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Foods to animate female muscle growth

Want to know the secrets of female muscle growth?

Nowadays people tend to be more conscious about their health and well-being. With the increase of chronic diseases all over the world, people have also started to care for their health and fitness. Going to the gym, keeping the body toned and muscular are the goals of most males and females worldwide. Even female today favor female muscle growth like males and is trending all over the world.

But for muscle growth, there is a need for some things that you must take care of and know about. Gaining muscles is not an easy task. For female muscle growth, there is a need to take care of the diet along with exercises and workouts. The female muscle growth may be inhibited due to a lack of the testosterone hormone present in males. Thus, a little more effort is required for the females to gain muscles and have a toned body.

What are the foods that aid female muscle growth?

To gain something you must always put in some effort and thrive to bring the change in your body. When the goal is to achieve muscle growth, regular exercise, and gain of calories is the required element. 12 foods will help you enhance your female muscle growth along with exercises and workouts. 

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best foods to animate female muscle growth. Eggs are one of the good sources of high-quality protein, essential amino acids, healthy fats, Choline, and other important nutrients like vitamin B and vitamin B.

The amount of protein contains by different types of egg are tabulated below. The quantity of egg must be in 100 gram

Egg (100gm)Amount of protein
Boiled Egg13 gram
Fried egg14 gram
Omelet11 gram
Poached egg13 gram
Raw egg13gram
Raw, goose egg14 gram
Raw, quail egg13 gram
Scrambled egg10 gram
White raw egg11gram
Yolk, raw egg16gram

The amino acid is one of the essential compounds for female muscle growth which you can get from eggs. Among all nine essential amino acids, leucine is considered as important for muscle gain.

Vitamin B12 helps in the productions of red blood cells (RBCs), whose main function is to supply oxygen to the muscle. This functioning makes vitamin B12 an important player in muscular women.

2. Chicken breast

Chicken is known undeniably as a savory and healthy meat product. It is an admirable source of high-quality protein which is important for female muscle growth and repair.

Especially in the chicken breast, the high amount of vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 content supports the female muscle growth and gives you better pumps.

Not only females, but most bodybuilders also consume the chicken breasts for gratifying their muscular growth along with other vitamin intakes.

3. Salmons

If you love seafood, female muscle growth may not be a problem. Salmon is considered a great source for female muscle growth and overall health.

Salmon is an oily fish with rich content of protein, protective antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega -3 fatty acids play an important role in female muscle growth which receives the most attention. If you do want your muscles popping up and your female muscle growth prominently is seen, make sure you include some seafood salmons in your diet.

4. Tuna and other fish items

Fish is a complete protein that is low in saturated fats. It is also a fact that the essential oils present in fish aid for muscle growth. 

The tuna contains a high amount of vitamin A and other vitamins, including the B complex. These nutrients are important for optimal health for a muscular woman.

Tuna is also omega-3 rich fish which helps in fat loss and ensures the proper metabolism of your body. Thus, increased metabolism increased female muscle growth.

In case you don’t favor the taste of tuna, you can use Worcestershire sauce on tuna to make it taste better. For even more flavor, how about throwing in some slices of cheese to go with the fish. Having tuna will not just aid your female muscle growth but also help you as you get to the phase of being an older adult. It is also well known for keeping good elderly health. 

5. Oatmeal

Surely, you have indeed heard about oatmeal being popular amongst the diet conscious people. Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates and protein, which also contain essential amino acids. This amino acid is particularly important for a muscular girl. It is a good combination of carbs, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Consuming oatmeal for the female muscle growth has a low glycaemic index value which also helps to decrease hunger, increase satiety, and helps to have greater fat loss.

The oatmeal which also is a low- GI food helps preserve the muscles and enhances the fat loss that is very important for having a faster female muscle growth. 

6. Protein powders

Protein is undeniably the most vital content for exhibiting muscular growth. Lack of protein may be the cause of weak muscles and poor health. But, for greater female muscle growth there may be a need to feed the body with extra protein.

Sometimes protein powder is really necessary for the muscular girl to fulfil the number of amino acids that are not present in the normal diet. You can add protein shakes to your daily routine. The protein powders in the shake after the workout can increase and boost your muscle growth. 

Besides, some of the dairy protein powders such as whey protein and casein protein can be used in muscle gain.

The female bodybuilders normally consume the protein powder early in the morning, right after the workouts, and also simultaneously while they take their daily meals.

However, you can still get high-quality protein from your balanced diet which includes whole foods and uses as a protein booster. So make sure that you consume diets filled with proteinous food to enhance your health and aid your female muscle growth.

