say, they are less validated than the others explained above.

  • Throwing partner on the bed in an aggressive manner. About 49% knows about this in Forceful sex
  • Sometimes, partners can tear off one another’s cloth. This is known to almost 45% of people
  • Partners love to do punching during sex. However, this is only limited to 33% of the people enjoying it
  • The last but not the minor thing is making someone go wild during sex with you. We see 17% of the general public recognizing this form of Forceful sex

Forceful sex | Pleasure Explained Through Survey Results

Well, you must be amazed to read what we are going to tell you now. The results of other survey-based researches supported the global desire for rough sex. Also, the results indicated how common and normal it is doing rough sex. Because both the partners have the consent to making pleasure through rough sex.

In fact number of people have their fantasies about bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) accessories. They love to invest money in buying related accessories. Also, they confessed that they often do experimentations with Passionate sex to have more painful pleasure.

Surveying 700 People for Rough Sex

In a study conducted for knowing about rough sex, 700 individuals were included. Only then do we come to know that rough sex is prevailing intensely. And also, that people love to indulge in it to have an exclusive experience of painful pleasure in love. For this reason, you see several brands making bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) elements-based accessories.

As a result of surveying 700 people, we found different things. For example:

  • A significant portion of individuals i.e., exceeding half expressed an extreme desire to do Forceful sex with their partner
  • It is not restricted to only male or female gender to initiate this type of sex. Either gender can initiate it, and both continue to derive pleasure
  • The good thing we came to know after the survey was that if both partners have the consent of doing rough sex, then it’s safe. By this, we mean there are no chances of injuries and violence

Controversial Aspects of Rough Sex | Just a Physical Aggression?

Rough sex is prevailing on a global scale, and a number of people love to do it. But there can be some controversies in rough sex even. By this, we mean that some habits and activities you do during rough sex can be good for you. But the other individual may have several objections to the type of habits you like.

However, the partners don’t need to do sex more slowly and sensually all the time. There are times when two participating individuals are turned on by starting Passionate sex. Well, another controversy is that sometimes calling a sex rough is not correct. In fact, according to the type of things done in sex, you have to classify it as ‘rougher sex’ than simply ‘rough sex.’ Examples of rougher sex include choking, punch, and slap your partner. However, these things are different from everyone’s perspective.

In any way, you can classify the sex as rough sex if it includes some extent of the dangerous, risky, or aggressive behavior of the partners. Another exciting thing about rough sex is not just physical aggression. Using a type of aggressive behavior in terms of language is also Passionate sex. For example, you dominate your partner by rudely giving them commands is a part of the aggression. Also, you can be the one accepting such orders and pleasing your partner.

Rough Sex Going Wrong | an Instance

If you belong to the medical law domain, then you must have come across such cases. There is a possibility that you studied those cases from a sexual assault perspective. Therefore, we are here to account for such a scenario to make you aware of this side of rough sex. Please keep reading!

There is a piece of existing evidence about Miss Millane, who became the victim of rough sex. To be more explicit, she became a victim of the “rough sex gone wrong” method and lost her lie. For many years, you must have thought that women can die because of domestic violence, etc. However, the “rough sex went wrong” method is another way of targeting women.

The results and reports of her case are indicative of the murder’s approach of using rough sex and tool for murdering her. Though, as mentioned earlier that Passionate sex is only done when two partners have consent and they enjoy it. However, going for the extreme hardcore position and using BDSM accessories for painful pleasure can be unhealthy and injurious at times.

Communicating Rough Sex in Safer Manner with your Partner

For most issues in relationships, we advise you a clear-cut communication with your love bird. Also, in the case of doing rough sex, communication is the key. Well, it needs to be effective communication for good results. Communication is an integral part of the healthier and safer sex.

It is necessary to use the power of effective communication when it comes to rough sex. Discussing personal boundaries with your partner prior to initiating Passionate sex is a good thing. Also, you can allow your partner to do rough sex as per their choice. For instance, if at any moment, they want to switch to a sensual mode of kissing, you should not resist it. Otherwise, there can be misunderstandings in your relationship. And this is what you should not allow happening.

Also, if you desire to use any bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) elements-based accessories, you need to be mindful of safety first. Don’t use them in a very carefree manner. It can lead your partner to injuries. Which you must avoid.

Doing Passionate sex in Safer Manner

There are some chances that you are a young adult and trying rough sex for the first time. Is that the thing? Then nothing to worry about. As we have devised this section for educating you. You can initiate the rough sex by starting to scratch and bite your partner. Seeing the amount of pleasure on the face of your partner, you can gradually increase the intensity of scratching and biting. Also, it includes your satisfaction and pleasure too.

Are you trying to be as perfect as porn stars do it? Well, we suggest you stop there and quit this approach. Most of the things you see in the movies are not as things are in reality. However, don’t be judgmental about yourself if you want to do Passionate sex. The point of any kind of sex is your pleasure and satisfaction. As long as you are not harming your partner, it is not a bad thing.

