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How to reduce body heat: 9 Tips

The excellent way to reduce body heat immediately

As June and July are approaching the question arises in everyone’s mind “How to reduce body heat?” Since the level of hotness gradually increase and reaches its peak. When the environment is hot and our body’s temperature rises gradually. So, our body tries to reduce body heat to maintain normal body temperature. We need to reduce our body heat to prevent heatstroke and other harmful effects which can be seen in our body. So, how to reduce the body heat to get rid of the harmful effects. There are different ways to reduce body heat. Let’s also know about how to reduce body heat Ayurveda and body cooling foods. 

Every cell in the body produces heat as they burn up strength. Some organs will be on more than others, such as the brain, or muscle if you are exercising, therefore they get hotter. This needs to be spread around the body and this is done by blood, which heats some organs and cools others.

The normal human body temperature range is typically stated as 36.5-37.5°C (7.7-99.5°F). Human body temperature varies. It depends on sex, age, time of day, external level, pathological condition (such as illness and other diseases), health status, state of consciousness (waking, sleeping, exercising, sedated), and emotion. Body temperature is kept in the normal range by thermoregulation, in which adjustment of temperature is triggered by the central nervous system.

In this article, we discuss ten tips on how to reduce body heat immediately and explain both physiological and pathological causes of high body temperature.

Causes of high body heat

Body heat is usually maintained in equilibrium in normal conditions. But during various circumstances there might be high body heat. Here are some of the causes of high body heat.

Physiological causes

There are many causes for high body heat and one of them is the physiological causes. Here are some of the physiological causes of high body heat.

  1. Spending time in extremely hot and humid weather.
  2. During strenuous physical activity, your muscles generate a tremendous amount of heat, which results in a physiological increase in your body temperature.
  3. Wearing tight-fitting, synthetic clothing. These types of fabrics snare moisture and don’t breathe easily, especially if they’re tight.
  4. Consuming drinks with caffeine or alcohol.
  5. Dehydration is one of the main causes of high body temperatures.

Pathological causes

One of the causes of the high body heat is the pathological causes. The pathological causes that leads to the high body heat are further divided and given below:

  1. Infectious causes
  • Tuberculosis (extrapulmonary and disseminated)
  • Endocarditis
  • Abdominal abscess
  • Bone and joint infection
  • Urinary and prostatic infection
  • HIV-related
  • Travel-related, e.g.
  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Dengue
  • Rickettsial infections
  • Healthcare-acquired

2. Non- infection causes

  • Malignancy
  • Connective tissue disorders

3. Taking drugs that cause high body temperatures, such as certain antibiotics, opioids, antihistamines like cetirizine, levocetirizine, and more.

4. Hyperthyroidism: This causes your body to produce too much thyroid hormone and increases body weight.

Before going to Tips to “how to reduce heat in the body”, you must differentiate the causes of the high body temperature. Either its physiological causes or pathological causes.

Disclaimer: If you have high body temperature it may be due to physiological or pathological causes but don’t rely on these causes. For the pathological condition, you may have many more symptoms with high body temperature. If you experience any other symptoms like nausea & vomiting, pain, cough, and more with high body temperature. Do consult with your doctor.

How to reduce body heat?

Having a glimpse of the causes and effects of high body heat might trigger the fear deep inside you about your health. So it’s cardinal to know to how to reduce body heat immediately. Let’s plunge into a few tips to reduce body heat. The listed below are 10 fruitful tips on how to reduce your body heat naturally. This includes few home remedies for body heat which makes it easy for you to adapt it easily.

1. Coconut water

The feeble, appetizing, juicy coconut water does diabolism to your body. This is a classic answer to your question on how to reduce body heat.  Coconut water can be beneficial in two ways. Firstly it is a form of fluid and thus in the water-based drink.

Secondly, it is very affluent in minerals and vitamins which are crucial in cooling down the body. The electrolytes in coconut water make it an effective way to rehydrate and reenergize your body when you have heat stress. It has many other benefits, too.

How much coconut water per day is safe?

In humans, it would be equivalent to a 150-pound (68-kg) person consuming 91 ounces (2.7 liters) of coconut water per day.

2. Buttermilk

When the question comes to how to reduce heat in the body we believe you are asking about reducing metabolic heat. Buttermilk is one of the best drinks to reduce heat in the body. This healthy drink contains essential probiotics vitamins and minerals. This vitamin and minerals maintain the cooling system of your body even in excess heat. The probiotics will help to restore your body’s natural energy if you’re feeling exhausted by the heat.

Does curd reduce heat in the body?

