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Happy Hormonal Shots Related with Lip Kiss

There must be many instances where you wonder about the scientific reason and background behind lip kiss and other forms of kissing e.g. romantic kiss, love kiss, sex kiss, deep kiss, etc. Lip kisses and other forms of kissing sex are very common forms of enjoying deep sexual pleasure with your partner. Even Science encourages you to go for a lip kiss.

It can instantly lift up your mood. Even if you look at the kissing pictures or videos, you feel an urge to reach out to your partner for a romantic kiss. But why is that so? Why has humanity always loved to do sex kisses?

In order to answer your question regarding sex kisses and other types of kissing, we have compiled this blog spot for you. You cannot imagine how beneficial can be a lip kiss for your health and overall well-being. In fact, you will be amazed by a long list of benefits associated with the deep kiss. That is the reason a loving kiss gives rise to a deeply sensual experience as you start doing sex with your partner.

Or maybe the film stars in movies too go for kissing sex to project love and pleasure. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive deeper into the science and art of lip kiss and how does it lead to kissing sex to satisfy you. Enjoy reading about your favorite deep kiss!

Different Types of Kisses

Well, you may have heard about a romantic kiss, deep kiss, sex kiss, love kiss, etc. Have you encountered curiosity in differentiating these all kisses? Perhaps, you would always be confused about them. Well, that’s natural that all types of kisses seem to simply lip kisses. Since all you need is your partner to kiss and lips of course! However, this is not the case. The terminology of lip kiss or sex kiss is encompassing a wide range of kissing sex activities.

Kissing sex is a type of exciting one. It can comfort you at times and then can be awkward at some moments. However, it is always nerve-wracking. Well, you should stop getting confused about the types of lip kisses. As we have made a comprehensive list of types of kisses to make you understand this from a health sciences perspective. So, are you ready to read about these kissing sex-related classifications? Or you may check if you have tried to aby of them yet or not. There are twenty different kinds of kisses but here we have just included the ones related to sex kissing. Let’s go and explore them as follows:

French kiss

The most famous type of kiss you do and you see all around in movies and dramas is the French kiss. If you check the internet, you will be amazed that how many names are there for a French kiss. However, the most famous names used are make-out and deep kiss. Actually, in this type of kissing, you and your partners exchange your tongues and saliva in a deep sensual manner in an open mouth way. Well, how many wet kisses do you prefer, it is totally up to you. It also varies from couple to couple.

Single Lip Kiss

Another sensual sex kiss is the one in which your partner tends to kiss your lower lip. Or you may do so. That is why it has been named so. In fact, you can say that a single lip kiss becomes intense and ends up in an aggressive French kiss. However, in any case, you must be mindful that the tongue is a sex organ. And thus, couples use it to get an ultimate level of pleasure in doing any kind of lip kiss.

lip kiss images

Bite Kiss

A bite kiss is also a type of sex kiss. The word bite in its name does not express anything unpleasant or painful. Rather, this is the playful biting during kissing which leads to getting an extreme form of arousal. Couples are of the view that as they switch to slower bite kisses, they feel more pleasure and they do so by just tugging their partner’s lip with their teeth. However, if you want to do so, be very gentle. The purpose of a biting kiss is to ignite sensual kissing sex. It does not mean to tear the lip skin of your partner. Period!

Nipple Kiss

Have you ever tried this type of deep kiss? Nipples are erogenous regions in the case of females and in the case of some males. That is why experts suggest doing nipple kisses as an exclusive form of deep kissing and sex kissing to derive matchless pleasure. Now, what’s the science behind this magical nipple kiss? Because when you kiss the nipples. It activates some nerves. The same nerves are related to the activation of the clitoris. Therefore, you feel immense pleasure. Nipple kisses can also accompany other sexual activities of sex kissing to intensify the pleasure.

Genital Kiss

You may think genital sex is the same as oral sex. However, this is not the case. Though it can end up in the oral kiss. As you do a direct deep kiss on the genital region of your partner, they will show that they are craving for more. Even if you do so above the cloth or on their naked genitals. The effect in both cases will be the same.

