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Achieve a More Attractive Look With Rhinoplasty

The nose makes a significant impact on how a person appears. If you want to feel more confident and comfortable in how you can look, then rhinoplasty may help you achieve your goals.

It should also be noted that rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is not only designed to improve the aesthetics of one’s nose. It is also commonly performed to help patients breathe easier (i.e., deviated septum).

Here, our focus will be on how you can achieve a more attractive look with rhinoplasty.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty will help you obtain a more attractive nose. You may achieve symmetry or balance between your multiple facial features. In some cases, rhinoplasty may be required after a serious accident.

It can also be implemented to fix mistakes during a botched nose job or another procedure involving the patient’s face. 

People who suffer from sleep apnea, a deviated septum, or a developmental breathing disorder may also be able to breathe better after having undergone a nose job. Rhinoplasty can greatly improve your overall quality of life and may even increase your lifespan in some cases.

It is commonly used to reduce the bridge on the patient’s nose. Most patients who undergo a nose job procedure report higher self-esteem and confidence, which may help them get a better job or a promotion in due time.

As can be seen, rhinoplasty enhances the lives of patients when performed by a capable and qualified surgeon.

What are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty: Incisions are made in the columella. The envelope is slowly lifted so that the surgeon can access the cartilage and bone. The surgeon will then reshape the structures of the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty: Considered to be less invasive than open rhinoplasty. Only the skin is separated to rearrange, shape, or remove the necessary cartilage and bone. 

Closed rhinoplasty is less predictable than open rhinoplasty. It is usually performed for minor nose reshaping purposes.

Filler rhinoplasty: Involves the use of injectable fillers. The angle of the tip of the nose can be altered with Juvederm or Restylane. The fillers are not permanent, but they will last for quite some time. 

The fillers may also be used to smooth out any hard angles or fill multiple grooves in the patient’s nose. Please note that filler rhinoplasty is non-invasive and does not involve surgery.

Secondary rhinoplasty: Also known as revision rhinoplasty, it is commonly used to make minor changes or adjustments to the primary procedure. It may also be used to correct errors that occurred during the initial operation. Most secondary rhinoplasty procedures are minor.

Can a Nose Job Make You Feel More Attractive?

Your face contains several different unique and distinct features. Your facial features are an integral part of who you are. When these features come together, they help form your appearance.

When your facial features are synchronized, you will appear more attractive to others. As such, a nose job can help you achieve optimal facial symmetry.  It is important to note that the nose serves as a primary facial component, as it is situated at the center of your face.

The nose draws a lot of attention, so enhancing your nose can help you appear more attractive and boost your self-confidence. Due to the myriad of practical and aesthetic benefits that rhinoplasty provides, it is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery globally.

By reshaping the nose, the entire facial appearance of the patient’s face will also be improved once the nose has fully healed.

Improve The Quality of Your Life

With an attractive face, you will feel more self-confident when you are at work or socializing with others in your day-to-day life. 

Having an asymmetrical face may also reduce social anxiety and encourage you to be more extroverted and assertive. Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a very image-conscious world.

Each of your facial features is important, and they will come together to determine how you look to others. An asymmetrical nose bridge, for instance, may throw off the balance of your facial features and may impact how you appear.

An asymmetrical nose bridge will also impact the effectiveness of your breathing, so getting a nose job may also enhance the quality of your sleep and how you perform when you exercise or play sports.

If you are thinking of rhinoplasty, then please consult with a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.

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