Curd keeps the body cool. It also keeps your stomach cool, so you can have it when you’re suffering from indigestion. Curd is rich in lactic acid, which helps improve complexion and makes the skin softer and radiant.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is known to have the ability to cool the body immediately due to the presence of methyl in it. You can make a hot or iced peppermint tea and drink it throughout the day.  A hot cup of peppermint tea is not such a bad idea because it makes you feel hooter. Drinking hot peppermints may help you to sweat more and help to cool down your body.

Is banana cooling or heaty?

Under the tier of cold foods, some fruits like bananas, strawberries, watermelons, kiwi, and apricots. Not fortuitous that they are summer favorites due to their cooling nature.

4. Eat plenty of hydrating foods

Make sure you eat plenty of foods with high water content. Fruits like melons, cantaloupes, and berries are high with water content. Vegetables like cucumber, celery, squashes, and gourds are good options. You can eat these foods raw in a salad. Eating these foods and vegetables will keep you hydrated.  You can make a yogurt smoothie with the help of ice if you don’t like these foods and vegetables.  Yogurt and ice will also help you to reduce body heat.

Does hydrating foods like cucumber make you sleepy?

Even if you have them as a snack, you should know that these vegetables contain a good volume of water content in them. Cucumber for that matter is made up of 95% water. Having lots of it is sure to make you feel “fell” and bloated and as a result, interrupt your sleep.

5. Wear a loose and cotton dress

It is concordant that wearing tight-fit clothes trap up the moisture in your body. So shifting to the loose and cotton made clothes will be good tips on the question” How to reduce body heat”. It is dependably proven by many scientists that natural fabrics like cotton, linen, etc reduce the high heat of your body immediately and naturally.

How should you dress for the heat?

Appropriate clothing for extreme heat

  1. Wear as little clothing as possible when you are home
  2. Optional for lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing.
  3. Use natural fiber; cotton, linen, and silk work best in absorbing sweat and allow the skin to breathe.

6. Alovera

Aloe vera is the essential plant in every home that automatically cools down your body temperature. It is also known for its medicinal and healing properties. The leaves and inner gel of the aloe vera plant can help to subordinate body temperature.

Applying aloe vera gel on your skin can do wonders for you. Either use the inside gel of a fresh aloe vera plant or a pure aloe vera gel. Both can works entirety to reduce heat in your body. Alovera can be used as a drink too to reduce the body heat immediately.

Can you eat aloe vera?

Aloe vera leaves are generally safe to eat. Aloe vera leaves are comprised of three parts; the skin, the gel, and the latex. They’re best known for their gel, which is responsible for most of its health benefits while its solution to the question” how to reduce body heat immediately”.

7. Lemon

Lemon is known as the king of the vitamin C. high vitamin C in lemon can help to reduce heat in the body. It also hydrates and oxygenates the body to keep you feeling energize and refreshed during the upcoming summer seasons.

Drink a glass or two of lemon juice every day to beat the heat. Add sugar instead of honey as the latter generates body heat.

reduce body heat

Can I drink lemon water every day?

So as it comes into view, you may drink lemon juice daily, as it is a drink that can keep you both hydrated and healthy. Drinking lemon juice with warm water the first thing in the morning especially healthy. Lemon juice also contains potassium, which is a crucial nutrient during the summer season.

8. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds have been used in Asian countries for centuries to aid in cooling the body during menstruation or digestive illness. it is one of the most ideal remedies to counter the heat. Having freshly brewed fenugreek tea will help reduce body heat.

Alternative, soak a tablespoon of seeds overnight in a glass of water and drink it the next morning. Crush the soaked seeds and apply it as a hair mask for a cooling effect. You can also chew on some soaked fenugreek seeds to reduce body heat. Fenugreek seeds, not only work on how to reduce body heat but also works on how to get relief of menstruation cramp.

What happens if we eat fenugreek seeds daily?

Consumption of fenugreek seeds enhances bowel movements and is a viable cure against digestive problems and heartburns. You can even drink water in which the seeds have been saturated to control digestive problems. Regulates blood sugar and controls diabetes. These seeds control glucose levels in the body.

9. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is one of the great remedies for how to reduce body heat immediately. It is available in the form of soap and powder in the market. You need to mix sandalwood with water or cold milk and make it into a fine paste. Apply it on your forehead and chest. You may also want to add a few drops of rosewater to the paste for grasping greater results. Whether you use soap or powder, both can be used as a constant source of cooling.

Is sandalwood good for sin?

Regular application of the antibacterial sandalwood powder helps in combating different skin problems like acne-causing bacteria, exfoliates the skin, soothes, pimples, sunburn, removes suntan, and also curtail signs of aging such as dry skin and shrivel. The benefits of sandalwood for your skin are varied and numerous.

The process of heat gain:

We know our body produces heat on its own. Let’s know the process of heat gain in our body.

