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Health Benefits of Having Loved ones Together

Often in the heavy chaos of the life, the hectic schedules, and the busy runs of daily chores. The time has evaporated when people used to have time to spend with their loved ones. Quality time, lounging together in the houses, cooking together, eating together with the loved ones have started to fall in the category of a lucky day with the loved ones.

The way today world has demanded people to work along like the modern aged robots often we tend to forget that we are nature made human and not machine discovered robots. Nature has adorned humans with such connection that, the way we adjust and live is connected with the environment. Our happiness and our satisfaction depend hugely upon how, where, with whom we are living and surrounded with.

Most of us people take spending time with the loved ones for granted. We try managing time for the one we have business with for the sake of maintaining good connections. We think- Sure loved ones will always understand and keep spending time with them for some other time. But we forget how valuable the time with loved ones that element for a happier life can be, providing a much optimistic landscape for the health as well.

Its high time that we look into why we need to spend time with our loved ones so that you can have a much better healthier life.

Psychologic Benefits

You must have felt at some time that whenever you have a mountain of stress in yourself, you yearn to be within the wraps of loved ones. You may think it is just your mind saying so, but it is true indeed that time with loved ones can improve your mental health as well.

According to Psychology Today, the risk of mental illness such as depression and anxiety have been found reduced in people who have face-to-face contact and interactions. Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community

Health has also revealed that individuals having greater levels of social support enjoyed better mental health and improved psychological health and mental functioning. 

Studies have shown that social interaction with loved ones has been deeply associated with the stimulation of the stress levels and contributes to reducing the risk of anxiety and depression and a lower likelihood of cognitive decline.

Physical Benefits:

The time with your loved ones does not just strike up to improve your mind and soul but also it has some physical benefits as well. As per research as published in the SAGE Open, people with larger social interactions and networks tended to be more realistic in their assessment of their physical condition.

The findings have suggested that the more you interact and live within the periphery of the loved ones, the more will the individual be observed and helped to identify their health problems.

In addition to this, the feeling of being appreciated and cared for leads to higher self-esteem and accelerated confidence in an individual. The physical personality thus stands out impressively when an individual has improved self-respect.  

Social Benefits:

Family and Friends are the precious elements to ignite the joyful time in one’s life. They understand you, your attitudes, and the way you function.

They are the loved ones with whom you can be your true self and express your original personality. spending time and developing strong relationships with loved ones — spouses, lovers, family members, and friends – it could be that foundation of blessing can be a fountain of blessings if we find love, acceptance, and companionship that makes us happy.

Socially adjusting may be hard but the more you spend time with your loved ones, the practice you gain with interaction with them will provide you with the more confidence to adjust in social networks. Positive relationships thus become the result and no matter where you go you would ace the time with anyone, anywhere, and anytime!

How can you be with your loved ones then?

It can be challenging today to have time allocated for spending time with the ones you love. Yes, it is totally up to you to manage when and how you spend the time with your loved ones. Here are some quick tips

  1. Learn to say no: Piles of responsibilities may line up obviously in life. But you need to know when to say no to some work that is less priority and replace that with some time to spend with your loved ones.
  2. Open up your feelings: They are the ones who love you, there is no fear of being judged. So,do not hesitate to express what you feel, who you are, and what you want to say. Accept your feelings and share them with your loved ones.
  3. Do things together: When you are with your loved ones, try doing things in collaboration rather than doing all by yourself and making the meeting more formal. Maybe just a small thing together- Cooking vegetables- just washing it maybe. All the while talking and together.
  4. Try working on relationships: It is natural to fade out of the energy in a relationship at some stage, with anyone. But it is not a matter to panic, try working out to know what might have gone wrong, what may be the solution. Put forth the connectivity by sharing and being together and solving out. Try to understand each other and pour out your heart.
  5. Don’t fake it: When you are with loved ones just be yourself and express honestly who you are. Sometimes faking and taking things, knitting up with rounded talks could end up bad with your loved ones. So be precise and honest is the tip to remember.


Spending the time with loved ones especially in today’s context maybe a bit of a challenge to deal with. Yet considering the enormous health benefits in addition to your satisfaction you should try to manage to spend time with your loved ones to cherish the good aspects of health and life. 

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder member of WOMS. He likes to share his thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. He is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.

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