7. Cottage cheese

There are different kinds of cheese you can consume as a healthy food. Yet cottage cheese is considered the best to aid you with female muscle growth. It is packed with slow-digesting casein protein. The casein protein in the cottage cheese helps to release amino acids slowly, so female bodybuilder often takes it before sleep to help with recovery and reduce the muscle breakdown during sleep.

Cottage cheese is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, calcium, and other important nutrients.

Besides the female muscle growth, cottage cheese helps to strengthen bones and teeth. It also helps to maintain blood sugar levels and boosts weight loss.

8. Peanuts

Peanut is one of the good sources for female muscle growth because it contains a mix of protein, fat, and crabs. They are also rich in essential amino acid i.e. leucine.

Peanut could be a good way to get some extra calories and nutrients in a hard time when you don’t get enough calories to drive muscle growth.

 Sodium is also one of the key requirements for healthy muscle and nerve activity. It also contains a variety of sodium levels which helps absorb all the vital nutrients.

9. Milk

Milk contains a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats which promotes greater gains in muscle and losses in body fat than other sports drinks.

According to the University of Texas medical branch, Whole milk may be the best choice for female muscle growth.

A female bodybuilder needs about 0.8gram of protein per pound of bodyweight for optimal muscle building. So a gallon of milk can cover the base protein requirements of the day. In addition to this, milk is also rich in casein protein, which helps to prevent muscle breakdown during sleep. Thus, for promoting greater female muscle growth, it is best recommended to have a good amount of milk.

10. Brown rice

Carbohydrates are also important to balance female muscle growth. Brown rice is said to increase the growth hormone levels which encourages lean muscle growth. You can consider eating healthy brown rice in the hours leading up to exercise which may allow you to exercise harder. This provides your body with a greater stimulus for your muscle growth.

Furthermore, some female bodybuilder prefers white rice because of its sugar content but there is no evidence-based research that brown rice is inferior to white rice.

11. Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas)

Chickpeas are packed with 9 grams of protein and 27 grams of carbs per half-cup. These combinations of proteins and carbs are great for pre-workout fuel and post-workout muscle building.

Chickpeas are also rich in iron, which provide about 15% of your daily value. It is considered as lower quality than animal source though still its best part of balanced female muscle growth diet.

12. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a complete protein source, which has numerous amount of zinc than any other seeds. The zinc in pumpkin seeds is important for fat burning. It also helps to produce more testosterone which can help you to build muscle.

It is also a good source of antioxidants, magnesium, and fatty acids which may help to keep your heart healthy. There are many other benefits of pumpkin except female muscle growth. Some of the benefits of pumpkin seeds are;

  • It helps to maintain prostate health.
  • It may reduce high blood pressure.
  • It also reduces high cholesterol levels.
  • It prevents risk factors for heart disease.

How long does it take to build muscles?

Food alone is not just enough to build muscles. Along with a balanced diet, you also need a lot of exercise and train your body muscles to enhance female muscle growth. If you are just a beginner in workouts, it can take at least eight weeks to get your muscle firing.

If you are already in the advanced level of training your muscles, then three to four weeks is what may be the requirement for female muscle growth.

You may think just working out in the gym all day may be the solution to a toned female muscled body. But, the fact is weight training for 20 to 30 minutes, for two to three weeks, is enough to have a good result for female muscle growth anatomy. You must be careful about the bodybuilding foods you would want to consume as discussed above. Along with balance in the workouts, you must take this food routinely to prevent lots of protein deficiency. 

Myths about female muscle growth

Some female easily believe in the myths that inhibit their female muscle growth, such as;

  • Women should not lift any weight heavier than three pounds.
  • Women should avoid using weight because it will make them overweight.
  • Aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn the fat
  • A combination of light weights and high repetitions is the best way to “tone up the muscle.”

These do not really prove true but depends upon the female as to how much they can thrive for proper female muscle growth. 


For muscular woman, it is not just advised to workout day and night but also keep a check on your foods. It is necessary to shift your focus on foods that aid fat loss and exhibits greater muscle gain. Simply, By consuming nutrient-dense foods in the form of high-quality protein, healthy carbs, and fats in the right quantity will be the key to female muscle growth. These foods will support female muscles to grow rapidly and also preventing muscle breakdown.

For beginners women, it will take about eight to nine-week to build muscle, whereas the women who have big muscles will take just three to four weeks to gain muscles. It is expected that an average woman can gain around 10 pounds of muscle during her first year. Make sure you have foods to animate female muscle growth.


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