  1. The heat produced in the body by
  • Oxidation of foodstuff in the body.
  • Muscular activity
  • Internal organs: the liver contributes the highest
  • Ingestion of hot food and drinks contribute little.

2. Heat gained from the environment:

  • By direct radiation from the sun or heated ground.
  • By reflected radiation from the sky.
  • The process of heat loss

Heat loss from the body by three channels:

In our body the heat loss occurs through three channels . They are:

  1. Skin
  2. Lungs
  3. Excreta

Mainly through the process of

1. Radiation: 63%

Due to the difference in temperature existing between the body and cooler environment heat is lost from the body by electromagnetic waves called radiation.

2. Direct conduction: 3%

About 3% of heat is lost from the body by direct conduction from the surface of the body to solid objects such as the chair, bed.

3. Convection: 15%

The removal of heat from the body by convection air currencies is called heat loss by convection.

4. Evaporation: 22%

About 22% of heat is lost by evaporation from the body including the lungs.

  1. From the skin: insensible perspiration occurs due to continuous diffusion of fluid from the capillary of the deeper layer of skin to dry the surface of the skin. The sweat is vaporized from the surface produces a heath loss of 0.58 cal.
  2. From lungs: heat loss for warming the inspired air is about 2% in man.
  3. Excreta: heat lost via urine, faces is about 2%.

Regulation of body temperature in a hot climate

Our body has mechanism of maintaining our temperature to equilibrium. So. it regulates the temperature depending on the environment if it is hot or cold. Let’s look how does our body regulate temperature in a hot climate.

1. Role of the hypothalamus:

When the body temperature is increased, the anterior part of the hypothalamus of the pre-optic nucleus causes vasodilation, and sweating occurs. Thus increasing heat loss from the body and decreasing body temperature towards a normal level.

2. Behavior control:

  • Sitting under a tree or fan or air-condition room.
  • Taking a cold bath
  • Ingestion of cold drinks.
  • We think that behavior control have answered your question on how to reduce body heat
body temperature chart

How to reduce body heat Ayurveda?

There are many foods that can beat the heat as suggested by Ayurveda. Similarly. Let’s look into ” How to reduce body heat Ayurveda?”. The given below are the answers to How to reduce body heat Ayurveda.

  1. We must avoid food that is spicy and fried cause they increase our body temperature.
  2. We must take foods like cucumber, buttermilk, muskmelon, teamed green vegetables which lower our body temperature.
  3. Drinking plenty of cold water reduces body temperature as well
  4. If we do yoga exercises like suryanamaskar combined with meditation it helps in cooling the body.
  5. Massaging the body with herbal oils improves blood circulation and cools the body.

These are the ways for How to reduce body heat Ayurveda. I think through this you know about How to reduce body heat Ayurveda.

What are body cooling foods?

Yes, there are many body-cooling foods. Many people might follow exercise or drink water to beat the heat but some prefer body cooling foods. The given below are some of the body cooling foods which you can take and beat the heat.

  1. Taking Vitamin-C rich foods like lemon, oranges, etc which is good for internal and external heat. It is good body-cooling food.
  2. Drinking milk with honey does wonder in reducing body heat.
  3. Taking peppermint or mint
  4. Having pomegranate juice

The above-mentioned are some of the body cooling foods which you can take to beat the heat and reduce your body heat.

Final thoughts

The given tips and precautions tell you how to reduce the body heat so that you can prevent the body from any major bodily complications. If you are suffering from the adverse effects of increased body heat, and you are unable to understand and apply how to control body heat with home remedies. You can cool your body through the ways described in the How to reduce body heat Ayurveda. Then, start seeking expert medical advice. Stay calm and work towards bettering your health with every little effort you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does drinking milk reduce body heat?

While people prefer drinking hot milk, some may also like it cold. Cold milk is acceptable when gobbling in the daytime during summer as it cools the body and reduces pitta. Whereas in winters, one must elude cold milk and instead drink hot turmeric milk in order to foster the body and keep it warm.

Does Ghee reduce body heat?

This is why we advise having ghee during hot days. Also, since our body gets barren in summer, consumption of ghee will help stasis the internal moisture.” Pitta dosha is hot in potency by nature, and during summer this heat is aggravated causing heat-related ailments in the body.

Is Nachni is hot or cold for the body?

Churn a glass of water, put a spoon of ragi flour into boiling water, append a little salt and let it cool. Drink it with a pinch of salt and buttermilk. This will not just algid your body, but also gives you healthiness and cools your body. Ragi is the best food for weight control, diabetes, and cooling the body.

What are the home remedies to reduce body heat?

The following home remedies are easy and effective ways to beat the heat. Cold bath Coconut water Peppermint Hydrating foods Aloevea Lemon juice Buttermilk.


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