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3 Benefits of Healthy Heart Supplements for Active People!

The heart is among the most critical organs because it plays various roles in the body. With all the work your heart does to keep you healthy, you must consider how to support and maintain your heart health in return.

Supplements may help your muscles, your bones, and other body parts. What about the heart? Studies show that some supplements might improve blood pressure, help reduce cholesterol, and other things which place you at risk for heart disease. It isn’t clear, though, if supplements assist in preventing strokes, heart attacks, and other issues.

If you discover yourself struggling to receive the recommended food sources for a heart-healthy diet, it may be well worth thinking about consuming a dietary supplement to aid in supporting heart health. PureHealth offers multivitamins containing various vitamins and nutrients for heart health, in addition to your overall health. Here are three supplements you can take for a healthier heart:

Omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular health

They’re among the most essential nutrients in terms of cardiovascular health. There’s extensive evidence supporting using omega-3 fatty acids to sustain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure.

Omega-3 fat supplements like those offered at PureHealth are among the best kinds, and research has proven that they may keep the heart beating steadily, support blood pressure, and support inflammation.

Coenzyme Q10 for blood pressure regulation

Coenzyme Q10, oftentimes abbreviated as CoQ10, is an enzyme the body naturally generates to facilitate critical functions, which includes blood pressure regulation and electron transport. Specifically, CoQ10 supplements by PureHealth assist the mitochondria, the powerhouse inside a cell, to convert food compounds to energy.

Also, CoQ10 works as an antioxidant preventing free radicals from endangering your body through oxidation. A 2012 analysis found a substantial improvement in endothelial function through the use of Coenzyme Q10 supplementation. Also, 2007 research on patients who had heart failure supports the role of Coenzyme Q10 in heart health.

Search for PureHealth supplements containing ubiquinol, the form of Coenzyme Q10 that’s naturally produced in your body and more readily absorbed once consumed in supplement form. If possible, skip supplements that contain ubiquinone, which is more common, yet widely viewed to be less effective.

Garlic for blood pressure

Research suggests that garlic might scare off heart disease—and not just vampires. There’s a body of evidence that suggests garlic may support both blood pressure and cholesterol.

Garlic offers various trace vitamins and minerals. Research on garlic involves garlic prepared in a variety of ways; therefore, it’s difficult to pinpoint what precisely makes garlic supplements by PureHealth effective. But science suggests that the components inside garlic dissolve blood clots, inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, as well as regulate heart rate–all of which may lead to better heart health.

Pay close attention to what a supplement does and be certain that you really need it. Ask the doctor which product is more than likely to help. If you’re at high risk for a heart attack or you have a heart condition, follow the advice of your doctor.


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