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Will Coronavirus Ever End?

When the number of coronavirus cases is increasing throughout the world and there is no vaccine made till date, most of the people have a common question; Will coronavirus end?

There is only one authorized body in the world who can give an answer to such a critical question. It’s the World Health Organization(WHO). Surprisingly, the answer to this question from WHO is now made public. Mike Ryan, head of WHO has just stated that there is a high chance that coronavirus may never end.

Whether coronavirus will end or not is a question that most of the experts have been discussing to date.

In this situation when most of the countries are trying to lift the lockdown or the restrictions, Mike Ryan, the head of WHO said that the pandemic may convert into an endemic. He also gave a sign that restarting our lives as that of before the breakdown of coronavirus is not possible.

According to the experts, complete lockdown and completely lifting lockdown both are not the solutions to this pandemic. Even big ministers like Arvind Kejriwal and Yogi Adityanath stated that our fight with coronavirus will be long and we should learn to live with this virus.

Officials from WHO compared the possible conditions with that of HIV. HIV is with humans ever since it was first reported. Moreover, there is no vaccine of HIV made to date. In the past, HIV couldn’t be controlled. Even today there is no vaccination available but still, the condition is not miserable.

Even if the vaccine is not made, the coronavirus misery will gradually convert into a condition similar to HIV misery. Without vaccination, people may control it by living in a completely new way.

Why is coronavirus becoming a serious issue day by day?

The main reason why even the WHO is worried about this virus is that it is mostly asymptomatic. The person will not show any symptoms but still be infected with this deadly virus. Not just being asymptomatic is a threat, there are cases that the symptoms vary in many patients.

There are many doctors who claim that the virus is capable of changing its form. Recently in Britain, three infants died of coronavirus which was a completely new case. Most of the doctors claimed that the coronavirus that affected the infants was different from the known form.

The more threatening thing is to know that there are many cases even in countries like Nepal that the recovery patients again become corona infected. You can imagine that because of these reasons, the coronavirus may infect a large population of the world.

Considering all these facts and speed of transmission of the virus, WHO claims that it is impossible to again follow the lifestyle as that before the breakdown of the virus. It is sure that the fight with coronavirus is long and we will have to follow a completely new lifestyle to stay away from it.


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