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Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Manipal College of Medical Sciences is known as one of the best medical colleges in Nepal. It is also the first-ever private college of medical studies established in Nepal.

It was created in the year 1994. In Nepal, MCOMS is one of the most distinguished college producing great medical students. The students in Nepal prefer this college for MBBS.

There are two campus of Manipal College of Medical Sciences. Also known as MCOMS, the college is offering three programs: MBBS, Post Graduate Programs in different specialties and lastly the Nursing Programs.

It also has teaching hospital by the name, Manipal Teaching Hospital. The Hospital deals with both the secondary and tertiary medical issues. This teaching hospital is a center for teaching students about the most modern techniques about the field of medicine.

History of the Manipal College Of Medical Sciences

The history of Manipal College dates back in 1992. An agreement was signed between Manipal Education and Medical Group and the then Government of Nepal in 1992.

 According to this agreement, a medical college was to be set up in Nepal. So, it took two years and in 1994, Manipal College of Medical Sciences was established.

It was a historic event that the first-ever private medical College was being created in Nepal. MCOMS was built in the Pokhara district. So, it is in affiliation to Kathmandu University. The college and the hospital are developed with modern equipment for rising the standard of MCOMS.

Overview of Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Over the time being, Manipal College has gone through a number of achievements. In 1999, the college got recognition by the Nepal Medical Council.

In 1994, the first class of undergraduate medical sciences started. Later on, the students of Manipal College of Medical Sciences were credited with the opportunity of appearing in international exams like PLAM and USMLE.

Presently, there are the following departments:

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Community Medicine
  • Dental Surgery
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Microbiology
  • Dermatology
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics

There are some rules and regulations of the Manipal College to follow. These rules are mandatory to maintain discipline in the college.

 Once a student gets the opportunity of getting admission to Manipal College, he/she must know that no fee can be refunded. This means that once a student pays his/her fee, the fee will not be paid back. This rule must be in the mind of every student of MCOMS.

There is another rule regarding the hostels of Manipal College of Medical Sciences. It is compulsory for all students to reside in the hostels specified to the students by the college management.

In one room, two students can reside, However, a single student can also live in a room. But the fee for a single room is double.

However, the college is providing a number of facilities to the students. These include libraries, quality food, healthcare facilities, transport service, Internet, and banking facilities.

Library Of Manipal College Of Medical Sciences

The college has two libraries. The Deep library and the other one is the MTH library. These two libraries open at sharp 8:00am and close at 12:00am.

In the libraries of Manipal College of Medical Sciences, there are a number of resources through which students can find out their reference material. For example, thousands of books, CD’s, WHO publications, journals and journal subscriptions are present. Different newspapers and magazines are also available.

Sports in Manipal Medical College of Medical Sciences

In Manipal College of Medical Sciences, sports and recreational activities are also of importance value. Students play both outdoor and indoor games throughout the year.

 Inter-batch competitions and matches also take place. The student also plays outdoor games such as cricket, football, hockey. Indoor games such as chess, badminton and table tennis matches are also conducted. These games enhance the motivational level of the students and make them enthusiastic as well about life.

Health Care facilities

The healthcare facility is the foremost duty considered by the Manipal College of Medical Sciences. A scheme was made in this regard. This scheme is known as the Medicare scheme. Medicare offers free treatment to every student.

Furthermore, a discount of 10% to the students comes under this scheme. However, the CT scan is not fully free. The facility of transportation has also been provided by MCOMS.

The college has setup a rule that no student can come in their own vehicles. Rather than that, the college bus will pick up every student from hostel to college and college to hostel. This really benefits the students and release them from the tension of transportation.

Other facilities

The Internet and Banking facilities are also available for the students of Manipal College of Medical Sciences. Fast Optic Lan internet and Wi-Fi facilities are present for the students. The students have to just subscribe to this service for the usage of the internet.

Moreover, banking facilities are available to the students. ATMs are present in the college and hostel as well to ease the students so that they can withdraw money at any time. Thus, MCOMS has a good administration. The hostels are clean and the college is offering high-quality medical education.

Hospital of MCOMS

The hospital in affiliation with MCOMS is Manipal Teaching Hospital (MTH). MTH is a 5 storied building. It is a tertiary-level hospital.

The purpose of this hospital is to serve the people of Nepal. It has been provided with all the healthcare facilities. 24 emergency service is available. Moreover, the hospital has the capacity of almost 700+ beds for the patients. There are 2 labor rooms, Machines for the MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, and X-ray are present.

There are clinical labs in the hospital as well. Additionally, hemodialysis units are also present. The hospital has its own pharmacy. An independent medical gas supply is also available.

People can avail from the service of ambulance. And last but not the least, a team of hardworking doctors and surgeons has been working day and night. The Manipal Teaching Hospital is a center for learning the medical studies for the students of Manipal College of Medical Sciences.


The college is offering degree in both the undergraduate and postgraduate. It is offering MBBS degree, Postgraduate programs and Nursing programs.

At least, 100 students get admission to MBBS every year. Before admission an entrance test takes place. This entrance test takes place during the months of August and September.

The students must remain active and check out the official website of the college. This will keep them updated. It is the rule of the college that students will submit the application form online. The application sent through a courier gets np acceptance through the institution.

Fee Structure

The tuition fee for the Indian Nationals and other International students is different. For the Indian students, the fee for MBBS is Rs. 7,50,000.00.

The fee for other International students is Rs. 1,10,000.00.The students can also pay their fee in different installments. This makes it easy for the students to pay off their dues.

Journal of Manipal College of Medical Sciences

The college has its own journal by the name, “Nepal Journal of Medical Sciences”.

In this journal, different articles related to the medical field are being published. These articles make students aware of the current affairs in the medical field. Furthermore, they also increase the reading skills of the students.

Administration of MCOMS

The administration of Manipal College is quite well and knows its job. There are a number of administrators who manage the college budgets, resolve the students and teachers issues which they facing. All the administrators work in collaboration to carry out their function.

 Hostel of MCOMS

The facility of hostels is present to all the students. There are separate hostels for male and female students.

The college has two campuses: one is Deep Campus and the other one is Phulbari Campus. The students of Basic Sciences reside in the hostels of the deep campus while the rest in the hostels of the Phulbari Campus.

Two students may reside in a single room. However, a separate room may be available to a single student with fee charges being doubled.

 In all the hostels, there a warden who supervises their respective hostels. In these hostels, the facilities of quality food, fast internet, gym, fax, and photocopying are available.

Contact Number and Address

  • Address of the College: Manipal College of Medical Sciences
    Deep Heights, Pokhara – 16, Kaski 33700, Nepal
  • Contact Number: +977-61-440600
  • Hospital Address: Manipal Teaching Hospital
    Phulbari, Pokhara – 11
    Kaski 33700
    Contact Number: +977 – 61 – 526416

Official Website :

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