Romantic Love Driven Lip Kiss

Romance is an integral part of any relationship. There is no deeper sense of meaning in any relationship if the romantic partners do not take out time to have romance. If you have a partner, you can understand this in a better way. So, when you see your loved partner, do you want to rush and do a lip kiss? Perhaps, it must have happened many times. Have you ever wondered, what is the science behind such pleasure?

You want to have a sex kiss because of the naught chemical inside your brain. Yes, this naughty compound wanting you to do kissing sex is dopamine. It is related to the reward. You have it when something absolutely happens good to you. For example good food, good grades in exams, promotion, etc. Oh! And how can we forget the lip kiss?

So, whenever you have the urge to do sex kiss with him or her, understand, it the dopamine behind the scene. These happy hormones are released more during lip kisses as you enter a new relation. Now you understand, why you are attracted to a new partner and have a desire to do a romantic kiss?

Sexual Desire Driven Lip Kiss

It is not always the case that you are sitting in a library with your partner and need a lip kiss. Sometimes, you are in a bedroom and need an intense lip kiss. Yes, that the time when your sexual desire drives the sex kissing. This is a general concept and we hope we need not explaining it. Since lip kiss is the first step to starting your sex game with your partner.

The research is indicative of the more desire found in females for prolonged kissing than males. In fact, you will see a number of female partners valuing kissing sex over actual intercourse. Because it gives a good warm-up effect leading to more pleasure and satisfaction. However, the same can be true for many male partners. Another famous thing in this regard is that females do not like to imitate sex without kissing.

Are you curious about the porn stars who would simply start sex without warm-up with a lip kiss? Well, in a sincere manner, we must say that real life is quite different from porn movies. Therefore, you must not compare your sexual life with porn movies.

lip kiss image

Lip Kiss & Sex: The Role of Science

Like other domains of science, there has been extensive research on the role of lip kisses in sex. In fact, the sexologists have used a large sample size to reach some conclusions. They suggest that females only prefer mates who are good at kissing. They would only allow them in the bedroom if they have good kissing skills. Isn’t that interesting?

You may think of this as one of the reasons leading to proceeding a relationship or doing a breakup. Now, what’s the reason behind a female’s inclination towards sex kissing? Science has the answer to this question. They love to kiss and to be kissed because they are getting something out of it. As your man kisses you, you get your sex hormones and other proteins releasing. As a result, the female becomes more receptive to doing sex.

In this regard, if the partner goes for an open mouth French kiss, then the results can be further good. Especially you will feel an increment in arousal and you will be able to derive more pleasure from exchanging saliva. It is interesting to tell you that the amount of pleasure is double or even tripled while swapping saliva with your partner.

Fun Facts on Lip Kiss

Since lip kiss is the favorite of all around the world. Therefore, new and interesting facts emerge from time to time. We would like to share these fun facts with you. They include:

  • If you kiss your loved partner, then there are chances of transferal of the bacteria. This is possible even if the contract was for 10 seconds during a deep French kiss. Well, that does not mean you should give up on a French kiss! Because there can be other ways too. Also, it’s not necessary the bacteria are always bad
  • Do you know that most people tend to bend their heads towards their right side as they kiss? You will be amazed to learn that such people form exceeds two-thirds of the people on a global scale
  • Have you been to a library and seen books related to sex kissing? If yes, then you must know that there is a world record of the longest kiss. Can you imagine, how long it lasted? Well, we are ourselves astonished to tell you. It lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds

Health Benefits of the Lip Kiss

A lip kiss is not an instantaneous way to get sexual satisfaction. There are proven benefits of sexual kissing. In fact, the research in the domain of lip kiss and sex kissing is clearly indicative of the long-term effects on your health. It may seem like a smaller activity in the sexual game. However, its effects are real. If you have been in a sexual or romantic relationship, then you can easily comprehend those happy hormones releasing as you kiss your partner.

Let’s have a glance, how lip kissing can improve your health.

Emotional Attachment

Having a lip kiss with your partner can make your day. It gives you pleasure and happy sex hormones making your mood good. Also, it is an important part of physical intimacy. You will observe that through kissing sex, you can have a deep sense of love and remaining togetherness.

