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Guangdong Medical University

The medical college Guangdong medical university is located in the Guangdong Province of China. It was being established in the year 1958.

The university has two campuses. The names of these campuses are: Zhanjiang Campus and Dongguan Campus.

The location of both these campuses is different. But the location of these campuses are beautiful. 

Zhanjiang campus is located in the city Zhanjiang. The name of this campus is from the city where it is located.

 Zhanjiang city is popular due to the presence of seaports in it. While Dongguan campus is located in the Song Shan lake, Science and Technology Park in the southern part of the city of Dongguan. This campus has the name of the city where it is located.

This medical university has a specialty that it is present in a joint region of Guangdong Province, Hainan Province and Guangxi Province.

 Guangdong Medical University has been serving as a great medical healthcare and research center in China.

History of Guangdong Medical University

The history of Guangdong Medical University dates back to the year 1958. This medical university was once the part of the Sun Yatsen Medical College.

At the time when the Guangdong medical university came into existence, it has the rank of a medical college. At that time, it was known as Guangdong Medical College.

In the year 1964, the college was again given the name of Zhanjiang Medical College. In 1992, the provincial government of Guangdong decided to rename the college as Guangdong Medical College.

The college developed itself as a great medical and research center. Then in March 2016, Guangdong Medical College was being given the rank of a university and it was called as, Guangdong Medical University.

Overview of the University

The Guangdong Medical University is one of the top-rated medical universities in China. This medical university has been serving the people of China since the year of its creation that is 1958.

This institution has two campuses, both located in two different locations in the province of Guangdong. Both these campuses have a beautiful location.

A large of international students seek for admission in MBBS in Guangdong Medical University every year. The medical university has developed hostels for the accommodation of both the students and the faculty members.

These hostels provide basic facilities to each student residing in the hostels. The Guangdong medical university also publishes its articles in its journal and its name is, ‘Journal of Guangdong Medical University. The journal is actually the official publication of Guangdong Medical University.

Extra-curricular activities

The Guangdong Medical University gives equal importance to the extra-curricular activities. Students actively participate in different sports.

Grounds have been present in the university for the indoor and outdoor games. Many other co-curricular activities such as speech competitions, farewell and welcome parties, bonfire, concerts etc. are also being conducted every year. Moreover, trips are being organized to different places. These trips are either within the different regions of China or to the other countries. Additionally, study tours are present in Guangdong Medical University.

The MBBS program in the Guangdong Medical University is of five years. In these 5 years, students are being taught from the medical books about the human anatomy, pathology, surgery, medicine, physiology, dermatology, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and many other subjects.

Annual exams such as send ups and monthly tests are being conducted to check the performance of the students. Through these tests and papers, the teachers evaluate the performance of the students.

If any students get fails in the final examination, he/she has to repeat the whole year. The student resubmits the whole fee for that year again.

The infrastructure of both the campuses of Guangdong Medical University is very beautiful. The lecture halls in these campuses are made in a sophisticated way.

The facility of projectors is also available. The professors deliver their lectures to students with the help of projectors. Some teachers record their lectures and share them on their Youtube channels.

This facilitates the students while they are preparing for their tests or papers. Moreover, the professors give every student the opportunity to speak before their class on some topic related to their medical syllabus. This boosts up the students’ confidence level.

Hospitals of Guangdong Medical University

Basically, there are two hospitals that are in affiliation with the Guangdong Medical University. The names of these hospitals are No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University and No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University.

Both these hospitals are offering medical facilities to the people. All the modern and advanced equipment have been provided to the hospitals of the University.

In the No.1 affiliated hospital, there are around 2000+ beds available for the patients. A large number of patients visit the OPD every day. This hospital has around 40+ clinical departments, 20+ clinical teaching and research offices and around 13 laboratories.

The other second hospital that is in affiliation with the Hospital of Guangdong Medical University is a the, Zhanjiang Second People’s Hospital. This hospital was being established in the year 1922.This hospital has a long history since it was being created about a 100 years ago.

The hospital has a large of employees working 24/7. This hospital has almost 40 clinical departments. Almost 600+ beds are available for the patients. A large number of patients visit the hospital every single day.

The clinical departments in this hospital include the cardiology department, ICU, gynae department, medicine, general surgery, bone surgery etc.

Thus, both the hospitals are well-equipped with advanced machines. The doctors working in both hospitals. These doctors are professional in their work. They know how to deal with a patient.

They treat all the patients equally. The students of Guangdong Medical University practice their house job in these hospitals. The doctors and nurses do their work together. More often, the doctors and nurses do extra work too when some patients are in a critical situation.


In Guangdong Medical University, there is the program/course of medicine program. There is the Bachelor degree for medicine and surgery (MBBS). The duration of this course is of 5 years.

The students study medical studies for 5 years. After the completion of 5-year medical studies, the students have to do an internship in the teaching hospital of the University. The internship is mandatory for all students.

Fee Structures

The detail of the fee structure is as following:

  • The tuition fee for one year is: 3 lacs (It is total 15 lacs for 5-year medical program.
  • The medical insurance fee is: Rs.5000 (It is total 25000 for 5-year medical program).
  • The Hostel fee for one year is: Rs. 60,000 (It is total 3 lacs for 5-year medical program).
  • The Visa Renewal fee for one year is: Rs. 5000 (It is total 25000 for five medical program).

Journal of the University

The University publishes its articles in the official journal, ‘Journal of Guangdong Medical University’.

This journal came into existence in the year 1984 by Guangdong Medical University. Students can read it online. The journal consists of a fine number of medical articles.

Administration of the University

The administration of the University is very cooperative. It consists of a large number of skillful and well-experienced members.

These people working as the administrators do their job with hard work. They work as a team to sort out the issues.

Every institution has an administration that lifts up the whole school, college or university. Similar is the case in Guangdong Medical University.

The administration of the University is also very supportive. It has been doing its duties with dignity since the creation of the university. This administration is the backbone of Guangdong Medical University.


The medical university has built up a dormitory for the accommodation of international students. This dormitory has come into existence to ease the international students by providing them every facility.

In this, dormitory, there is home like environment. The hostel management is very cooperative.

There are single space and double-space rooms in the dormitory. The fee for a single-spaced room is double the fee of a double-spaced room.

The rooms are clean. The washrooms are also being washed every day. Quality food, fast internet, and many other facilities have been provided to the students. The hostel fee is quite affordable.

The warden/supervisor is very lenient but gives importance to the maintenance of the hostel.

Contact Number and Address of the University

There are two campuses of the University. These campuses are at two different locations. The address of both these campuses is as follows:

  • Address of Zhanjiang Campus: Wenming Eastern Road, Xianshan, Zhanjiang city, in the province of Guangdong, China.
  • Address of Dongguan Campus: Xingcheng Blvd,Songshan Lake National Technology Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan city, in the province of Guangdong, China.

The contact number of Guangdong Medical University is as following:

0769 22896505

Official Website of the University:

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