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Xuzhou Medical College

Xuzhou Medical College is located Xuzhou in the province of Jiangsu, China. This medical college was established in the year 1958.

The city of Xuzhou has quite great weather throughout the year. Sometimes, there is also snowfall that makes the weather pleasant. 

This city is very famous for its transportation hub. It has various railways and expressways that form a connection between different provinces of China.  

In the Jiangsu province, the Xuzhou medical college is much famous for its great academic achievements in the last few decades. Even it is now performing multiple roles like being the best medical institution in China, being the best healthcare center in Jiangsu, and being the best center for producing expert future doctors.

 This medical college has worked hard since the time of its creation. The college has developed its name throughout the country. Even many international students wish to study at Xuzhou Medical College and many are studying.

History of the College

The history of the College dates back to the year 1958. There was a Xinhailian Medical Academy. This academy was later changed into a school and then into a medical college. 

This college was called Xuzhou Medical College. The college continued doing hard work. After years of hard work and devotion, the medical college succeeded in creating its big name. In 1987, the anesthesiology department was finally created. 

Xuzhou Medical College was the first medical college who had created the anesthesiology department in China.

Overview of the College

The College was being created in the year 1958. This medical college is on the list of the top 50 best institutions in China. 

The college has a motto too. The motto is, ‘to practice medicine with morality, to study extensively and innovate actively’. In the year 1958, the medical college started its five-year undergraduate program. 

Then in the year 1985, the master’s programs also came into the existence in the college. This further enhanced the standard of the college. After some years, the medical college introduced its Ph.D. program.

 In 1993, the Ph.D. program came into existence. And then in 2005, the medical college decided to welcome international students for foreign study. 

The initiation of the international students in the college was a great step in its development. The medical college has expanded its goal of serving human beings by the establishment of various schools and colleges.

 This has also increased the international relations between China with other countries. The medical college has 4 campuses. These campuses are covering an area of 80 hectares. 

The college has 19 departments. Several hospitals have affiliations with Xuzhou Medical College. More than 11,000 students have been studying in the college. 

A great capacity to accommodate in the college. The campuses are well-developed and well-furnished. These campuses have modern infrastructure.  

Extracurricular activities

The medical college takes care of extracurricular activities. Such as sports and other speech contests. At the beginning of every year, an annual sports event is held. Students actively participate in these activities. Cricket, football, hockey, badminton and many other sports are held.

A coach for every sport is chosen who leads the team. The medical college has a hard-working and diligent administration. It manages the whole college through good communication skills.

The medical college aims to provide quality education to its students. The college has hired well-experienced and professional lecturers who are best in their fields. 

These professors encourage their students about looking forward to their bright futures. Moreover, they teach them how to treat a patient properly. Thus, Xuzhou medical college is working hard to make its name stand first in the whole world. 

Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College

 Xuzhou medical college has several hospitals that have affiliation with the college. The teaching hospital of Xuzhou Medical College has a team of skillful doctors and nurses. The technicians are also experienced. 

The teaching hospital of Xuzhou Medical College has several departments in it like OPD, the service of 24/7 emergency, physiotherapy, surgery, medicine, blood bank.   

Courses and Programs

There are three kinds of programs in the Xuzhou Medical College, the undergraduate, Masters, and the Ph.D. program. The detail of these programs is as follows:

♦ In the bachelor’s program, there is the course of Rehabilitation medicine and the MBBS program. The rehabilitation program is for 4 years. This program is for international students. The course is also taught in the English language. The eligibility criteria are that the student must be 18 or above 18 years old. He/she must have passed the ILETS test with at least 5.5 marks.

♦ The MBBS program in the Xuzhou Medical College is for 6 years. The program starts in September. The international students need to pass the ILETS test with a minimum score of 5.5.

♦ In the Master’s program, there are many courses. Such as Master’ in the following courses:

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition and Food Hygiene
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Public health and Preventive medicine
  • Rehabilitation center and Physical therapy
  • General medicine
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Stomatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics

Besides this, there are many other subjects in which students can do their master’s from the Xuzhou Medical College. The medical college is also conducting the Ph.D. program in several courses. 

Fee Structure of Xuzhou Medical College

The fee structure of Xuzhou Medical College is quite affordable. As it is a public institute, so its fee is quite reasonable. The registration fee is 200 RMB or Renminbi. This is the currency of China is Yuan. The tuition fee is 32,000 RMB annually. 

The Application fee is 400 RMB. The Residence permit fee is 2400 RMB for the 6 years of MBBS. The insurance fee is 600 RMB annually. The textbook fee is 400 RMB. The Physical examination fee is 400 RMB. 

The hostel fee is 4200 RMB per year. The bedding fee is 400 RMB and the living cost fee per month is 700 RMB.

Hostels of Xuzhou Medical College

Xuzhou medical college has provided its students the facility of hostels. These hostels are very neat and clean. 

The rooms have great furniture. The washrooms are clean. There are many wings in a single hostel. Every wing has its separate kitchen.

The food of the mess is healthy and of good quality. There are different categories of food like fast food, vegetable food for vegetarians, and chicken or meat for non-vegetarian. 

This makes the students eat the food of their choice. By the end of the month, the mess bill is present to the students. 

There is a warden in every hostel who maintains discipline in every hostel. He/she needs to deal with the issues that the students are facing in the hostel and solve them. 

The students also have to follow the rules and regulations that is set by the hostel administration. The students are cannot come late to the hostel. This is against the rules. Moreover, they have to register their names in the exit register of the hostel.

Contact Number and Address

® Address: It is located at the Tongshan Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China.

® Contact Number: +86 516 8326 2111

Official Website of Xuzhou Medical College

The official website of Xuzhou Medical College is as follows:

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