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The KIST medical College (KISTMC) came into existence in the year 2006 in Nepal. The medical college is in one of the metropolitical cities of Nepal. This city is Lalitpur city.

Lalitpur is the third-largest city in Nepal. It is popular due to its cultural heritage. The Nepalese people living in Lalitpur are very artistic. This city is offering a number of jobs and educational opportunities. It has a number of engineering and medical colleges.

Lalitpur is offering higher level primary and secondary education. Moreover, the city has a number of public libraries. This demonstrates the importance of education for the people of this city.

 KIST medical college is one of the medical colleges developed most beautifully in Nepal. In this college, a large of students from foreign countries have also been studying.

 The infrastructure of the medical college is quite good. It shows the embodiment of arts and architecture in it. The college has a teaching hospital as well. This hospital has 300+ beds for the patients.

The hospital has all modern facilities. It aims to serve humanity. The expert staff of doctors and nurses are working in the hospital. The college’s hospital provides a home-like environment to the patients.

History of the college

The history of KISTMC dates back to the year 2006. It was being created under an institution known as the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

IOM was actually a project of the Tribhuvan University (TU) of Nepal. At the time when the college was created, there was only one degree being offered by BISTMC. It was the degree of MBBS. Later on, the degree of Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) was also initiated in the year 2011.

Separate hostels for boys and girls were established. The campus of KIST medical college was created in an artistic manner. It was because of the culture of Lalitpur.

It was being declared as a private medical institution. The college has recognization by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC).


KIST medical college is a renowned medical college in Nepal. It has been serving the nation by producing expert and skilled future doctors.

The college has undergone through various developments in the last few years. Such as the initiation of the safe mother program in KIST medical college teaching hospital. Additionally, a center for free hemodialysis has been created to help the needy.

The college has a great infrastructure. It has well-developed lecture halls, well-organized laboratories with all the necessary equipment. The lecture halls have an artistic touch in their development.

The medium of communication is English language. It makes easy for both the national and international students to easily communicate with each other. But for the international language, learning of the local language is necessary so that they can communicate with the patients.

The beds in the KIST teaching hospital have also been increased. This shows how KIST medical college has been serving the nation by extending its services.

 KIST medical college has a visionary approach towards serving the people of Nepal. It aims to develop communication skills in its students. It is due to the reason that the Principle of this medical college believes that if you have compassion for others, then you can be a good doctor.

The graduates of KIST medical college always deal carefully to every single patient. It is they have been taught in the KIST medical institution.


KIST medical college has always been in making full efforts to provide its students the quality education. It aims to boost up confidence in its students.

Experienced lecturers and professors are present to make students skillful in their desired field of medicine. Let’s now discuss about the courses that are being taught to the students at the KIST medical college.

Basically, there are two fields: MBBS and BDS in the KIST medical college. The duration of MBBS in KIST medical college is of 5 and a half year.

During this program, a one-year house job is compulsory. While BDS consists of 4 and a half years. In BDS, a one year-house job is necessary too. There are further branches of these fields. Students get an education about surgery, medicine, pediatrics, neurosciences, etc. There are 2 fields of medical sciences:

  1. Clinical Sciences:

In clinical Sciences, there are the departments of internal medicine, general surgery, gynae and obstetrics, pediatrics, anesthesiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, psychiatry, family medicine and radiology.

  • Basic Clinical Sciences:

In basic clinical sciences, there are the departments of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, biochemistry, community medicine, pathology and forensic medicine.

Fee Structure

The admission fee in the KIST medical college is quite affordable. For both programes; MBBS and BDS, the fee is approximately Rs.27,00,000. The college gives the facility of paying the fee in installments.

Admission process

The admission process in KIST medical college is quite simple. Students must secure at least 50% marks in their FSc pre-medical. Next, the students have to appear in an entrance test conducted by KIST medical college.

 Securing 50% in the test is mandatory for getting admission in MBBS and BDS in KIST medical college.

For the international students, the criteria of admission are different. Selection are on the basis of merit.

An interview takes place for them. Scholarship programs are also present in KIST medical college. The deserving students will get a chance to get scholarships.

Hospital of KIST Medical College

KIST medical college has a teaching hospital by the name, KIST teaching hospital. It is called a teaching hospital because the students of KIST medical college practice house jobs in this hospital. Moreover, they perform their study case too.

The students get practical knowledge of how to deal with the patients. This training is being given in the KIST teaching hospital.

The KIST teaching hospital is located in Mahalaxmi Municipality, in the city of Lalitpur, Nepal. The hospital has a staff of expert doctors and physicians.

Moreover, the nurses are well-trained. The staff works as a professional team to deal with patients. The patients in the KIST teaching hospital are treated with empathy and compassion. They are provided with a home-like environment.

There are a number of facilities present to the patients. These include 24/7 emergency service, well-developed OPD’s, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and IPD.

There is a clinical laboratory too in the hospital. There are the departments of medical sciences, dental sciences, department of medical education, an institutional review committee. All these departments have a connection like a chain. They work in coordination. This coordination is the reason for the success of the KIST teaching hospital. Thousands of patients visit the hospital every day.

Journal of KIST Medical College

The KIST medical college has its own journal. The name of this journal is “Journal of KIST Medical College”. This journal has abbreviated as JKISTMC.

There is a privacy policy of the journal. Before going for downloading the journal, you must have to sign up for it. This journal is referred as an official publication of the KIST medical college and teaching hospital.

In this journal, articles related to the pandemic Corona virus have also been published. The aim of these articles is to inform the reader from the current issues regarding different human diseases.

Hostels in KIST Medical College

The students have also got the facility of hostels. There are separate hostels for the boys and girls.

Hostels have been established for the faculty members too. These hostels are well-cleaned and well-managed. The students have to follow some rules regarding these hostels.

Like for example, the student must come back to the hostel before the closing timing. No entry of stranger along with student without permission of hostel warden.

There should be timely payment of the hostel fee. Any delay in fee submission can create a problem for the student.

Contact Number and Address

Address:Gwarko, Imadol, Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Contact Number:977 1 5201496, 977 1 5201682

Official Website

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