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Services Institute Of Medical Sciences

Services Institute Of Medical Sciences is one of the renowned colleges present in Lahore. Being constructed in the year 2003, the college has done great developments. Within a short period of time, it has been upgraded. The college is also known by the name, SIMS. It has a number of departments, a superb campus, a staff colony, cafeteria, a research center, students’ hostels, great administration, a library, it’s an official journal by the name ‘Esculapio’ and Services Hospital as its affiliation.

Initially, SIMS was a self-financing institution. Later on, it became a regular financing college. The college got recognization by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). The main aim of the college is to produce such students which will show empathy towards patients. Not only that, students get special training about to deal to a patient, how to talk to them even in tough hours.

History of Services Institute of Medical Sciences

This college was being created in 2003. It was actually a great step taken by the Punjab Government to develop a splendid medical college in Lahore. The Services hospital was actually come into being in 1958. Firstly, it was affiliated with the Allama Iqbal Medical College. Later in 1990’s, it started working with more construction and enhancement in technology, and later after the development of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences, the Services Hospital was being affiliated with SIMS medical college.

After many years of struggle, the postgraduate programs were also started in SIMS. A project developer for SIMS medical college was being appointed by the Punjab Government for further development and construction work in the college. Gradually, the medical college got recognition on the international level as well.

Best teachers who are skilled and experienced in their respective fields were appointed as faculty members in SIMS. A school of nursing was also being later attached to the college. It was a teaching school for the nurses. A facilitation center by the name SIMS Facilitation Center was established. The purpose of this facilitation center was to help out the students and the faculty members in issues regarding medical guidelines. The best thing about the facilitation center was that it had links with all the clinical departments like a chain.

Overview of Services Institute Of Medical Sciences

Being named SIMS, this college has now one of the best teaching institutions in Lahore city. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medical studies. The postgraduate programs include FCPS, MCPS, MPhil, MD, MS, and DCH. All these degrees have recognization by PMDC. Delivering quality education is the mission of SIMS.

The college is accompanied by supportive administration and faculty members. The institution has launched its own journal. Moreover, it has a digital library as well. Most deserving students are sure to get admission in SIMS. Merit is given priority. Students are not only being stressed with exams but different kinds of events are also being arranged to entertain the students. Welcome parties are also organized for first-year students. Bonfire night, ghazal night, concerts, sports events, etc. All these are conducted annually.

Quality education is the mission of SIMS. Evaluation of students is a part of studies by SIMS. The hostels of SIMS are well managed as well. From cafeteria to facilitation center, everything is well-organized. Details about every new event is being updated on the college’s notice board and on the official website of SIMS. The college has its own journal by thea name “Esculapio”. You can read “Esculapio” to broaden your knowledge.

Programs/Courses of SIMS

The undergraduate and postgraduate studies in medical sciences is being conducted in SIMS. In both these programs, the professors are highly qualified, masters in their genres.

The fee structure is no complex. As it is government institution, so the fee is quite reasonable. In the postgraduate program, degree is being offered in FCPS, MCPS, MS, MD and DCH. Moreover, MD is also offered in the field of Pediatrics Medicine, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology. MS program is offered in the genre of Urology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Anesthesia.

Leniency is given to the students who got admission in SIMS but are unable to afford the fee. The college is quite supportive in this regard. There is no complexity in the admission process. Simply the student has to qualify for the MCAT entry test held all across Pakistan and then apply for their desired medical college. Then wait for the merit lists. Those who get their names on the list are subjected to submit the fee. The students have been the facility of hostel coming from different cities.

Hospital Of SIMS

The Services Hospital, Lahore is one of the best hospitals in Lahore. It has been equipped with all the facilities. Imported machinery has been supplied to the hospital. The Service hospital Lahore was actually being created in 1958. So, this hospital is being regarded as one of the oldest hospitals in Pakistan.

The students of SIMS medical college practice their studies here. The doctors and surgeons are much experienced. They do their work in the honest way. A nursing school is also a part of Services institute of medical sciences.

Administration of SIMS

The administration of SIMS is no less. A facilitation center has been created to resolve the issues that are being faced by the faculty members and the students. The official website of SIMS guides to every question of the students and the curious people out there. The coordinators cooperate in every possible way to facilitate the students. Their contact information and email IDs are present on the SIMS official site.

Hostels of SIMS

In order to accommodate the students belonging to different areas other than Lahore, the facility of hostel is available to the students of SIMS. These hostels are Doctors hostel SIMS, SIMS boys hostel Shah Jamal etc.

The hostels are properly cleaned. They are managed quite well. The hostel staff is cooperative. Rooms are well-cleaned and washrooms properly drained. A colony for faculty members is also present.

Logo of Services Institute of Medical Sciences:

Contact number and Address of SIMS

The contact number is: +92 042 99205517

The address of Services Institute of Medical Sciences: Ghaus-ul-Azam (Jail) Road, Lahore, Pakistan

SIMS Official site :

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