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Nose fat removal tips: Surgical and Non-surgical

The nose is one of the discriminative features that play a prime role in facial aesthetics. The shape of your nose including nose fat affects your facial profile in both positive and negative ways. A well-pronounced and slim nose indicates beauty and sharp features. In contrast, some people may have nose fat, noticeable and prominent, as an unwanted feature on the face. People want to overcome this nose fat through possible and helpful ways to improve their aesthetics.

The nose is one of those facial points that are noticed at first sight. A prominent sleek nose shape adds a positive flare to your personality. To understand the removal of fat around nose in a better way, we should have basic knowledge of the anatomy of nose. Most people don’t like the prominent and fat nose and want to contour it in the best way. There are several ways, surgical and non-surgical, to contour the nose fat making it attractive. People are usually tempted by different home remedies that promise to offer the best results. But, these are not as fruitful as people assume.

This article summarizes the primary details about nose fat to understand the etiology of the chubby nose. Let us take a deep dive with us to learn about all possible methods to contour the nose fat.

Etiology of nose fat

Nose fat is quite a vague term related to facial aesthetics. The nose is mainly formed by the cartilage with no fats covering and surrounding it. The main thing that defines the shape of your nose is your genetics. So, people claiming that the use of vinegar, toothpaste, or ice cubes can help you deal with nose fat is totally wrong.

If you are too concerned about your nose fat, you can utilize some non-surgical methods like face yoga and exercises, or makeup expertise. It may help you somehow to manage your nose fat. But, to get results, you need to be persistent and patient. These methods are helpful only for smaller changes to reduce nose fat.

In contrast, if you think your nose is bigger than normal or you want some dramatic changes to shape your nose fat, then the surgical methods are helpful. There are multiple surgical methods that deal with nose fat to properly shape and orient the nose. But never go for an extreme treatment option unless you feel some severe problems. Let us have an explained look at these surgical and non-surgical methods to understand them clearly.

Non-surgical methods:

Non-surgical methods are non-invasive, including some facial exercises involving the nose. In addition, it also includes some makeup hacks to shape your nose properly. Let us start with some yoga exercises that are more reliable than home remedies and more effective.

1. Yoga exercises:

Yoga exercises help a lot to tone the facial muscles with a reduction of the extra fat tissue. In addition, yoga exercise also helps to reduce the nose fat and contours the nose accurately. It helps to burn the nasal fat and also sorts out several other health problems.

The shape of the nose is determined by genetics. By the age of 10, your nose will be in a prominent form. Till age 19, your nose continues to grow with your small muscles and cartilage of your nose being saggy. It will make your nose look bigger just like a nose fat. Yoga exercises will help you to reshape your nose and provide a slimmer and straight nose.

Just stay persistent while doing yoga exercises and notice a clear difference in the reduction of nose size. These are some of the common exercises as follows:

Nose shaping:

It is one of the best yoga exercises to shape the nose. If you do the exercise continuously, there are maximum chances that this exercise will sculpt your nose as you want. In addition, this yoga exercise also helps to reduce the sagginess of the nose.

  • For this exercise, just place your index finger on both sides of your nose. Try to breathe out with some force.
  • Apply pressure with fingers on both sides of the nose.
  • Repeat this exercise several times a day to properly shape your nose.

Breathing exercise:

Breathing exercises are of great importance due to their wide range of benefits. One of the main benefits is to shape the nose or make it slimmer.

  • For this exercise, sit in a comfortable position with pressure on only one side of the nose. This will block one nostril allowing one to inhale or exhale through the other nostril. Hold on to this position for up to 5 seconds.
  • After doing this on one side, try the same with the other side of the nose.
  • Repeat this exercise by blocking the nostrils alternatively.
  • Try to do this about 5 to 8 times. Complete and repeat this set of exercises up to 10 times.

Nose massaging:

Just like breathing exercise, this massage type of exercise helps a lot to reduce nose fat. Moreover, it also helps to relieve different kinds of headaches and pressure pains.

  • For this, you have to massage each part of your nose, starting from the bridge, tip, and then sides.
  • Move your fingers in a circular motion to massage the nose.
  • Massage the nose for up to five minutes and do it regularly to get your desired results.

Nose straightening exercise:

It is one of the simplest exercises for the nose muscles to tone up and shape the nose in a straightening position.

