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In this post, we are going to run through the DAMS handwritten notes. These notes are by the Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences PVT.LTD. (DAMS). DAMS is the academy providing coaching for medical students in India. It had helped students in the following regions. Such as MD/MS entrance test, MCI screening, MDS QUEST/NBDE, medical-IAS, etc.

DAMS notes pdf has always been a pioneer to provide lucid notes to assist MBBS students. Over the two decades of success ensuring thousands of PG medical entrance exam selections.

Features of DAMS notes pdf

Without depending on the bulk of notes, if the students focus only on the DAMS notes, they can score highest in the exams. These are some of the features making them different from any other MBBS subject’s notes.

  • DAMS notes pdf are also handwritten notes as Marrows notes. These notes had written within the group of professionals related to their respective fields.
  • These notes had helped thousands of medical students to crack the tough subject’s exams.
  • They indeed cover all topics in a concise manner.
  • These are the four sectioned notes. In the first two sections, all the thesis from the first and second year of MBBS. The last two sections contain third and last year’s MBBS notes.
  • Moreover, all of the topics have explicitly tied to the student’s needs. 
  • These notes had tempted to be the readily accessed notes pdf. Aspirants can find them easily on different sites.
  • These notes have a brief-schemed explanation of the topics relating to each subject.
  • The diagrammatic illustration of the subject’s theory makes it more advantageous.

Summary of notes included in DAMS notes pdf

Further, to ensure the preparation of every subject, DAMS notes pdf contains nineteen theory notes. These are some of the subject’s theory notes covered in the pdf of DAMS notes.

First-year notes of MBBS

First-year notes of MBBS should be to the point because the first-year student indeed needs topics in detail. Hence, they are newcomers. Therefore, DAMS notes have covered all the subject topics precisely. Correspondingly, they are revolving around three subjects, namely anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology. 


Anatomy refers to the structural study of the human body within its physical relationship. In the light of notes on anatomy, students will be able to know about the general anatomy on the following topics,

  • Skeletal system 
  • Joints and muscles
  • The cardiovascular and lymphatic system
  • Nervous system
  • Skin and fascia


Biochemistry is the study of biology and the chemistry of life, or it deals with the biochemical processes related to living organisms. Under the biochemistry DAMS notes, we will study the following topics. Like, the origin of life, protein structure, an amino acid with its types, and nucleotide. Despite them, It contains different theories proposed by scientists that explain the fundamentals of biochemistry beyond.


Compared to the last two subjects, Physiology is the study of work done by our body. Besides the two subjects, these notes comprised the topics including functional organization of the human body, composition, and function of blood, neurons, and muscles.

Second-year DAMS notes of MBBS

The syllabus notes of the second year of MBBS contain, particularly, over four subject notes. Namely, pathology, pharmacology, FMT, and microbiology.


Microbiology is the branch of science which deals with the study of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

The notes present in the DAMS Notes will provide you information regarding various topics related to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites and it comprises 238 pages.


The study of diseases and their cure is called pathology. Pathology notes 100 percent accurate content on the pathology related to heart, blood, hematopoietic system, lymphoid system, oral cavity, and gastrointestinal tract.

Pharmacology & Community Medicine (PSM)

 Pharmacology is the science of drugs or medicines with the effect they cause on the living system. This subject is also called community medicine. However, both relate to the same study but are named differently. This chapter includes all the drugs related to each disease and their side effects.

Third and Last-year DAMS notes of MBBS

From third-year specialized subjects included in the syllabus to the final year. 

Firstly, third-year notes contain three subjects. ENT, also known as Otolaryngology, is the study of the eyes, nose, and throat. Ophthalmology is related to an eye condition and its curatives. Despite ENT and Ophthalmology, it also contains community medicine subjects.

Secondly, last year or fourth-year notes contain the detailed subject containing over 19 subjects. The thesis is on medicine, surgery, pediatrics, anesthesia, dermatology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and radiology.

Surgery is the medical specialty that deals to treat pathological disorders with operative manual and instrumental techniques.

Anesthesia is a respiratory disorder, whereas pediatrics deals with the medical care of infants and children. Moreover, psychiatry is a study related to mental illness. Despite all, dermatology is the study of skin-related issues and curative. 


Ophthalmology is the branch of medical science that deals with the study of eyes and their structure, function, diseases, and its treatment and cure. This note will provide great depth regarding ophthalmology and it comprises 224 pages.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology deal with female reproductive health and the study of the care, treatment, and information regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and various aspects of the mother and womanhood. The DAMN notes consisting of 328 pages will give you all the information regarding obstetrics and Gynecology.

Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine is the branch of science which deals with the use of medicine for legal questions. With the help of forensic medicine, we can know how the person died and what the causes of the death, and many more were. These notes will help you a lot to understand the subject.


We can clearly say that DAMS notes pdf are the most valuable notes for MBBS students. These aiding students to get a good grasp of the topics.

Furthermore, notes designs according to the latest syllabus pattern. When you have finished the syllabus, you will realize that it was worth the effort.

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