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Nobel Medical College

The Nobel Medical College or NMC came into action in 2004. It is one of the leading academic institutions in Nepal. Nobel medical college has an affiliation with Kathmandu University. Kathmandu University also known as KU is one of the self-funding universities in Nepal. The University aims to promote knowledge and skills from Campus to Community. It is the motto of Kathmandu University.

NMC has been imparting medical education to both national and international students. The college has recognition by the Nepal Medical Council (MNC). The college has faculties who are devoted and distinguished to the medical field. They have always been supportive in making NMC a world-class medical institution.

Nobel Medical College has an affiliation with KU and CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training). A large number of students come from the district of Bihar, from the country of India. Moreover, many students of the Nobel Medical belong from Eastern Nepal. The teaching hospital of Nobel Medical College is no less. There is the presence of modern machines and specialized doctors.


The Nobel Medical College was founded in the year 2004. It was a project of Kathmandu University, Nepal. From the time it came into being, the institution provided a degree in the medical sciences.


The infrastructure of Nobel Medical College is very grand. Years have passed since its construction, but the building is still the same. It has undergone various changes. Nobel Medical College is situated in Kanchanbari, Biratnagar, -5, in the Eastern Region of Nepal. In Nepal, education is of much importance. Those people who cannot afford to send their kids to low-quality schools. And those who can afford to give their kids a higher quality education.

The students in Nobel Medical College will get admission on the basis of merit. The college is offering degree in the following programs:

  • Post graduate
  • MBBS
  • BSc Nursing
  • PCL
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  • BNS (Bachelor of Nursing Science)

Other facts

The teaching hospital of Nobel Medical College is also well-established. It has all the facilities that a hospital should have to comfort its patients. 24/7 service is available in the hospital. It is offering both the Outpatient and Inpatient services. Additionally, the laboratory service is also present. The hospital is coordinating with other Government institutions as well. The purpose of this coordination is to double the services for the masses.

The building of Nobel Medical College is quite beautiful. It has well-equipped lecture theatres/halls. These lecture halls also have air-conditioners as well. In every class-room, there are desks for the students that are quite comfortable. For learning and teaching purposes, modern equipment is available. The facility of demo rooms, laboratories is also available. Seminar halls are present for the organization of events.

A modern library is also present. In this library, an adequate number of books related to every field of medicine. Likewise, the internet facility is also available. The library timings are fixed. The place for the extra-curricular activities is separate. Every year, a sports gala takes place where different activities are performed. For every sport, a separate coach is present. Students actively participate in these sports.

 Farewell parties are also organized for the students of final year. And welcome parties for the new comers. Nobel Medical College also organizes study tours to different regions of the world. The purpose of these study tours and trips is to make students motivated and for their personal grooming.

Teaching Hospital of NMC

 The teaching hospital of NMC is offering a number of services to its patients. The hospital is situated in the Eastern region of Nepal. It has a number of departments such as the department of dialysis unit, clinical department, ancillary service department, supportive service department, Neonatal care unit and diagnostics service department.

All these departments have specialized staff of doctors. Modern machines are present in all these departments. In the dialysis department, there are 10 beds which are available for the patients suffering from the kidney diseases. The dialysis unit of the Nobel Medical College is considered to be the largest dialysis unit in Nepal.

The department of Pre-Clinical of Nobel Medical College contains furniture. It has some major departments of physiology, pathology, anatomy, pharmacology, forensic medicine, microbiology, and biochemistry. In the Clinical Department, there are the departments of general surgery, general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, pathology, etc. All these departments present experienced doctors.

The hospital is offering other specialized services such as outpatient services and daycare. In the daycare, the infant and kids of the doctors are kept while they are on their duty in the Hospital. In the supportive service department, the facilities are available in accounts and establishment, dietary, laundry, library, administration, media, etc. The students of the Nobel Medical College practice their studies in the teaching hospital. They are motivated to check patients and take history from them.

Courses/Programs of Nobel Medical College

There are two branches of the courses in the Nobel Medical College. Some courses are in affiliation with the Kathmandu University and some courses are in affiliation with CTEVT. The academic programs affiliated with Kathmandu University are MD and MS programs in all the Pre-Clinical and Clinical departments.

The MS/MD program in the Nobel Medical College started in the year 2013. The MBBS program started in the year 2007, Bachelor in Dental Surgery started in the year 2011, BSc in Nursing started in 2010 and BNS started in 2012. All these above-mentioned courses come in the domain of Kathmandu University.

Some programs of the Nobel Medical College are in affiliation with CTEVT. In this domain, it includes PCL in Nursing, PCL in Medical Lab Technology, PCL Radiography, PCL in Dental Hygiene, and Diploma in Pharmacy. Moreover, the hospital has been provided with modern equipment. A large number of patients visit the hospital on daily basis. Experienced doctors are available in the hospital.

Fee structure of Nobel Medical College

The fee structure of NMC is quite reasonable. The detail of the fee structure for all programs is as following:

  • MBBS: the duration is 5 and ½ years: Fee is 20-42 lakhs
  • BDS: the duration is 5 and 1/2years: Fee is 16-35 lakhs
  • Bachelor in Nursing: the duration is 4 years: Fee is 12-18 lakhs
  • MS/MD: The duration is 3 years: Fee is 7-13 lakhs
  • PCL in Nursing: Duration is 3 years: Fee is 10-13 lakhs

All these courses are regular. The student should also pay hostel dues.

Journal of Nobel Medical College

Nobel Medical College has launched its own journal for recording different events. In this journal, many editorials and articles are being published. Most recent articles published in this journal were on the topic of gender differences, facts behind the emergence of global pandemic Coronavirus, sexual harassment, etc. And many other important issues of the present time.

The journal is available online on the official website,

Administration of Nobel Medical College

The administrators work in every school and college. Without them, the institution cannot work out properly. The administration of Nobel Medical College is very active. The main task of the members in this administration is to check out the budgets of the institution. They also supervise the faculty members. Moreover, they resolve the issues being faced by the students. In the Nobel Medical College, the administration works like a team. They coordinate with each other. They believe that without coordination, the academic institution cannot succeed.

Hostels of Nobel Medical College

The Nobel Medical College of Biratnagar is providing hostel facilities to the students. These hostels are of good management and are clean too. The hostels are separate for boys and girls. These hostels come under the supervision of a superintendent. There are separate beds for every student. The hostel mess is healthy. On the basis of cooking skills, the hostel chefs are chosen.

There is a separate canteen in every hostel. The food of these canteens is clean and hygienic. The staff behaves well with everyone. The hostel fee is also quite reasonable. This shows how smoothly are the works of the administration of Nobel Medical College.

Address and Contact Number

Address : Kanchanbari, Biratnagar-5, Morand, eastern region of Nepal.

Contact Number: +977 21 460736, 461735

Official Website of Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital

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