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Instant Indian home remedy for Constipation: 6 Best tips

Do you take hours in the toilet and are always grumpy due to constipation? A study showed that close to 22% of the Indian population suffers from Constipation. So, you are definitely not alone! Don’t worry, this article is your best guide on instant Indian home remedy for constipation to bring your life back on track and help you get rid of constipation!

How does Constipation occur?

Your stool gets hard and is difficult to push the stool out from the body. This is what happens in constipation. The prime reason behind this is over absorption of water from the stool by colon. This results in drying of stool thus making it hard.

To know how constipation actually occurs, let’s get into digestion a bit. The food that you eat, passes through the digestive tract. Nutrients are then absorbed and the partially digested food moves to the large intestine, which we are referring as colon here. Here stool is formed after water absorption from the waste by the colon.

As you already know, constipation occurs when colon absorbs excess water from the waste to form stool. This happens because in constipation food materials move through the digestive tract very slowly. Due to this, the colon has too much time to absorb water. Hence, the stool then becomes hard and dry.

What can cause constipation?

Our focus is instant indian home remedy for constipation. But it’s equally important to know what actually may cause constipation. Among the many possible causes of constipation, the major is lifestyle.

You may deal with constipation if you include the followings in your lifestyle.

  • Taking low-fiber foods
  • Drinking inadequate amount of water
  • Over-eating cheese, milk and milk products
  • Changes in regular routine of eating, sleeping, travelling etc.
  • Stress

These lifestyle habits are the major causes of constipation. But this doesn’t end here. There are many other causes of constipation. These may include various medications and health conditions. Medications including antacids, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, iron pills and many other drugs may cause constipation.

In the same way, some medical conditions are responsible for constipation as well. Diabetes, hypercalcemia, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease etc are some of the medical conditions causing constipation.

Now after knowing the answer to ‘Why’ and ‘How’ about constipation, lets directly jump into our main topic of concern: instant indian home remedy for constipation.

Instant Indian Home Remedy for Constipation

In this post, we will be talking about the most instant Indian Home remedy for constipation! There are many remedies of this sort. Today, we are going to discuss five of the best-known remedies for constipation!

Remember to use these instant remedies to make sure that you have tried everything before consulting a specialist!

1. Drink Plenty of Water throughout the Day

This is one of the most authentic and appropriate ways of getting rid of constipation. Water is a great possession of the body. Did you know that up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water? Yes, this is not a myth but a fact. Hence, drinking water helps in your bowel movement, too.

This a very instant Indian home remedy for constipation!

Have you heard of people complaining in the morning that the pressure has not come in yet? Well, drinking water helps build that pressure, and that in turn, helps in the body ease up entire constipation.

So, the next time when you are looking for a quick remedy, it is just a glass away. All you have to do is just pour yourself one, drink it whole, take your newspaper and your bowel is on its way!

2. Change in the Lifestyle and making it a permanent one

A lot of times, a drastic change in the body can be the reason why you have constipation. Still, if it is a positive change, it can help you in getting rid of constipation. Hence, what are the changes that you should do to your body? Use this instant Indian home remedy for constipation.

Have you tried sleeping well? Well, it is clinically proven that sleep is a necessity and that if you have a good night’s sleep, it can help you in getting rid of constipation.

You can also add exercise to it as it is a prime contributor to a good bowel movement, too. To top it all, have you tried eating at the right times? It is also said that a well-maintained diet can help you with constipation, too.
These are some of the good lifestyle changes that can help ease your constipation!

3. Have a high-fiber diet

This is also another effective instant Indian home remedy for constipation fix if your constipation is hurting you a lot. A diet cannot consist of only carbohydrates, and protein.

Well, it can but you may have to kiss morning sessions in the washroom a great goodbye, also be stressed, and be grumpy the entire day.
So, what is your way out?

Try involving a lot of roughage and fiber in meals, like green vegetables, salads, etc. This will help you in nutrition, and it will also kick constipation away, thus, making your life less grumpy and less stressed out.

Also, having a lot of roughage increases your body’s ability to form bowels, and the same is reflected when you wake up with a happy tummy and your body is relaxed, too.

4. Have you tried any laxatives?

Laxatives are like the best, instant Indian home remedy for constipation. These amazing elixir of bowel movements can help you ease with the pressure and you can easily have a nice morning session in the washroom.

Although there are a lot of laxatives available over the counter, only a handful of laxatives work!

There are also a number of flavored laxatives that save you from the torture of the absurd taste. Hence, if you are ordering a laxative to ease constipation, make sure you choose the right flavor as for the first few days, it will be like your best friend.

5. Drink more Coffee/Tea!

This also another Instant Indian home remedy for constipation.

For certain people, the need to go to the toilet will increase after consuming caffeine. Coffee activates the digestive system’s muscles. 

In fact, one study in 1998 showed that coffee would activate the gut much like a meal. This was 60 % higher than drinking water and 23% higher than drinking decaffeinated coffee. 

The same goes for Tea for constipation!

Coffee also can produce small quantities of soluble fibers, helping to avoid constipation by enhancing intestinal health.  These are the 6 instant Indian home remedy for constipation!

6. Consult a Specialist!

If none of this Instant Indian Remedy for Constipation is working out for you, then there is seriously something wrong and it can add up to something big! So, do not tread lightly and visit a specialist.

Sometimes, a lot of ailments can be the reason why you are having constipation. Or, if you are on heavy medication due to some earlier ailment, you may be experiencing constipation due to side effects.

So, meeting a doctor can give you a wider perspective about the causes behind your constipation. Once you understand that, it is only a matter of time when you get rid of it.


Over to you…
If you are still constipated, then, you have either not read these remedies properly or haven’t implemented them. So, what are you waiting for? Try these remedies so that you don’t have to suffer the brunt of it throughout the day!

This concludes the topic of 6 Instant Indian Home Remedy for constipation.


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