Trying Rough Sex for the First Time? | An Effective Trick

Our studies are suggestive of the fact that a number of males and females tried rough sex. Some of them did not quite enjoy that. Maybe we can say, they did not make use of the consent technique. And probably they ran into some awkward situation during aggressive sex. Which led them to dislike Hardcore sex.

Therefore, we recommend you start things in a gentle way. Some individuals also argued that Passionate sex can be about pleasure. But at the same time, it is also about trust. You or your partner hold the right to say “STOP” as something is hurting you or making you uncomfortable. Maybe you can resume after taking a break. That can be a key factor as well.

Such a flexible approach towards rough sex will enable one to take hold of rough sex in a slower and gradual manner. It will also save you from hating Passionate sex and leaving it altogether. Isn’t it an effective trick?

Porn Based Rough Sex vs. Rough Sex in Real

It is very much important to discuss this issue and comparison here. Educating our readers in this regard is an integral factor. Rough sex is shown in porn movies and the one you do in your bedroom with your partner is totally different. Just remove this misconception that they can be the same in a total sense. Of course, this is not the case.

Just imagine the number of feelings and pleasure in anything done on the set versus the one you do in the home. An interview with one of the female porn stars indicated that she does not execute rough sex in a home with multiple positions. Also, she informed that on the set, she and her partner are focusing on the camera and lights. Therefore, their attention is kind of divided.

In fact, she said that we are instructed to do rough sex in different positions which is uncomfortable. But since it is an instruction from the director so she and her partner must follow. According to her, when you do Passionate sex at home, you are more focused and have ample time to take pleasure.

Rough Sex | Safety First! & Other Important Considerations

Throughout this blog, we have emphasized the safety of your partner. Because there are different concerns of safety related to rough sex. In fact, you must have observed that porn movies show rough sex to be very intense. Sometimes, it can be dangerous in a physical or emotional manner. Therefore, the consequences can be serious if one does it in an incorrect manner. The following consideration will ensure the safety of you and your partner during rough sex:

Physical Injury

It is very important to mention here that you both are responsible for one another’s wellbeing and pleasure. Therefore, you must not use anything or any tool which can push your partner into physical or mental distress

If you want to use any of the bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) tools, then consent is the most important. You and your partner must be aware of the wants and needs of one another through effective communication

Stronger Sex Items

You should be mindful of the fact that stronger rough sex can put extra pressure on condoms. Therefore you must go for trying the stronger condoms. They will allow you to have good sexual activity.

Seeking the Medical Care

It is normal to have the marks of scratches and bites after Hardcore sex. Also, if you can have some spotting after sex, this is also not some serious concern. However, if you observe any kind of bleeding then you must get in touch with your doctor without any delay.

Bottom Lines on Rough Sex

With this, we come to the end of our blog post on rough sex. We hope now you are in a better position to understand, what Passionate sex is and what it is not. The interesting thing is that research is ongoing in this domain. Things are more advanced than ever and you will love the way how sexologists and medical doctors can help you in case of any confusion.

So, we conclude our blog post with the five major points which help you refresh the relevant information you studied. They include:

  1. Rough sex is an important way of developing intimacy with your partner
  2. Through rough sex, you can have an exclusive feeling of satisfaction coming from painful pleasure
  3. Painful pleasure does not mean harming any partner through aggressiveness
  4. Communication and trust are very important. Communicating every fantasy before starting Hardcore sex can be great
  5. Above all things, you must be very mindful of the physical and emotional well-being of your partner

We hope you will get a piece of important information about Passionate sex from this blog post. We will be glad to see your response in our comments section. Thank you! 

General FAQs on Rough Sex

Why do you call it rough sex when it is sensual at times?

Rough sex is based on a range of sexual habits and activities. They are mostly hardcore. While sometimes it can be sensual like hardcore kissing. It can include slapping and choking your partner. It is an advanced form of sex where pleasure is made from painful sex acts.

What are the safety concerns of rough sex?

Of course, rough sex is a form of safe sex. A number of individuals are trying it on a global scale. However, you must be aware of the boundaries of your partner. You must note your partner’s response. And then you do further activities to have pleasure.

How can I inform my partner that I want to do safe sex?

Well, communication is the key to rough sex. You must take your partner in confidence and convince them in a gentle manner. An overall consent and discussion are important prior to rough sex. However, permission becomes more important if you are planning to use bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, and sadism-masochism (BDSM) tools.

Rough sex shown in porn movies is similar to the one done at home?

There is a huge difference between doing Hardcore sex at home and the one being shot on the set. Of course at home, you remain focused. There are not any particular disturbances. You don’t have to follow the cameras and lights. Rather, it is easier for you to take more time and enjoy the pleasure.

What are the other names of rough sex?

Well, there is a number of names used for Hardcore sex. If you type them on different search engines, there are possibilities you get many results. For example, hardcore, kinky, aggressive, passionate sex, etc.

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