The brain chemicals involved in this all process are:

  • Oxytocin
  • Dopamine
  • Serotonin

Reduction in the Level of the Stress

Have you ever felt an instant release from stress as you do lip kisses with your partner? Perhaps, you must have experienced this type of pleasant joy. This is because a lip kiss can do chemical alteration in your brain. It releases happy hormones. As we mentioned earlier, these happy hormones are Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine. Not just this, it does another kind of chemical transformation.

Kissing reduced the amount of stress by causing a significant reduction in the stress hormone level. Do you know what these stress hormones are? This is referred to as cortisol. This neurotransmission helps you to feel relaxed as you do deep kissing.

Increase Self-Worth & Self-Esteem

On a global scale, it is said that people who have body complexes have higher amounts of cortisol released from their brains. Therefore, as you step up in a good romantic and sexual relationship, you will see that your self-worth and self-esteem are increased. Your self-acceptance leads you to feel happy. This is very important from a psychological point of view.

You can understand from this point that some people are very beautiful and yet not happy. Because they do not have acceptance of their selves. Also, they would lack a romantic partner who would love them the right way. So a result, they are stressed out. Therefore, if you have a similar case, then you must go for finding a good mate who would give you good shots of dopamine, not cortisol, right?

Foreplay & Lip Kiss

Another proven benefit of the lip kiss is its power of intensifying sexual experience. Imagine intercourse without kissing or hugging? Well, that will be like what animals do in the jungle! Haha. Well, without kidding, lip kisses and other warm-up actions before rough sex increase your health. It is both your physical as well as mental health.

Physically you can become active after kissing sex. While mentally you feel relaxed and loved. It will prevent you from going into anxiety or depression. And again that happy hormonal story comes, which we have already told you.

 Metabolic Benefits

If you are a fitness maniac and do not compromise on it in any way then it’s great that kissing can help you gain more fitness. Since it is known for burning kilojoules. So the next time you kiss, you must know that your calories are burning. If you want to burn more calories then go for more intense kissing!

Healthier Mouth

Another beneficial aspect of lip kissing is that you get a healthier mouth. Since the exchanging viva contains different microbial agents. They can be beneficial at times. However, you and your partner must have good oral health to enjoy this benefit.

Wrapping up the Discussion

A lip kiss is not just an emotional activity that you do out of love. There is a big science behind it. In fact, to narrow down the things, a great deal of chemistry is involved in it. An amazing thing is that kissing increases the number of happy hormones and reduces the release of stress hormones. So, do lip kisses to have plenty of Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine.

While at the same time, having lesser cortisol is a great thing to have. There are many types of kisses. You must know about them. However, French kiss, deep kiss, kissing sex, and romantic kiss are some globally used terminologies.

So, with this, we come to the conclusion of our blog post on the science of lip kisses. We hope this blog post has added a piece of valuable information to your knowledge regarding kissing. Also, we would love to answer your questions in this regard. Therefore, please do pour them into our comments sections. Have a good time kissing your partner!


How to do lip kisses in a perfect manner?

There is not rocket science or perfect formula available for doing a perfect lip kiss. You may learn it with the passage of time and the partners you remain with. However, there can be some general things which can make you do lip kiss perfectly. For example, you must groom yourself before going on a date where a kiss is expected. Take good care of your hygiene. Smell good by using mouth freshener. You must understand your partner’s mood and then proceed accordingly. If both of you have playful time then you can proceed and use your tongue gently.

How to lip kiss?

Lip kiss is also known by other names e.g. romantic kiss, sex kiss, passionate kiss, and deep kiss, etc. You can do it simply by developing an understanding with your partner. Having a lip lock is easier. You can use your lips to tease your partner. You can suck them, touch them with your tongue. However, be careful not to tear the lip skin of your partner. You may exchange saliva during lip kisses to have more arousal.

Why lip kiss is important?

You must be thinking about the importance of kissing while seeing a kissing picture. Lip kiss is important because it is related to a number of health benefits. It releases the happiness hormones. Also, it reduces the amount of the release of the hormones of stress. Therefore, a love kiss is an important way to gain health benefits.

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