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Can you take a bath while pregnant in the hot tub, A must-read for all pregnant women

You are pregnant. Knowing this makes you feel overwhelmed and excited. You become caring about your daily routines, even. It’s a fact that getting pregnant is a blessing in disguise. You have to quit the things you are addicted to doing in your day-to-day life. Are you too facing the same phenomenon? Are you stuck in the questions regarding pregnancy and bathing care? Are you confused about whether to take a hot tub bath or not? How many times a week can you take a bath while pregnant with lukewarm water? 

In this article, you will get an idea what’s the difference between a hot water bath and a hot tub bath. I am here to help you choose the safe pregnant bathing ways. 

Well, as far as your question “Can you take a bath while pregnant” is concerned, the good news is that yes you can, you can take pregnant baths as many times as you desire even in the early days of your pregnancy.

However, there are three categories: a shower bath, a tub bath, and a hot tub bath. 

The shower bath with lukewarm water or at normal temperature is a recommended activity during pregnancy. It relaxes your muscles and ensures hygiene. 

A tub bath with lukewarm water is also a safe bath during pregnancy. The only thing you must care about is the temperature of the water. Let me explain it further.

Whats the ideal temperature of water for a tub bath?

The temperature of a human body is normal at 98 F. When you get pregnant, your body temperature is usually greater than an ordinary human’s. The gross check on the temperature of your bath water is that it must not increase your body temperature over 100 F. At this temperature, less than 20 minutes of shower bath or tub bath is safe for you.

Till yet we knew you can take a lukewarm water bath. But the question, Why the researchers and doctors forbid you from taking a hot tub bath? 

Before digging deep into this question, let me explain about a hot bath tub.

What is a hot tub?

A hot tub is a little pool full of scorching water in which the temperature of the water remains the same. People use it to get relaxed and feel pleasure. A 45 minutes hot tub bath at 40 F strengthens your immunity, kills the bacteria, and makes you feel healthy. The people who use it can better know that it’s a kind of powerful addition.

Why you should not take hot tub baths in early pregnancy?

Here are the reasons you should not keep yourself in a hot tub .

Studies show that taking a hot water bath in early pregnancy may increase the chances of spontaneous abortion. Being pregnant you should monitor your temperature regularly and it must not go beyond 2 C above the baseline that is 37 C. Increase in your body temperature will cause a reduced blood supply to your fetus and resultant death of this tiny creature in your womb.

If you are addicted to hot tub bath, you must take into consideration that prolonged high temperature of your body can cause neural tube defects in your baby. The medical term used for this defect is spina bifida (Cleft Spine). It’s a birth defect in which the spine and spinal cord of the fetus don’t develop completely.

Moreover, hot water dehydrates your body, and the insufficiency of water is detrimental to the life of both the mother and the fetus.

What’s the way forward

Can you take a bath while pregnant in the hot tub” When you conclude that there is a BIG NO on this question, you may feel sad? Because no matters, if you are a full-time homemaker or a businesswoman, pregnancy fatigue, muscle ache, are the same for all. Stay calm, you can still enjoy the lukewarm water bath that will surely soothe you and make you feel even fresh. 

Pause for a moment please, take a super beneficial tip before ending your read;

Try to take a lukewarm water bath in early pregnancy under the shower and not in a bathtub for the safe end. After all, “Preborn embryos and fetuses are unfathomably valuable” for you and your partner.

Good luck and happy pregnancy!


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