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Sargodha Medical College

The Sargodha Medical College is one of the best medical colleges in Pakistan. Every year, hundreds of students desire to take admission in this medical college. The reason is that this college aims to deliver quality education to its students. The motto of the college is:

“Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave”.

This quote explains the importance of education that keeps you engaged in seeking knowledge no matter how old you are. Just keep striving for knowledge. This is the motivation that SMC keeps on giving to their students.

History of the college

Like every other institution, SMC has also a history. The college was built in 2006. It is located in the province of Punjab in Sargodha city. This institution is the only medical college of the public sector in Sargodha. It is a constituent part of university of Sargodha that was being created in 2002.

In the first few years of its creation when there was no proper building of the college, a hall was been given the name of University where classes were arranged. Later on, SMC’s building was established near the Faisalabad road where there lies the beautiful Kirana Hills giving the College Site a tremendous view.

Sargodha Medical College is being affiliated with the Sargodha University (SU). In 2011, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the Medical College. The hospital that has been attached to SMC is the District Headquarters Hospital. This Hospital is not only been used for the treatment of the patients but also for the training of the doctors. So, due to this it may also be known as the teaching center for medical students of SMC.

Overview of Sargodha Medical College

Basically, SMC is a constituent of the University of Sargodha. The medical college offers both undergraduate program and postgraduate program in affiliation with the University of Health Sciences (UHS) for undergraduate program and for postgraduate program in affiliation with the FCPS (Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons) and MCPS and CSPS.

A number of departments are working in the medical college to make the college the best institution for the aspirants striving for medicine profession. The college has expert professors to enhance the learning skills of the students. There are two kinds of departments in the college. One is the department of ‘Basic Sciences’ and the other one is related to the ‘Clinical Department’. There are further sub-branches in these main branches. In the Basic Sciences, following sub-branches/departments are included:

  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Embryology
  • Histology
  • Pharmacology

While in the Clinical Department, following sub-branches are included:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiotherapy

The hospitals that have been affiliated with the Sargodha Medical College are The DHQ Teaching Hospital, Sargodha and the other one is the Government Mian Mola Bakhsh Hospital, Sargodha. In these hospitals, hundreds of patients come for treatment on daily basis. The staff is skilled and quite well-mannered. They do their work honestly. Moreover, both hospitals are equipped with modern machines for the treatment of the patients.

Programs/Courses in the college

The college is offering the following courses:

The duration of all these courses is of 5 years. And the fee structure is also quite simple. As far as the degree of DHND is concerned, SMC is offering this degree to make students capable in their near future. This degree is in high demand in the present scenario, so the college knows how to proceed this program whilst making the peers enthusiastic. In the previous decade, DHND has no scope but in the meanwhile, DHND has got priority and a large number of students prefer to choose this profession and SMC supports them to the fullest.

DPT, the doctor of Physiotherapy, SMC is also offering degree for this course. In Sargodha medical college, this degree has flourishes so much. But the college is trying to make worth it. In DPT department of SMC, both regular and self- finance systems are present.

The medical studies of MBBS have great value in SMC. The merit is very high for MBBS. Firstly, you have to score minimum 80% marks in the F.Sc pre-medical, then there is the MDCAT entry test. Scoring good marks will enable the students for admission in MBBS in SMC.  

The pharmacy department has also a high merit. This course is actually the professional degree in pharmacy. After getting this degree, students can get great jobs in hospital’s pharmacy, clinical pharmacy etc. The department of PHARM.D in Sargodha medical college is highly recognizable.

Fee Structure Of Sargodha Medical College

As discussed earlier, there are two systems of admissions, regular and self. For MBBS, in the first year, the fee is around 36,000. While in the next four years, the fee is around 33,000. Those students who cannot afford fee, the college offers them concession in the fee. While in self- studies, the fee is around $7000 for foreign students as well.

The fee structure of DPT is just like MBBS with a little addition in amount. In 5 years of DPT, the fee is around 50,000. For self-studies, the fee is more than 50,000.

In PHARM.D, the students in regular finance have to pay 26,000 rupees while the students in the self-finance have to pay around 31,000 rupees annually. Concessions are available for those who cannot afford their fee. SMC fully supports such students.

Admission Process Of Sargodha Medical College

The admission process of SMC is almost the same like other medical colleges in Pakistan. Firstly, you have to pass the entry test of medical with approximately 90% marks. Then the final merit is calculated along with the marks obtained in matriculation and F.Sc. After that, the students should contact the medical college via the administration. The contact number and other details regarding the admission procedure are available on the College’s official site.

Hostels Of Sargodha Medical College

There are a number of hostels for the students studying in SMC. But the location of these hostels is not the same. Some of these hostels are on the Faisalabad road and some are on the University road of Sargodha. All hostels will be under the supervision of superintendents. The hostel management is very responsible. Hostels will be cleaned on daily basis.

There are separate hostels for boys and girls. The faculty members have a separate hostel. Some of the students reside in the hostels of the University of Sargodha. SMC is a constituent of this university. The medical college has its own buses that carry students from hostel to college and from college to hostel. Students will be accomodated according to the number of rooms per hostel. Like if a hostel has greater capacity rooms, then 6,7 students will be allowed to live in that room. Otherwise, 3,4 students will only be allowed.


Address and Contact Number

It is an affiliated college of the University of Sargodha. It is located in the Punjab Province, at the Faisalabad Road, Sargodha. The contact number of the institution is (048) 9232004.

The official website of the Sargodha Medical College is:


1. How many medical colleges are there in Pakistan?

There are 114 medical colleges present in Pakistan.

2. Can we study MBBS for free?

Yes, you can study MBBS for free if you study MBBS in public universities in Germany but the living cost should be considered too.

3. How much does it take to study MBBS from Pakistan?

It costs about Rs 100,000 per year to study MBBS from Pakistan.

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