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Southwest Medical University

The medical institution, Southwest medical university is situated in the city, Luzhou. This city is in the province of Sichuan, China.

 The city of Luzhou is famous for its tourist sites. There are a number of tourist attraction places.

 Moreover, the city is well-known for its culture and history. The city has a unique importance in China due to its versatility.

The university was founded in the year 1951. In a time period of 50 years, the medical college has done remarkable works in making the institution the best place for teaching medical studies.

Southwest medical university established its own teaching hospital. The university’s teaching hospital has all almost all the departments like anatomy, physiology, surgery, medicine etc.

The university has also accommodated the students in their respective boys and girl’s hostel. A large number of students from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India is studying in Southwest medical university

History of the University

The history of Southwest medical university dates back to the 20th century. The Southwest Medical University came into existence in the year 1951.

The first name of this university was Luzhou Medical College. This name was given because the it was being situated in the city of Luzhou.

Then later on, the college was being upgraded to the university level. And then it was being named as Southwest Medical University.


The medical university is located in the Luzhou city of China. The formal name of this medical university was Luzhou Medical College.

 Later on, the college was changed into a university, known as Southwest Medical University. The aim of this medical university is to inculcate motivation and skills into its students. By skills, means the ability that the future doctors can do professional treatment of their patients.

Up till now, almost 110,000 students have been graduated from Southwest Medical University. These students have been graduated not in the same discipline, despite in different medical fields.

This medical institution has developed itself into a scientific research center and healthcare center. The hospital that has been affiliated to the Southwest Medical University is offering all the facilities to its patients. Advanced technological methods are being used to carry out the treatment.

The university also conducts co-curricular activities. These activities are being held annually. Sports gala is organized every year.

The students play games like cricket, football, hockey, etc. A coach for every team is being selected.

Welcome and farewell parties are also being held. The medical university gives importance to the extra-curricular activities to enhance the student’s capabilities. The southwest medical university is working hard to raise its standards to international level.

There are scholarship programs in the university to assist needy students. Students should inform about their mark’s percentage and other important details to get the scholarship.

These scholarships help the students fulfill their needs. The university has a capable administration. There are almost 5000 professors and administrative members in the university.

The Southwest Medical University publishes two official journals. These journals ‘Journal of Southwest Medical University’ and ‘Jurisprudence’. 

Hospital of Southwest Medical University

The hospital of the university consists of almost 4000 staff members. Almost 130+ professional doctors have been working to treat the patients. These doctors have a great experience.

There are more than 400 PhD professionals. The hospital of Southwest medical university has further expanded its project to 5 schools related to medical studies. These schools include the anesthesiology school, medical imaging school, medical laboratory school and a rehabilitation medical school.

From the past 20 years, almost 3500+ students got admission in these medical schools. Up till now, almost 2500 students have been graduated. Thus, the teaching hospital has increased its quality.Moreover, the hospital also imports its medical equipment to other countries. It also exports the modern equipment of medicine.

The hospital has advanced medical equipment such as magnetic resonance, linear accelerator, color ultrasound machine and many other devices. This shows the advancements and experiences of the teaching hospital of Southwest Medical University. 


There are three types of programs in the Southwest Medical University. These are as following:

  1. Chinese Language Program
  2. Post Graduate Program
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Program

The Chinese language program is for the international students. The international students whose native language is not Chinese, they can do this course. The duration of this course is 1-3 months. Moreover, students can do the same course in a semester or in a year too.

The traditional Chinese Medicine Program deals with the therapeutic methods of the traditional Chinese Medicine. The duration of this course is 2 weeks or 10 months. In this program, the student’s study about the ancient methods of the Chinese people related to the treatment of patients.

The post graduate program in the Southwest Medical University started in the year 2013. There are a number of courses in which national and international students can do masters. The courses include masters in Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and a number of other courses. The duration of the master’s program is of 3 years.

Fee Structure

The detail of the fee structure is as following:

  • The fee of Chinese language program is:

Registration fee: 800 RMB per year

Tuition fee for students who offer fee in short term: 2000 RMB per month and for long term that is after every semester, the fee is 6000 RMB.

The insurance fee per semester is 400 RMB and 800 RMB if paid annually.

Hostel fee is double for a single room. The fee for single room is 800 RMB and for the double room, it is 400 RMB.

  • The fee for post graduate program in different medical courses is:

In the first year is 800 RMB. The fee in 2nd and 3rd year is above 200 RMB.

The total tuition fee is 25000 RMB per year.

The insurance fee is 800  RMB per year.

The hostel fee for a single room is 8000 RMB. And for the double room, the fee is 4000 RMB.

  • The fee for the traditional Chinese medicine program is:

Registration fee is 800 RMB. Insurance fee per semester is 400 RMB and 800 per year.

The hostel fee for a single room is 800 RMB and 400 for the double room.  

Hostels of Southwest Medical University

The medical university takes care not only of its local students but also of the international students too. The university has built a special dormitory building for the residence of the foreign students.

This dormitory has all the facilities like comfortable beds, study tables, quality food, canteen, cleaned washrooms etc. The dormitory has a warden/supervisor too who manages this building.

The students are free to eat whatever they want from the dormitory. The only thing that the students must have to take care is of the rules and regulations.

Limitations are there in every affair so students must follow that too. Otherwise, if a student goes against the rules, he/she may be expelled from the hostel.

Administration of Southwest Medical University

The medical university has a well-experienced administration committee. In this administration, all the members have great experience.

They know how to deal with the issues that the students and faculty members may face. Moreover, they also deal with the budget management.

In Southwest medical university, all the dean members, clerical staff of the different departments, etc work in coordination with each other.

 In fact, they work like a chain of beads connected together. This is the reason for the success of the Southwest Medical University. 

Journal of Southwest Medical University

The medical university has two official journals. The names of these journals are, ‘The Journal of Southwest Medical University’ and ‘Jurisprudence’.

 These journals are published not only in China but in many foreign countries as well. The journals have a fine number of articles written by the lecturers and professional doctors of this institution.

Readers can easily download these journals and can also read them online.

Contact Number and Address

  • Address of Southwest Medical University: 319 Zhongshan Road 3rd section, Jiangyang District, Luzhou, Sichuan province, China
  • Contact Number: +86 830 316 1222

Official Website

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