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Nepal Medical College (NMC)

Overview of Nepal medical college (NMC)

Nepal medical college teaching hospital (NMCTH) is one of the colleges where the students come with a dream of being a great medical practitioner. Nepal Medical College (NMC) is significant health care with 750-bed institutions situated in Attarkhel of Gokernashwor Municipality, Kathmandu.

It officiates a panoramic view of Gokarna Park to the east, and Gokarneshwor temple lies to the north of Kathmandu. Nepal medical college is established in 1997 by late DR Sachey Kumar Pahari.

The hospital is well linked to various parts of the city by different means of transport services that ply from it at frequent intervals. It also carries out scientific research.

The mission of Nepal medical college (NMC)

The mission set by NMC is to enlighten and train health care professionals who are competent, caring and kindhearted.

Doctors and Nurses who imbibe the essence of the medical profession; serve patients with a smile, show empathy and are well versed in the preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.

NMC aims to develop young minds that are interested in the latest developments in health, and who have the moral character to stand up for what is right.

Nepal medical college dedication

NMC established by the Nepalese, of the Nepalese and for the Nepalese, is dedicated to the people of Nepal.

Nepal medical college ranking

Nepal medical college, Kathmandu offers admission undergraduate level programs, i.e. MBBS and BDS, based on KU examination score. Nepal medical college ranking is 8th among the top medical college of Nepal.

The ranking of College is based on the following criteria:

  • Performance of student in Annual examination
  • Performance of students in Nepal medical council licensing examination
  • Priority medical college for the student during the time of enrollment
  • Review of students
  • Popular vote of students
  • Faculty
  • Hospital size and facilities

The MBBS Program

NMC runs the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program of the Kathmandu University. The course of instruction of four and a half academic years comprises of basic medical sciences, community medicine, forensic medicine, medical informatics, community-based learning and study of clinical subjects like pathology, microbiology, medicine, gynaecology and more.

The curriculum includes problem-based learning (PBL), which is an initiative of Kathmandu University. We are at the forefront of this program that has been adopted in various institutions globally.

The PBL curriculum advocates integrated teaching and learning, which helps the student think of the patient in a holistic manner. PBL has been introduced at the level of basic science at present. The PBL structure emphasis self-study, along with critical thinking and teamwork.

After passing the MBBS examination, one year of a rotating internship is compulsory at Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital. The rotating internship is a prerequisite to the licensing exam of the Nepal Medical Council. This examination must be cleared for eligibility to practice as a full-fledged medical doctor.

We also run a postgraduate program in various basic science faculties and clinical departments. The CollegeCollege has also started a super-speciality program in Nephrology and intends to do the same in other departments.

Fee Structure of NMC

Student Fee Categories

As per the rules of the Government of Nepal and the norms and standard of Kathmandu University.

2.1 Non-resident Nepalese students
2.2 Indian students (Citizens of India)
2.3 SAARC Students (from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Only).
2.4 Other Countries

Nepal medical college admission process

Admission Procedure Names of students selected by the NMC Student Selection Committee will be forwarded to the Fiscal section of NMC where the student must pay the required fees.

If the principal candidates do not get themselves admitted to the MBBS program within the stipulated date, alternate candidates will be automatically selected from the waiting list in order of merit.


The CollegeCollege is facilitated with:

  • Library
  • Transport
  • Sports
  • Daily time table
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Student health care services
  • vacation


Nepal Medical College (NMC) began its academic program since the year 1997 with the initiation of the MBBS Program. It has been running postgraduate MD/MS programs in 19 disciplines. NMC has 750 beds, where potential medical students acquire clinical exposure in different branches of medicine.

Since September 2011, Nepal Medical College started the College of Dental Sciences & Hospital – Nepal Medical College (CODSH-NMC) for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program.

This is a 4½ academic program, with a one-year compulsory rotary internship at the end, comprising of high-class education taught in the form of lectures, pre-clinical and clinical postings. The course as a whole is an amalgamation of Basic Medical Sciences and

B.Sc. Nursing Program

Nepal Medical College started the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (B.Sc. Nursing Program) from August 2012, under the affiliation of Kathmandu University, with the primary aim to prepare competent B.Sc. nurse graduates to function independently or in collaboration with multidisciplinary health team members in the care of individual, family, group and community.

Run by experienced nursing professionals, the four-year B.Sc. nursing program aspires to prepare academically and clinically sound nursing graduates who can accomplish the role of care providers, supervisor, administrators, tutor, and researchers in various health institutions inside and outside the country.

Duration of the course: four years

Student Hostel

Student hostel is available within the premises of Nepal Medical College within walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes (Hostel norms, rules and regulations should be followed as per the NMC rules and regulations)
Separate hostel facilities for female and male students are available near the CollegeCollege.

The hostels are managed by Nepal Medical College and by one of the promoter Ms. Kamala Shrestha.
NMC students must reside in the student hostels compulsorily.


NMC has well equipped basic sciences laboratories for learning various theoretical and practical aspects of basic anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry and pharmacology.

Besides, it has multiple nursing laboratories (fundamental lab, nutrition lab, midwifery lab and community lab) that aid students to learn various nursing skills required to practice in clinical and community areas.

Enshrined within the rich cultural heritage and reflective of the beliefs, values and customs followed by the majority of the twenty-three million people living over the plains, the hills and the mountains of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, the Logo of Nepal Medical College depicts the original Nepali Pagoda style temple with yellow the roof of the most sacred national deity – Pashupatinath, the incarnation of Lord Shiva who symbolizes benevolence, compassion and mercy and is Omnipresent and Omnipotent in the form of “Brahma” – the Creator of the universe; “Bishnu” – the Purveyor and Preserver of life; and “Maheshwora” – the Assessor of one’s deeds on this earthly abode of mankind who recycles human life with rebirth.

Nepal medical college address & contact info

Medical Marg, Gokarneshwor 44602, Nepal

Phone: +977 1-4911008


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