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What is the Most Difficult Subject in MBBS?

Does this question also irritate your mind what is the most difficult subject in MBBS?

Concerning the MBBS degree, there are multiple subjects that are mandatory to pass. In addition, there are several reference books available in the market for every subject. You have to follow any one of the reference books to clear your concepts. Select the reference book according to your ease and choice.

Some of these subjects are easy to learn and grab the main concept. Whereas on the other hand, some subjects are too difficult to remember the main concept. MBBS is a professional degree to deal with both knowledge and clinical skills. It is quite a daunting task to find out a difficult subject from others.

These difficult subjects require proper attention and some extra learning to understand the main concept. Let us have a deep and detailed look at this question: what is the most difficult subject in MBBS?

What are the different subjects taught in MBBS?

There are several subjects necessary to learn in every professional year. Every professional year has its own learning and clinical importance. To move forward, let us have a look at the main subjects of MBBS to learn.

1st professional year

There are three main subjects in the first professional year. These are as follows:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry

2nd professional year:

In the 2nd professional year, there are four main subjects to learn and pass. These are as follows:

  • General pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Forensic medicine

3rd professional year

In the 3rd professional year, there are three main subjects to learn. In addition, teachers force more on the building of clinical skills as well as learning skills. These main subjects are as follows:

  • Preventive and social medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Ear, nose, and throat

4th professional year

In the 4th professional year, there are four main subjects to learn basic knowledge and clinical skills. These subjects are as follows:

  • General medicine
  • General surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

What is the most difficult subject in MBBS?

There are different opinions from different students. It is very difficult to opt out of any one subject from the other subjects. These are some of the difficult subjects in MBBS.


In the first professional year, students are usually new to the difficult anatomical terms. In addition, students find this transition phase quite difficult. The syllabus totally changed from the cramming of book lines to the understanding of the main concepts. Anatomy is a difficult subject due to several reasons. Let us have a look at these reasons to know more about this subject.

  • Anatomy contains multiple bony landmarks which are necessary to remember. It may get difficult for the students to memorize all the bony landmarks.
  • Anatomy also explains the bony, muscular, and ligaments’ relations to the specific anatomical structure. It is a very tough task to remember all the important relations to the specific structure.
  • It also provides a detailed explanation of the nerve and blood supply and lymphatic drainage for every structure. Therefore, students find it difficult to keep all these things at their fingertips.
  • In addition, anatomy also elaborates on the clinical importance of these anatomical structures to remember.

All these features of anatomy make this subject very difficult for the students. In addition, anatomy is taught during the first year. Students are unable to digest the tough concepts of anatomy. Therefore, most students voted for anatomy as the most difficult subject in MBBS.

General surgery

General surgery is an important and main subject necessary to learn and practice in the final year. Some students also voted for general surgery because of its precision. There are several reasons that students find this subject the most difficult in MBBS. Let us have a look at these reasons to know more in detail.

  • General surgery is closely related to the anatomy of the structures. You can not understand the concepts in general surgery unless you don’t know about the anatomy of the structure. Therefore, students find it difficult to remember the keen anatomical details of general surgery.
  • General surgery is an extensive subject with bulky reference books. It is very difficult to grab all the details at once. You have to study again and again to learn the basic concept of general surgery. For this reason, students find it quite extensive and tough to remember all the minor anatomical details of general surgery.

These are some of the main reasons that students find this subject more difficult than others. Though the final year is quite tough to handle both the clinical skills and bookish knowledge. But, most of the students find general surgery more difficult than the other ones.


Pathology is also the main subject to learn in the 2nd professional year. Some students also find this subject difficult because of several reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Pathology explores the histopathological features of the normal and diseased structures. Usually, students have to remember both the normal and pathological features to distinguish both these cells under a microscope. It is quite extensive to remember all the minor histological details of every structure. Therefore, students find it difficult to remember all these distinguishing features.
  • In addition, pathology also covers the pathogenesis of every disease. Students have to remember all the disease-causing reasons to remember. It sucks to remember the pathogenesis for every disease.

Because of these reasons, some students also voted for pathology as the most difficult subject in MBBS.

How can we study these difficult subjects in a better way?

MBBS is not an easy task to do in a better way. There are several subjects with multiple books for every subject. You have a proper plan and schedule to tackle the difficulty level of these subjects. There are several ways to understand these subjects in a better way. Let us have a look at these study tips to grab the knowledge in a better way.

  • Pay full attention to the lectures and prepare the notes from your lectures. Teachers have far more experience and knowledge in every specific knowledge. Don’t take these lectures for granted. These lectures are the source of better learning and ultimately better grades. Try your best to focus on the lectures.
  • Make study notes while you are reading the specific subject. Highlight the main concept and note it down in your notes. While revision, read only those main points. MBBS is about learning the concepts, not cramming the books. In addition, smart work in MBBS is a key to success. So, make proper notes and revise again and again to remember.
  • Select the reference book which is easy to learn and remember. Don’t go for extensive and lengthy reference books. They will not be worth your time. Opt out the book which delivers the main concept in easy language with proper explanation.
  • If you find any topic difficult, try to learn that topic when you are completely fresh. It will help you to remember that topic quickly. A fresh mind can grab details more quickly than normal.
  • Take power naps while studying. Psychology states that if you take about 20 minutes rest of every hour during the study, you will better be able to learn more. Relax yourself time by time to boost your energy. In addition, take a balanced diet with proper minerals and vitamins. It will help you to stay active for a long time.
  • Studying does not mean to keep studying without any refreshment. Go for hangouts and refresh yourself. It will help you pile up energy for your study. Studying on alternate 2 days is better than studying for 2 days consistently.


What is the most difficult subject in MBBS? It is a worrisome question among medical students. A thorough review by students helped us to analyze the most difficult subject in MBBS. There are multiple difficult subjects in MBBS. But, most of the students voted for anatomy because of its complex explanation.

Anatomy explains the relations of the bones, muscles, and ligaments to the various anatomical structures. In addition, it also provides details of nerve and blood supply and lymphatic drainage for every anatomical structure. Therefore, students find anatomy the most difficult subject in MBBS.

Whereas, some of the students also voted for general surgery and pathology as the most difficult subjects in MBBS. General surgery is almost related to anatomy. Therefore, students find it difficult to remember the details of surgery in the context of anatomy. Moreover, pathology is difficult because of its detailed histopathological features and pathogenesis for every disease.

These subjects require special attention to deal with. Follow the study tips to achieve excellence in these subjects.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which year is the toughest in MBBS?

Usually, it is thought that the first professional year is difficult due to a total change in the syllabus and study pattern. Therefore, newer medical students find it quite tough to reach the passing criteria. In addition, some students also find the final professional year as the toughest test because of the extensive syllabus and clinical skills.

Is MBBS tough to study?

Yes, it is quite tough to study in MBBS because of its extensive syllabus. But, if you do hard work consistently, you can easily pass the professional exams.

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