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Peking Union Medical College

The Peking Union Medical College is present in the capital city of Beijing, China. The medical college has been giving quality education to a number of national and international students.

 A large number of students from different parts of the world come for taking admission in Peking Union Medical College (PUMC). It has its own graduate school too.

 In China, this medical college has a special place in the hearts of the students. The reason may be due to the firm beliefs of the College.

The college is working in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS). Both these institutions have been running various schools and hospitals.

A large number of experienced faculty members work in Peking Union Medial College. They deliver not only the medical education but also tell students how to deal with the patients.

They also give them the teachings of compassion and empathy. If you deal the patients with care and attention, it will take less time to make them healthier and normal like they were earlier.

History of the College

The history of the College dates back in the 20th century. The college was founded in the year 1906. The American and British missionaries were the reason of this creation.

Also, it was funded by Rockefeller Foundation. Then later on, when the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences came into being in 1957, it became affiliated with Peking Union Medical College.

From the time of creation of the college, it still holds the position of being the finest medical college in China. In the year 1951, the new government of China accused Peking Union Medical College as the agent working for America.

The government called it as the cultural imperialist. But the doctors of Peking Union Medical College continued to do their research work in medicine without the wastage of time. Many years passed, but the college still had to face the same allegations of elitism and unable to give service to the people.

Then the Cultural Revolution started in China. Due to this revolution, the College had to close. The name of the hospital of Peking Medical College was also changed to ‘Beijing Anti-Imperialism Hospital’. When the revolution was over, the college was reopened to restart medical education. Despite all these disputes, the Peking Union Medical College never lost hope and is still the best medical college in China.

Overview of the college

The college was established in the year 1917. The college is one of the most well-developed medical colleges in China. This medical college has got the honor of being the first medical college in China.

The college is offering 8-year clinical medicine program. This program is in collaboration with the Tsinghua University. The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) established in 1957 got joined with Peking Union Medical College (PUMC).

Both these institutions are now one. Now both are working together to deliver quality education and producing brilliant medical professionals in China.

The College has won a number of academic achievements. These include, the implementation of vaccine for the prevention of polio, the elimination of leprosy, production of natural medicines, medical genetics in China and development of artificial musk.

There are many other achievements that Peking Union Medical College has achieved. The college has gain recognition from the National Medical Commission.

Peking Union Medical College has a beautiful library. This library is quite historic because it was being founded in the year 1917. This library is the most ancient library in China. In this library, there are around 3 million books.

There are almost 900+ old Chinese medical books too in the library. The students can find any book here that they need related to the medical field.

The Peking Union Medical College gives much importance to the co-curricular activities. The students participate in the sports which occur every year in the college.

Moreover, many events such as the new year’s eve party, welcome party to the new students, bonfire night and farewell party to the final year students take place annually. The students of the College actively participate in these activities.

Hospital overview

Peking Union Medical College and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences are running a number institutions including schools and hospitals too. The Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is one of them.

This hospital is working at its best to serve the people of China. The hospital has modern equipment and machinery for the treatment of the patients. The doctors and nurses are doing their jobs with honesty and dignity. Sometimes, they do overtime work if patients need them.

The Peking Union Medical College and Chinese Academy of Medical College work with dignity and hard work. Several conferences are also held in which the guests from foreign countries are also invited. The aim of these conferences is to enhance the relations of China with other Countries. This also strengthens the relationships between these countries.

The convocations are held to give degrees to the graduated students. Moreover, from the time the pandemic started in China in December, online classes were initiated by the College. The exams were held online to save students from any loss of studies. The software was being introduced to hold the online classes. 


In the College, doctrinal and medical courses are been taught. These academic courses have further genres like medicine, engineering, and philosophy of science.

Similarly, the PUMC school offers degree in a number of courses. There are a number of research disciplines too. These include, clinical medicine, public administration, library sciences, pharmacology etc.

The graduation degree in the college started in 1954. In a period of 10 years, around 200+ students had been graduated from the College.

With the passage of time, the graduate school was extended to an addition of more offices in it. Now at least 3500+ students are the graduate students at the College. And those students have marked their outstanding presence in the health sector of China.

Fee Structure

The fee in the College is quite affordable. The MBBS program is of 5 years. So the fee is nearly 20 lacs for this course.

Hospital of Peking Union Medical College

The teaching hospital of Peking Union Medical College came into existence in the year 1921. People name it, ‘Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH). Another name for this hospital is, ‘Beijing Xiehe Hospital’. Rockefeller Foundation is the Pioneer of this hospital. It is located in the capital city Beijing. A well-known hospital, that serves the human beings 24/7.

The Hospital is one of the most renowned hospitals in China. Also, it is the first-ever medical institution in China that was being created to serve the people.

The hospital consists of two campuses. Nearly 4,000 employees have been working in this hospital. Nearly, 2,000 beds are present in the hospital.

On daily basis, almost 14,000+ patients visit the hospital. It is due to the reason that the hospital has completed a 100-year tenure. People trust the staff of this hospital.

 Moreover, the hospital has also won an award on the national level. This award was the “Special Contribution Award”. The Government of China gave this award to the Hospital.

The hospital has been serving since long for offering medical security to the people belonging to the remote areas of the country

Administration of the college

Since the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College have been working together, they have a number of institutions. Both are a single institution with two names.

The institutions that are over headed by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College are 19 in number. These are:

  •  6 hospitals
  • 7 Schools
  • 5 laboratories

There are two national centers too. This shows how good is the administration of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College.  (PUMC). These sub-institutes work in collaboration with each other. 


The hostels of the College are well-managed and well-cleaned. The fee is also quite affordable. The hostels are separate for boys and girls.

All the facilities have been provided in these hostels including, internet, mess, electricity, water, cleaned rooms and washrooms.

Journal of the Peking Union Medical College

The College has an official medical journal. The name of this journal is: “Medical Journal of Peking Union Medical College Hospital.” This journal is available online on the website,

Contact Number and Address of Peking Union Medical College

Address:  9 Dongdan 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Contact Number: +86 10 6513 5844

Official Website of Peking Union Medical

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