  • For this, you only need to smile and then push your nose upwards by using your fingers.
  • It will accurately shape the muscles on the sides of your nose.
  • Repeat this exercise up to 25 to 30 times per day to get the results of your choice.

There are yoga and exercises that people use for various reasons like as ways to get bigger hands.

2. Dermal fillers:

This procedure is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty. In this, dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin to change the shape of your nose. There are several other nicknames for this procedure, a 15-minute nose job or a liquid nose job. Dermal fillers are of gel-like consistency injected beneath the superficial layer of skin. These dermal fillers are usually combined with calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid to get better results. This procedure is completed within 15 minutes with no effect on daily life activities.

The results of dermal fillers are not as evident as those of typical surgical rhinoplasty. Besides this, these dermal fillers help to smooth the cartilaginous or bony bumps on the nose making your nose look slimmer and straight. It does not offer permanent results for the nose fat but may last for up to 6 months.

There are some common and prime advantages of dermal fillers. These are as follows:

  • This procedure requires no splints or anesthesia.
  • It offers a quick recovery period with faster results.
  • It is cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty.
  • There is no such swelling or bruising after the procedure.

3. Makeup hacks to contour nose fat:

Makeup can not change the shape of your nose but it can produce a delusive effect on the shape of your nose. There are some basic steps to contour your nose.

  • Draw a proper outline on the sides of your nose with a two-shade darker bronzer.
  • Highlight the central part or bridge of your nose with some matte highlighter
  • Properly merge the shadows with your skin.
  • It will make your nose look slimmer and straight.

Surgical methods:

Surgical methods are the most reliable procedure to remove your nose fat. These procedures offer permanent and long-lasting results. Let us have a look at the surgical procedures used for nose fat removal.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical and invasive procedure performed to make your nose look slimmer and properly shaped. Before confirming your final thoughts on rhinoplasty, must consult your cosmetic surgeon regarding the benefits and drawbacks of this surgical procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess the shape of your nose. After this, your surgeon will confirm the shape of your nose you want. This procedure is done under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will remove the cartilaginous tissue of the nose to shape the nose according to your choice.

The most common benefits of rhinoplasty are:

  • Reshaping the nostrils
  • Reshaping the nose
  • Straightening the nose

There are multiple variations of this procedure. But, two of them are most common. These are as follows:

  • Open rhinoplasty – This procedure is done for major reshaping of the nose. In this procedure, surgeons make an incision on the skin between your nostril to get access to the inside of your nose. The main drawback of this procedure is that it leaves a noticeable scar on the skin. People, who have undergone open rhinoplasty, claim that scars are almost barely visible or invisible. It also depends on the surgeon’s skill to manage the skin tissue without causing visible scar formation.
  • Closed rhinoplasty – It is done for minor reshaping of the nose with incisions on the inside of your nose. Therefore, no such scarring is visible on the skin.

What are the main benefits of removing nose fat?

There are several benefits of removing the nose fat including both facial aesthetics and personality. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • A slimmer nose is more aesthetic than a bigger and fatter nose. So, it looks attractive and perfectly shaped.
  • Physical appearance indulges a different kind of confidence into your personality. Focus on your better appearance by sharpening your features including your nose shape.
  • Some people also have breathing problems due to the improper shape of the nose. It ensures improved breathing without any problem.
  • Slimmer and sharp noses are in trend. If you want to be limelight at any gathering, go for proper contouring of your nose.


People are usually worried about the shape of your face as it puts the first impact on the facial profile. Some people ask about the nose fat or saggy skin around the nose. Nose shape is determined through genetics. The skin and muscles surrounding the nose may become weak or saggy. Yoga exercises can deal with the tonicity of the muscles and shape the nose accordingly. But, If anybody wants some serious changes regarding the nose shape or nose fat, surgical procedures are the primary option for such people.

Non-surgical procedures are not long-lasting with their effects remaining for a smaller time. In contrast, surgical procedures offer permanent results. Must give your decision a second thought before going for something permanent or consult your cosmetic surgeon.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can toothpaste or ginger paste help to reduce nose fat?

here is no such evidence available regarding the beneficial effects of toothpaste or ginger paste for nose fat removal. The nose is a cartilaginous structure with a predetermined shape through genetics. So these kinds of home remedies do not show any effect on the nasal shape.

What are the other factors associated with nose fat?

Besides genetics, there are also some other factors associated with nose fat. These are usually pregnancy, weight gain or obesity, melanoma, alcohol intake, or rosacea.

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