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Surimi Salad: A Tasty Salad

Love the surimi? Let’s make a salad out of your favorite surimi.

The surimi salad is a Japanese-style salad. It is a mixture of imitation crab, vegetables, herbs, and some sauces. It is a classic kind of crab salad. Surimi salad doesn’t contain a lot of the ingredients. It is sweet and it is creamy in texture. The Japanese-style mayonnaise added a little spice in it in addition to the sweetness of the surimi.

The article is there for you. We brought the recipe of the surimi salad for you, we will give you details about the ingredients and the recipe of it and many interesting things about it.


Surimi is a seafood paste that is made of mild fish. This fish is processed and transformed into a paste. This paste flaked out like the crab and it also tastes the same thus surimi is also called the imitation crab. The surimi in comparison to the real crab is economical to have. The surimi is high in proteins and low in calories also.

How to make a surimi salad?

Here we bring an authentic recipe of the surimi salad for you. The recipe is easy to make. It includes just a few steps.

Ingredients to make surimi salad: 

The most interesting ingredient in it is of course the surimi. How it tastes when blends with the other ingredients are the biggest curiosity. Let’s have the list of the ingredients that we need to make it.

  • Surimi or imitation crab
  • Celery
  • Spring onion
  • Japanese mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Avocados


Following are some easy instructions. By following these you become able to make a perfect surimi salad. Let’s have brief details of the making steps for it.

  1. Start with the dressing. Take a bowl to add mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Stir the ingredients so that they get properly mixed. Mix them until they attain a proper consistency. The dressing for your salad is ready. Set it aside and continue making the actual salad.
  2. Chop the surimi roughly and place it on a separate plate.
  3. Take the onions and the celery, chopped these two together. This chopping must be fine.
  4. Now it’s time to finalize your surimi salad.
  5. Take a final dish. Add the chopped surimi, chopped onions, and celery to the bowl. Mix all of these ingredients properly. Add the dressing from the top, toss a little, chill it in the refrigerator for some time and then have it.
  6. It is ready to be in your spoon. Have a spoon full of your favorite fake crab salad and enjoy its deliciousness.

Ways of serving surimi salad:

There are many ways of eating it. With every other food item, the taste of the surimi salad enhances more. It can complement the many other food items like avocados, bread, lettuce, and many more.

  1. As sandwich: If you want a full meal with the surimi salad, the sandwich is the best option. Spread it on your toast and enjoy having a surimi sandwich.

2. With avocados: To make it a little healthy you can have it with the avocados. Have a slice of avocados in a spoon full of the surimi salad. With this, you can healthily enjoy it.

3. As lettuce wrap: You can add a crunchy texture to your made one by having it with the lettuce. Take lettuce to add surimi salad. Wrap that surimi salad in the lettuce leave and enjoy the surimi salad lettuce wrap.

4. Along with Garlic bread: Among the above what I prefer is garlic bread with the surimi salad. Have a flavorful garlic bread and spread some surimi salad on it. Take a bite and the flavors will enter like a flood in your mouth.

Besides all these combos you can have it as plain also. It itself is a tasty dish to have. You can have it as an appetizer before your main course or you can have it as a light main course also.

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It is a Japanese-style salad. The salad is sweet in taste and a little spicy also. The spicy touch comes from Japanese mayonnaise. It is easy to make also. You require a few ingredients to make the tasty one.

Besides the taste of it, the nutritional profile is not very good. It is considered unhealthy to have because it contains fatty mayonnaise. There is a variety of food items with which you can eat your surimi salad. It itself is a full main course but you can complement it with some other items also.

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Is surimi healthy to eat?

The surimi is processed fish that taste like a crab after being processed. The surimi is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are helpful when you are planning to lose weight and this also helps in reducing inflammation. There may be some of the omega 3 fatty acids lost during the processing but they are additionally added to the crab sticks before packaging.

What is the nutritional profile of the imitation crab?

The imitation crab is low in calories. It contains protein and a little omega 3 fatty acids. The imitation crab lacks the essential vitamins and miners. In comparison to real crab, the imitation crab has a weak nutritional profile.

Is surimi salad healthy to have?

It is not considered healthy. The unhealthy ingredient that we used in it is Japanese mayonnaise. The mayonnaise contains saturated fatty acids that are not good for health. This mayonnaise is the only ingredient that makes the surimi salad unhealthy.
Try surimi salad with some other dressing to make the salad healthy to have. You can have some non-fatty sauce or salad oil as the dressing of your surimi salad.

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