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Birat Medical College

Birat Medical College is one of the newest medical colleges in Nepal. It was established in the year 2014. The college has been built in the Biratnagar city of Nepal.

Biratnagar is a metropolitan city. It may due to a number of reasons. Firstly, Biratnagar has a connection with the Indian Railways. Secondly, the city is rich in art and literature.

Thirdly, it has a large number of excellent educational institutions, thus giving Nepalese students an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Lastly, it is one of the important cities of Eastern Nepal due to being rich in resources.

In Nepal, Biratnagar is considered to be the center of Education. Hundreds of students from Nepal come to Biratnagar for higher level studies.

 In the private schools, colleges and universities of Biratnagar, English language is the medium of education. While in government institutions, mostly the Nepali language is the medium for education.

 If we figure out the total number of institutions in Biratnagar, there are almost 20 colleges, 21 hospitals and 80 schools. It is the most popular city of Nepal after Kathmandu.

History of the College

The history of Birat Medical College dates back to 1991 with a single-bed clinic. There is a name behind the creation of Birat Medical College, Dr. Gyanendra Man Sing Karki. He was a great patriot and cared for the healthcare of the people of Nepal. To serve the people of Biratnagar, Dr. Karki shifted to Eastern Nepal in the year 1993. There he started a clinic of only one bed and extended it to 25 bedded clinic.

This 25 bedded clinic was named Birat Nursing Home in 1994. It was the only private hospital present outside the city. But it helped a large of patients from India as well.

As time passed, Birat Nursing Home extended its facilities and it became a tertiary care hospital. This hospital won the title of having the advanced laparoscopic gynecology surgery center in Nepal.

Then in 2004, Birat Nursing Home decided to extend its branch. And a project started by the name, Birat Health College (BHC). The aim of this college was to educate and train the future nurses.

At the present time, BHC has more than 900 students. Then Birat Nursing Home decided to enhance its academic achievements in the year 2011. A new project was about to start.

According to this project, a medical college had to be established in Biratnagar. It took almost 3 years. And finally, in 2014, the construction work was completed and a medical college was being established by the name, Birat Medical College (BMC).


The first class of MBBS in BMC started in November 2014. There was a total of 75 students at that time. These students are still a part of Birat Medical College. The teaching hospital of Birat medical college is a tertiary care hospital. It has a total number of 350 beds available for the patients.

Overview of the College

The college has an affiliation with the Kathmandu University. It is a private medical institution and has been approved by Nepal Medical Council (NMC). Almost 100 students are chosen every year for the MBBS class. The college is offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

It accepts the papers of the NEET test, KUSMS test, and entrance exam. So, for admission to Birat Medical College, the above-mentioned tests are compulsory as required. The fee is also quite reasonable. Or international students, the NEET test will be compulsory. The students get admission only on the basis of calculated merit in the entrance test.

Besides that, the college is offering a number of facilities. There is a facility of fast WIFI. Also, there are separate hostels for boys and girls. There are strict rules for entrance in the hostels. No stranger can enter the hostel without permission. But the hostels are quite rich in facilities.

 Students will get a friendly environment in Birat Medical College. The medical facilities are present to the students of Birat Medical College. There is a facility of free medical assistance for every student of Birat Medical College.

Moreover, the students have been availing the facility of transportation. The college buses drop the students from hostel to college and from college to hostel. There are separate portions for boys and girls in these buses to make students comfortable.

Sports are also of importance in Birat Medical College. The most popular games being played in Biratnagar city are, football and cricket. Thus these sports are a special part of Birat Medical College.


At the current time, Birat Medical College is offering degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate. The duration of MBBS in the College is about 5 and half years.

An internship of one year is mandatory for every student. Without the internship, Birat Medical College doesn’t issue the degree. In the first year of MBBS, the students will get lessons on the field of basic and community medicine.

In the next year, the students will get classes in the field of gynecology, surgery, etc. Then lastly, students get the class courses about ENT, eye, dentistry, and emergency medicine. However, entrance exams are a must for seeking admission in Birat Medical College, especially for international students.

Fee Structure

The students who are aspirants of Birat Medical College must have completed their FSc pre-medical studies. The percentage in FSc must be atleast 50%. Student should have secured good marks in the major subjects such as English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The total fee of Birat Medical College for MBBS program is 20 to 40 lacs. The college wishes to make every student of Birat Medical College eligible for a great job in their future. It makes the students expert in the field in which the student has keen interest.

Birat Medical College has always been very supportive to its students. It only wants to incorporate motivation, skills and confidence in its students.

Teaching Hospital of Birat Medical College

The teaching hospital of the College is located in Biratnagar, Morang. Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital (BMCTH) is one of the most advanced hospitals in Nepal. It a number of different departments such as:

  • Cardiology Department
  • Department of Bone and joint
  • Urology Department
  • Neurosciences Department
  • Department of Laparoscopic center
  • Department of Gynecology

Along these, there are many other departments in this teaching hospital. There are almost 350 beds in the hospital. Highly qualified doctors are present in the hospital. There is friendly environment in the hospital.

The success of Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital is that survival rate in this hospital is higher than the death rate. The doctors give the same attention to every patient. That’s why, thousands of patients visit this hospital.

Additionally, the hospital is affordable. Almost every person can afford its fee. Modern technology aids in the treatment of the patients. The infection rates are quite low in Birat Medical College teaching hospital. The specialty of the hospital is that it demands feedback from every patient to make this teaching hospital even better.

Journal of Birat Medical College

The college has a journal by the name, “Birat Journal of Medical Sciences.” This journal gets published online.

The journal is quite helpful for learning new techniques related to the medical field. Different articles get published by expert surgeons and physicians.

Administration: of the Birat Medical College

The administration of Birat Medical College is well-known for its abilities in handling different issues. The administration of BMC consists of highly-qualified and expert people to upgrade the standard of Birat Medical College.


The hostels of the College are lavish and well-managed. Cleanliness takes place on daily basis. Separate hostels are present for boys and girls. Students have to follow some rules of the hostel. The rules are set by the hostel management committee.

No student is allowed to bring any outsider to the hostel. There are some fixed timings of closing of the hostel. The students who come late are supposed to submit fine. Quality food is present to the students. The hostel dues must be submitted on time, otherwise, the students may be expelled out from the hostel.

Contact Number and Address

Address: Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal

Contact Number: +977 21 123456

Email ID:

Official website :

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