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Chitwan Medical College

The Chitwan medical college was initiated by a group of Nepalese doctors. This group was led by Dr. Harish Chandra Neupane. The aim of the college was to enhance skills in the students as well as to commence quality education. Chitwan medical college raised its standards of education. This was done to facilitate the people of Chitwan by providing better health care facilities.

The academia started with the commencement of Bachelor in Nursing (BN) in 2007. After this course, BSc Nursing Program started in 2008. While MBBS course started in 2009. The first class of MBBS had 80 students. With the passage of time, many other Bachelor’s and Master’s programs came into the introduction. For example Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc MLT), Bachelors in Medical Imaging Technology (MIT), Bachelor In Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelors in Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Bachelors in Public Health (BPH). The master’s programs also came into introduction. For example, Masters in Nursing, Masters in Public Health, Masters in Clinical Microbiology, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery.

Overview of Chitwan Medical College

The medical college is providing quality education to its students. The college aims to provide patient-oriented services. Chitwan Medical College is offering world-class medical education. The main aim of the college is to maintain the self-sustainability of the institution. The college is located at Kailashnagar, Chitwan. It is almost 8 km away from Bharatpur city where the Hospital is located.

The academic programs of the college include the school of medicine, school of dental sciences, school of nursing, school of Allied Sciences, CTEVT programs. There are the departments of Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences. In the Basic Sciences, it includes the departments of Anatomy, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Physiology, Community Medicine and Biochemistry. In Clinical Sciences, there are the departments of Surgery, Internal Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Dermatology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Medical Education and Radio Diagnosis.

Other facts of CMC

Chitwan Medical College has a teaching hospital. This hospital provides patient-oriented service. This hospital is known as Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital also called CMCTH. The hospital has clinical expertise. The hospital has skillful surgeons and technicians. Chitwan Medical College has other facilities as well such as the facility of a library. This library contains unlimited number of books, CD ROMS, journals and many more. This library is located at two different locations. One library is at the college and the other one is at the Hospital. The library offers 3 mbps internet facility as well.

The transportation facilities are also available in the college. There is a shuttle college bus service for both the students and the faculty members. This bus takes approximately 20 minutes from college to the hospital. At a fixed time, the college bus arrives at the stop. All the students of Chitwan Medical College get a special discount of 75% on all the medical and surgical medications. Furthermore, the parents of these medical students also get a 50% discount on the above-mentioned facility.

The co-curricular activities are organized. CMC believes that such co-curricular activities bring confidence into the students and also play role in building leadership and communication skills. Also there are the facilities of Canteens in each block of the hostel. These canteens always welcome the complaints and feedback in order to improve their management skills.

Hospital of Chitwan Medical College

The department of emergency of Chitwan medical hospital was established in the year 2007. This emergency department has around 60 beds. A 24-hour emergency service is available for all the patients who are in an emergency situation or for the sudden accidents.

There is the pharmacy of Chitwan Medical College. The college has a drug and therapeutic committee. The pharmacy has all the drugs approved by this committee. This pharmacy is a central library that only opens at a specific timing. An emergency pharmacy is present to facilitate the people. One big advantage of this pharmacy is that it remains open 24 hours.

Journal of Chitwan Medical College

The Chitwan Medical College has its own journal by the name, JCMC, Journal of Chitwan Medial College. In this journal, many doctors publish their editorials. A number of articles are being published. These articles are mostly related to healthcare and about the diseases or awareness about the health issues.

Programs/Courses of Chitwan Medical College

The medical college is offering different courses in bachelor’s and master’s programs. The bachelor’s degree is in the courses of MBBS, surgery, medical imaging technology, nursing, public health, and many more. The master’s program is being offered in the doctor of medicine (MD), surgery, clinical microbiology, and in surgery. There is the department of medicine, department of dental sciences, and nursing. All the departments of Chitwan Medical College are beautiful and equipped with all the accessories.

Fee structure of CMC

The Chitwan Medical College makes the medical students competent. The college appreciates the students in order to make them strong morally and confident. The detail of the fee structure is:

  • Masters in Nursing:  2 years course : fee is 8-13 lakhs: Regular program
  • Masters in Public Health: 1.5 years course: fee is 5-8 lakhs: Regular program
  • MSc Microbiology:  3 years course: Fee is 7-13 lakhs: Regular
  • MBBS: 5 and half years course: Fee is 20-40 lakhs: Regular
  • BDS: 5 and half year course: Fee is 15-35 lakhs: Regular
  • BSc Nursing Program: 4 years course: Fee is 12-18 lakhs: Regular
  • BPH: 4 years course: Fee is 10-13 lakhs: Regular
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science: 3 years course: Fee is 10-13 lakhs: Regular
  • BSc MIT: 4 years course: Fee is 12-13 lakhs: Regular
  • BSc: 4years course: Fee is 12-13 lakhs: Regular
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: Fee is 1-13 lakhs: Regular

Administration of CMC

The medical college contains a good administration. It consists of well-off staff that handles the problems with responsibility. The faculty and students report their issues to the administration. It is because they are sure that their issues will get resolved.

Hostels of Chitwan Medical College

The medical college has developed well-furnished hostels for the students. These hostels have 3 wings and have 4 stories. 2 for the boys and 2 for the girls. There is a separate canteen for each story. Internet facility is also available. A single room sharing can be done for the same gender students.

The students who want to live separately can be allowed but the fee charges will be applied. As far as the fee of the hostel is concerned, a fee of Rs.3000 shall be charged as the accommodation fee. A 10 % increase in the hostel fee is also issued. A hostel management team has been appointed to look after the Hostel.

Address and Contact Number

Address: Bharatpur, Nepal.

Contact Number: 977 980-2932933

Official Website of Chitwan Medical College:

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