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Overview of Rawalpindi Medical College (RMU)

The medical field is one of the hardest and the hardworking field that if one wants to venture must give his or her best. Choosing a medical college is important for medical aspirants. One of the good medical college is Rawalpindi Medical College.

Rawalpindi Medical University was initially inaugurated in the commercial city of Faisalabad on 18th March 1974.  Prof. Adul Latif, the founder of this institution worked diligently to promote his aims for making Rawalpindi Medical college the best place to study medical studies. The same year of its foundation, it was decided to shift the college to another city, Rawalpindi. The building in which the college was being shifted was actually under construction. Later on, it became a whole institution.

Prof. Abdul along with his medical specializations in Anatomy, headed over to build a colony for the staff, hostels for students, and a beautiful auditorium. But he was not alone in his mission, some other personalities supported him a lot. Worth mentioning are the names of Prof. Muhammad Nawaz, Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, Saad Rana, and Prof. Mubashir Malik. Prof. Mubashir made his name in the establishment of the Department of Psychiatry.

As time passed, different hospitals such as The District Headquarter Hospital and Benazir Bhutto Hospital got affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical College. The college got fame. Professor Muhammad Umer became the first official Principle of the college in 2007. Not only he upgraded the undergraduate training section of the institution but also made some amendments in the students’ cafeteria, hostels, and libraries.

Since the year of its creation, around 85000+ students have been graduated. It has got recognition both on national and international levels. Now the college has been shaped into a university and now the institution has been gifted with the name, Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU).

RMU Fee Structure:

As it is a government institution, so the fee is quite reasonable. Students belonging to different backgrounds can easily afford. Basically, there are six degrees/courses in the university all relating to the medical field. The detail of fee structure is as following:

  • BS (HONS) – Medical Image Technology : 4 years course: Fee is NA
  • B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology : 2 years course: Fee is NA
  • B.Sc (HONS) – Optometry and Orthoptics: 4 years course: Fee is NA
  • B.Sc – Physiotherapy: 2 years course: Fee is NA
  • B.Sc (HONS)- Prosthetics and Orthotics: Fee is NA
  • MBBS: 5 years course: Total Fee of 5 years is: 15630

The other fee that students have to pay is the hostel fee. If a student wants to join the hostel, then he/she has to pay the hostel charges of nearly 25000 per month.

Journal of Rawalpindi Medical University

The university has its official Journal by the name of JRMC, Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College”. In this Journal, all the updates regarding the institution are being uploaded on a monthly basis. Like the recent volume has been published out, Vol 24 No 4 (2020): October-December.

The journal is available online and every individual of the university can access the site and go through the journal. In this journal, different articles are being published. Letter to the editor is also published. The articles are mostly related to the medical field or related to the updates of the conferences that are going to be held in the country.

The journal is quite useful, not only it keeps the students and the faculty members to remain updated about what’s going on or going to happen regarding the institution but also increases the reading ability of the students. Moreover, some case reports are also being added to the journal.

Rawalpindi Medical University Hospital

RMU has been affiliated with three of the main hospitals of Rawalpindi:

  • Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH)
  • District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ)
  • Holy Family Hospital

Benazir Bhutto Hospital

If we talk about the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, it has been named after the famous politician of Pakistan, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (deceased). This hospital is situated on one of Pakistan’s famous, Murree Road. In the hospital, almost all the departments related to the Medical field are present. The most distinctive among these are Surgery, Medicine, ENT, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology, etc. Students from Rawalpindi Medical University

All these departments have been equipped with specialized doctors and surgeons. Moreover, the essential equipment needed for operating the patients is also available. The hospital has links at the international level as well. It has been associated with the World Health Organization (WHO). Overseas students also take training here. Until now, a large number of people from countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Kashmir, Nepal, Morrocco, etc. have got their training here.

There is a cafeteria for the doctors. The Intensive Care Unit and Renal Transplant centers have been provided with modern machines that are vital for serious patients. Thus, the hospital has been serving greatly to human beings.

District Headquarters Hospital

Another hospital, that has been affiliated with RMU, is the District Headquarters Hospital. Different departments of medicine such as Medicine, Surgery, gynecology, and many more. Patients suffering from chest and heart problems also prefer to visit the hospital because of the specialized and well- mannered staff of doctors and nurses.

Holy Family Hospital

Last but not the least, the Holy Family Hospital, is affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical College. The hospital also receives a large number of patients mostly from the Northern areas of Pakistan. Not only are the patients been examined and operated but also a large number of doctors mostly those studying medicine also practice here. The hospital has been equipped with a large of beds for patients. The ICU is also well developed.

The university has a beautiful official logo.

Rawalpindi Medical University logo

Rawalpindi Medical University Admission

At the present time, RMU is offering three courses. For a student who desires to get admission in medicine or allied health sciences or in the nursing profession, then the student must have to pass F.Sc pre-medical with at least 65% marks. Moreover, the students have also to pass an entry test.

After fulfilling these requirements of Rawalpindi Medical College, the student can seek for admission in RMU. The university aims to give quality education to every single student. It motivates them work hard so that they may be able to serve the nation.

Rawalpindi Medical College Administration:

All the administration offices are located within the campus of the university. They manage the student’s affairs with responsibility. On the official website of the institution, the contact numbers and email IDs of all the members of the administration office are present to ease the students and faculty members.

Rawalpindi Medical College Hostels

In order to accommodate those students who, belong to different cities other than Rawalpindi, the management has set up 4 hostels, 2 for boys and 2 for girls. These hostels of Rawalpindi Medical College are clean and demand a reasonable fee from the students. Internet facilities and quality food are the services provided to all the students residing in these hostels.

Contact Number

In this modern world, having the contact number of the area where we work or study has become an integral part of our lives. It’s because we want to have a direct contact with the authorities. RMU has provided all the necessary information on the official website of the University to keep students up-to-date. Students and doctors’ staff can easily access to the authorities or administration office.


As there are 6 different discourses being studied in the Rawalpindi Medical College, so the number of vacancies also varies. Students will get admission on the basis of open merit. In the MBBS class, there are at least 350+ students. In the final exams, if a student fails, then he/she will be detained and have to repeat the year again.

 As far the question for jobs of lecturership is concerned, then on the website, the links have been mentioned in the column of jobs and careers both for males and females.

Address of Rawalpindi Medical College

The university was in actual created in Faisalabad city but later on, it was being shifted to the heart of Rawalpindi city that is, Tipu Road. Now the old campus has been renovated and further developments are in process.

Fee Structure

As mentioned above, the tuition fee for Rawalpindi Medical College is quite reasonable. For MBBS, students have to pay Rs.15630 for 5 years but this fee has been divided annually so that the students can easily pay the fee.

While rest of the courses have no fee. The students residing in hostels have to pay the hostel dues on a monthly basis.

Official Website

There is an official website of the university. On the website, all the details about the university, its administration, number of students studying in the university, media corner, official journal of the college and details about programs/courses have been mentioned. The link to this website is: 

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