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Gandaki Medical College

The college is actually named by its Teaching Hospital and Research Center (GMC). It has been named after the Province Gandaki, located in Nepal. The college was established in 2007. The medical institution came into development to educate the youth from all across the world. The aim of the Head of the College is to give the students the best medical education. The Gandaki Medical College got recognition from the Nepal Medical Council and Medical Council of India.

The college lies in the Kaski district of the Gandaki Province, Nepal. At the present time, the medical college is offering degree in MBBS, BDS, BSc.Nursing, BNS, MIT, MLT, BPH and B Pharm Program. The college has been affiliated with the Tribhuvan University. Gandaki Medical College is working with honesty and responsibility in providing quality education.

Overview of Gandaki Medical College

The College has been representing itself as one of the best medical colleges. The design of infrastructures of the college building is built in respect to “Guidelines and Infrastructure Directions for Establishment and Operation of Private and Non-Government Health Institutions”. This was published by the MOHP, Government of Nepal. Gandaki Medical Institute is providing scholarships to 10% of total student intake every year. Basically, the students getting scholarships are nominated by the Nepal Government based on the merit in their entrance examination.

The college has a capacity of adjusting 500+ beds. It is located at the Prithivi Chowk of Pokhara Metropolitan City. Moreover, the Government is thinking to add 200 more beds within this year. The college and research center is also blessed with great facilities of clinical and medical care, thus providing a great health care services. In near future, GMC will be providing 400 bedded at Ritthepani, which is almost 9 kilometers away from Pokhara city. GMC aims to develop professional doctors for serving the people. Currently, more than 600 Students are studying at this College. The courses include MBBS, BDS, BSc MIT, BMLT, BSc. Nursing, BN, BPH and B Pharma. About 40 students are pursuing PG (Post Graduate) in different programs.

Other facts of GMC

Gandaki Medical College is providing a number of facilities to its students. For example, a beautiful auditorium for capturing memorable events, a library with a great number of books related to medical field. A cafeteria, availability of college buses. Banking services are also available. For better counseling of the students, a counseling center has been formulated.

Co-curricular activity is a part of GMC. The sports week takes place annually. The students participate in different sports, speech competitions, literary societies, etc. Gandaki Medical College gives equal importance to co-curricular activities along with studies.

It is one of the leading medical colleges of Nepal. A number of students apply for admission in the Gandaki Medical College. The college fully supports the international students. The administration of GMC makes sure to keep the foreign students safe and secure. The teaching staff of the medical college is also playing a vital role in this regard. This competent staff has been doing their best to serve the nation.

Motto of GMC

 A reflection of leadership is seen in Gandaki Medical College. The campus of the college has a great infrastructure. Modern tools are present in the laboratories of the college. The college has maintained its standard that maintains Gandaki medical college a leading college in Nepal. The leadership has visions beyond the present state. It ensures to aid in living style, health, education and tourism for people of Pokhara as well. The staff is committed to their work and is quite punctual. They too share the same vision for making the college in its best position.

There is no substitute for quality and Gandaki medical college understands this concept. It has invested in the latest technology. In near future, it needs to accept  all the regulatory standards of Education and Health Ministry, University and NMC. Gandaki Medical College wants to produce highly qualified doctors. It aims to promote sensibility and motivation in its students. The medical college is working at its best for promoting medical education.

Courses of GMC

Currently, the University is offering degree in MBBS, BDS, BSc MIT, BMLT, BSc. Nursing, BN, BPH and B Pharma. The purpose of studying these courses from Gandaki Medical College is to make the students able to provide great health care. Also to identify health related issues complications and able to refer patients to the appropriate health institutions. For getting admission in the Gandaki Medical College, some eligibility criteria have been fixed out. The eligibility to get  admission to MBBS course, one should be able to fulfill criteria set by TU, Nepal.

