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Anal Beads: Is it Good or Bad?

Anal beads are a kind of sex toy that contain multiple bead-like structures attached in a series. These are commonly used during sex. The primary purpose of using it is to enhance the orgasm. They can be used either partnered or in a solo form. As the name indicates, they are like multiple beads or bulbs attached to a cord with a grip handle on the other end.

This article explains the purpose and usage details of anal beads. In addition, this article also covers the gross details related to it. Moreover, you can also learn the safety measures and cleaning protocols of it by thoroughly reading the article.


They are used during anal sex to stimulate orgasm. They are purposed to insert into the anus. The grip handle at the other end makes it relatively easy to remove from the anus. Inserting and removing it acts as a stimulus for the sensory nerves present at the entry point of the anus. These sensory nerves enhance sexual pleasure during sex.

What kind of sensations do anal beads arise?

It is relatively difficult to describe the sexual pleasure or sensation after using it. These beads provide a sensation of gradual filling that most people find pleasurable. The slim neck between every bead provides a popping sensation when inserted or removed. The sensation of having these beads in will make you feel full. The pulling out of these beads offers a different kind of sensation. Researchers say that people experience multiple sensations while pushing in and out the beads against the anal sphincters.

Once you have inserted it and not doing any movement, they do not arise any sensations. For this reason, there are vibrating anal beads that continue vibrating inside. These types of anal beads enhance pleasure and sensations when they are inside.

Why do people prefer to use anal beads?

They are adventurous sex toys preferably used during foreplay or intercourse. They accelerate the erogenous sensations in the anus, offering a different kind of sexual pleasure for everybody. These beads usually stimulate the anal sphincter muscles while moving in and out. Using these beads with your partner is an intimate and satisfying experience to share.

Both of the partners can use it at the same time, depending on the person’s sexual pleasure. The purpose of using it is to enhance pleasure during sexual activities.

What are the size variations of anal beads?

They are available in different sizes according to the person’s comfort. Every individual bead offers a relative diameter of about 25 mm to 125 mm. There are also larger and available according to the comfort of people. But, most people get maximum pleasure with an anal bead of 45 mm diameter.

How can we use it safely?

If you are a newbie to using anal beads, keep patience while inserting them inside the anus. In addition, if you are using it with your partner, prefer discussing your interest and desires prior to use. Here is a detailed way to use it safely.

  • Decide whether you want a soft or rigid strand of beads. Rigid is less flexible and easy to use.
  • Go for high-quality for safer practice. Silicone-based and non-porous are good for beginners because of being soft and easy to clean.
  • Use high-quality lubes before inserting them inside. Silicone-based lubes work well with silicone anal beads. For other types of anal beads, prefer using water-based lube or a condom.
  • Start gradually and know your specific limits of movements. Communicate with your partner regarding your emotions, experimentation, and the limit of movement.
  • Sanitize or clean them after every use.

Anal play is a pleasurable experience, but use a lot of lube and stop if it hurts. Ensure deep breathing to relax your body while moving out the anal beads. It can increase sexual comfort and pleasure.

How to care for and clean it?

It is mandatory to sanitize or wash them after every usage. Wash your anal beads immediately after every session to prevent the growth of bacteria. Cleanse it with any antibacterial soap and hot water to clean every nook. In addition, you can also use a dishwasher to cleanse anal beads. There are also multiple alternative options to clean anal beads. You can use a weak bleach solution (1 to 9 portions of bleach to water) to soak anal beads. Leave them in a bleach solution and then wash them with hot water for proper sanitization.

It is also important to not share sex toys with your partner. Go for a separate set of sex toys for your partner to ensure cleanliness and dual pleasure.

What characteristics should you choose for anal beads?

The material used for anal beads is the key to differentiating between low and high-quality anal beads. Silicone is a great option for anal beads because of its non-porous nature. In addition, it is also soft and comfortable to use. Besides being soft, these are quite firm to make penetration easy. Concerning safety measures, it is better to go for anal beads with a ring loop or flare base.

Other than silicone, there are several other materials including metals or glass anal beads with continuous vibration. Vibrating anal beads offer vibrations up to your spine to increase sexual pleasure. In terms of number and size, it’s totally up to your choice. Some people prefer using smaller balls and then gradually moving toward larger balls to increase comfort with the sensation.


Anal beads are a kind of sex toy to enhance the pleasure of orgasm. They are actually multiple bulbs or beads connected to each other. They vary from smaller to larger size according to the comfort of the person. These beads are inserted into the rectum and pulled out with different speed levels. You can use them alone to increase the masturbation experience. Moreover, you can also use them with your partner. Give a detailed read to this article to know all information related to it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use anal beads?

Yes, it is safe to use them to enhance orgasm. But go for high-quality for an improved experience.

How to apply lube?

Lubricants should not be applied directly to sensitive areas. Squeeze small amounts and rub with your fingers. Apply on the sex toy and gently insert it inside the rectum.

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