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Will Coronavirus Ever End?

When the number of coronavirus cases is increasing throughout the world and there are many vaccines made to date, most people have a common question; Will coronavirus ever end.

In the past scenarios, there were no vaccines made but now there are but we are still in dilemma. The question “Will coronavirus ever end?” always comes to our mind. If yes, then when because it has already been 16 months since the first case was seen in the December of the year 2019.

The past scenario of Coronavirus:

There is only one authorized body in the world that can give an answer to such a critical question. It’s the World Health Organization(WHO). Surprisingly, the answer to this question from WHO is now made public. Mike Ryan, head of WHO has just stated that there is a high chance that coronavirus may never end.

Whether coronavirus will ever end or not is a question that most of the experts have been discussing to date.

In this situation when most of the countries are trying to lift the lockdown or the restrictions, Mike Ryan, the head of WHO said that the pandemic may convert into an endemic. He also gave a sign that restarting our lives as that of before the breakdown of coronavirus is not possible.

According to the experts, complete lockdown and completely lifting lockdown both are not the solutions to this pandemic. Even big ministers like Arvind Kejriwal and Yogi Adityanath stated that our fight with coronavirus will be long and we should learn to live with this virus.

Officials from WHO compared the possible conditions with that of HIV. HIV is with humans ever since it was first reported. Moreover, there is no vaccine for HIV made to date. In the past, HIV couldn’t be controlled. Even today there is no vaccination available but still, the condition is not miserable.

Even if the vaccine is not made, the coronavirus misery will gradually convert into a condition similar to HIV misery. Without vaccination, people may control it by living in a completely new way.

Present Scenario Of Coronavirus:

In the recent week WHO has reported that there has been an increase in new cases of corona as there were 4.5 million reported new cases. There has been an increase in the number of cases in countries like South – Africa, Brazil, and India while the UK has shown a plateau change in daily cases.

There seems to be a second wave approaching as the lockdown has been lifted and people are all back to normal life. Similarly, in the country, India double mutant strain of coronavirus was seen. The country India has seen the highest rise in daily cases. The mass gathering was seen in various festivals and occasions seem to be the main cause for it in addition to the various strains in circulation.

We cannot estimate when the pandemic will end but we can be safe by following all the safety measures and by being vaccinated from the available vaccines.

Why is coronavirus becoming a serious issue day by day?

The main reason why even the WHO is worried about this virus is that it is mostly asymptomatic. The person will not show any symptoms but still be infected with this deadly virus. Not just being asymptomatic is a threat, there are cases that the symptoms vary in many patients.

We have already seen new strains appearing in UK and India and it has cause hindrance in the effectiveness of the vaccine and has proved detrimental as it has claimed many people’s life.

The new strain has already created new challenges and people suffering from it have also shown new symptoms too.

The more threatening thing is to know that there are many cases even in countries like Nepal that the recovery patients again become corona infected. You can imagine that because of these reasons, the coronavirus may infect a large population of the world.

Considering all these facts and the speed of transmission of the virus, WHO claims that it is impossible to again follow the lifestyle as that before the breakdown of the virus. It is sure that the fight with coronavirus is long and we will have to follow a completely new lifestyle to stay away from it.

When will covid end?

We all are in search of the answers for these questions of how long does covid last, when will quarantine end, when will coronavirus ever end, and many more. But answers to these questions remain unclear and uncertain. A ray of hope came when various vaccines were made and they went into trial and was had great effectiveness too. But the new variant of the COVID virus seen in the UK just gave a blow to it.

Although many said that the vaccines will be un-effective to new strains but they showed effectiveness to it. The new strain was seen in the year 2021 and had the property to spread more quite rapidly than the old strain.

Many people said that herd immunity will be effective in facing the new wave coming in many communities but the mutation was seen in coronavirus and the many strains coming in the way make it harder for it to remain true for a longer period of time.


Coronavirus should not be taken lightly as we can see although its increment was less in the past days nowadays a spike in its growth can be seen. There are vaccines available and many people have been vaccinated. But we should always wear a mask while going out and follow all the necessary safety measures for the betterment of ourselves and our family members. 

Frequently asked questions

Does coronavirus spread from bite of mosquitos or tick?

There has been no solid evidence regarding the spread of coronavirus from the bite of insects but it is mainly spread from person to person.

Can smokers be prone to catch corona?

Yes from the recent evidence shows that smokers are easier to catch coronavirus and suffer more gravely than non-smokers.


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