The candidates who want admission should pass the intermediate level in General Science from a recognized university of Boards. Or should have passed an equivalent examination of Higher Secondary School level obtaining at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in aggregate. Moreover, students must have passed the practical exams in the science subjects. The candidates from countries other than Nepal have to pass the entrance examination conducted by TU/IOM. This test is known as the NEET test. The Nepalese students will get admission through joint entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University on a merit basis.

The given below points should be in mind while seeking admission in Gandaki Medical College in the undergraduate program

i. The candidates must have their original documents while applying to Gandaki Medical College.

ii. For admission in MBBS, it is mandatory for every student to have completed their FSc pre-medical degree. In the entrance test, the candidates must have obtained the marks required for admission.

iii. For the Indian students seeking admission to Gandaki Medical College, the NEET undergraduate test is compulsory.

Following points must be in mind while seeking for admission in Gandaki Medical College in the Postgraduate Program:

  • Candidates applying for the postgraduate program must have their respective degree in MBBS, MD/MS, or another relevant program.
  • The degree they have should have recognition by the Nepal Medical Council or the Medical Council of India.
  • The candidates must have secured at least 55% marks in the MBBS/BDS/Bachelor degree.

Fee Structure of Gandaki Medical College

The detail of the fee structure is as following:

  • MBBS fee:  20-40 lakhs
  • BDS fee:   15-35 lakhs
  • MD/MS fee:  10-15 lakhs
  • MPh fee: 5-8 lakhs
  • MSc MIT fee: 8-13 lakhs
  • MSc MLT fee: 8-13 lakhs
  • BSc Nursing fee: 12-13lakhs
  • B. Pharm fee: 12-13 lakhs

The medical college supports the students who are unable to pay their fee

GMC Hospital

The Gandaki hospital is actually a teaching hospital for Gandaki students. It is always open or providing its services to the patients. Following Services are available 24 hours at GMCTH:

  1. Emergency
  2. Laboratory
  3. X-Ray
  4. CT scan
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Dialysis
  7. Operation
  8. ICU Ambulance

ICU unit

The ICU or the intensive care unit is quite well- established. It has 20 beds equipped with central cardiac monitoring, ventilators that are invasive and non-invasive. The doctors and nurses of this unit are dedicated round the clock. ICU of Gandaki Medical College makes sure to give patients every possible treatment. At GMC’s ICU, the doctors work as a team to help patients get out of their illness. The team includes physicians which are certified to take care during critical conditions along with all the health professionals on the go to care for the patient’s particular needs. Patients in the ICU unit are taken care for 24- hrs/day and 7 days per week. The nurse to – patient ratio is one nurse would be taking care of one ICU Patients.

The ICU nurses have great skills and are always ready for serving the patients. They work day and night. The routine of the nurses is as tough as that of the doctors. They remain active all the time. All these nurses work with doctors like a team passionate in doing their jobs. Additionally, they work extra hours if doctors need them while doing critical operations. The Gandaki teaching hospital is providing some other useful facilities as well. Such as: OPG, ECG, EMG, PFT, TMT, Holter, Ultrasound, Cabin, EEG, Endoscopy.

The Gandaki Medical College and Teaching Hospital has completed almost 13 years of excellence. In these 13 years, the teaching hospital has undergone through various phases of development. The main goal of GMCTH is to provide its students with the latest syllabus of the medical field. The reason of the success is GMC is that it always welcomes innovations in the medical education. The college aims to explore its students.

Administration of Gandaki Medical College

The institute has a good administration committee. It manages the student’s issues if they are facing. The committee helps them out without any hesitation.

Hostels of GMC

The hostels of the College have well-furnished rooms. They have a great capacity to adjust the students. The hostels have a hostel warden to look after the hostel. The rooms are airy and clean. Every student should pay the hostel fee by the fixed date of every month. Delay in the fee may cause a fine to the student.

Address and Contact Number of Gandaki Medical College

Address: Head Office, Pokhara, Nepal 

Sanchayakosh Bhawan Nayabazar, Prithivichowk

Contact number:

+977-61-538595, 550253, 534657

Fax: +977- 61-550254

Official website of Gandaki Medical College

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