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How to increase height after 18? (Fast results)

There are some people who are not satisfied with their height even at the age of 18. We must tell you that normally a person attains his or her maximum height at the age of about 18-20. So is it possible to increase height after 18? If the answer is yes then how to increase height after 18? You will get the answer to both the questions in this article.

Before you know the answer to both the questions, you need to understand some factors that cause growth in the human body.

What are the factors that influence growth?

There are a variety of factors that are responsible for an increase in height in humans. Here is a list of these factors and their effect on humans.


There are three hormones in the human body that influence an increase in our height. The hormones are:

  • Growth hormone
  • Sex hormones(progesterone and estrogen)
  • Thyroid hormone

All these hormones are responsible to determine the height of a person. Deficiency in these hormones may cause inhibited growth and thus your height doesn’t increase.

The deficiency of both GH and thyroid hormone stops the growth at an early age. Similarly, the deficiency of sex hormones stops growth during puberty.


According to some research, the growth of an individual is mostly controlled by the genes of an individual. About 60-80% of the growth of an individual is determined by the genes. The rest other factors include nutrition and so on. The hormones are also regulated by the DNA sequence or the genes.

Some of the genes that influence the height are GPC3, GH1, FBN1, EVC etc. If even a single mutation occurs in any of these genes then this may result in the growth inhibition.

Exercise and nutrition

Your final height is highly influenced by the nutrition that you get in your growing age and your physical activities. If there is a lack of nutrition in your diet then you may undergo nutritional growth retardation. In this case, the cells of the body show retarded growth to compensate for the lack of nutrition.

Moreover, the height is also influenced by the nutrition that the mother gets during her pregnancy. The adult height of the child can be improved by taking supplements of iron and calcium during pregnancy.

Additionally, the child who is physically active in his or her growing age is likely to be taller. By remaining physically active in the growing age helps improve bone density and height.

What are the natural methods to increase height after 18?

These are some of the factors that are responsible for causing growth in the human body. Now it’s the time to know the answer to how to increase height after 18 for male. Females, you don’t need to worry. Below are also the ways that will give the answer to how to increase height after 18 for girls.

1. Regular hanging exercises

( It doesn’t cause growth but helps to express original height )

You may have got lots of suggestions from people to do hanging exercises to increase your height. Did you know that doing regular hanging exercises won’t induce any growth?

Yes, you heard that right. But doing hanging exercises make you tall without inducing growth. It just helps you express your normal height by avoiding extra compression of the spine due to body weight.

Let’s make it more clear. There are very few people who know that the height of a person during day and night are not the same. At night, when you sleep your spine remains erect and stretched. But during the day time when you stand, due to your body weight, the spine gets somewhat compressed.

Doing regular hanging exercises will help you to avoid this type of compression of your spine. This makes you look tall by expressing your natural height. This is indeed a good answer to how to increase height naturally after 18.

2. Proper intake of nutrition

Nutritional diets are fuel for the growth of our body. If your diet has a proper mix of vegetables, fruits, carbs and protein then the growth hormones can be triggered.
Even if you give proper care of your diet and nutrition, your growth hormones can lead to an improvement in height after 18.

Proper intake of nutrition helps to improve circulation, metabolism and also makes your bones stronger. In the case that you want to see improvement in your height in 1 month, you should be very conscious about your diet. Along with this, you follow other steps nicely, you will then get the answer to how to increase height after 18 in 1 month.

3. Get proper sleep

Some of you may be well aware of the fact that a child grows well when they are asleep. In the same way, the adults need to get the proper amount of sleep for the improvement in their growth. Pituitary gland that stimulates the growth of an individual is most active when we sleep.

Sleeping is not just a solution. Some of you may be claiming that we sleep adequately but still can’t see improvement in our height. For all of you will this problem, we are here with a solution. The answer to how to increase height after 18 in 1 month remains in the proper way of sleeping.

According to the experts, the best way to sleep is by lying on the back. A pillow below your head and a pillow under the knees by slightly elevating your knees is recommended.

This type of sleeping position not only improves your height but also saves you from various back pains and injuries.

4. Be physically active

Those people who are wishing to see improvement in their height must remain physically active. Even if you want to increase your height after 18, you should keep yourself engaged in various physical activities. You may perform various exercises.

Exercises including jumping, running, as well as aerobics, make your bones stronger. When you perform physical activities including exercises, the nerve ends of your body get effectively stimulated. These nerve ends are in direct association with your pituitary gland.

Stimulation of nerve ends enables the secretion of growth hormones even after 18. This is another method as an answer to how to increase height naturally after 18.

5. Stop smoking and intake of alcohol

There are many studies that suggest the intake of alcohols and smoking retards the growth of an individual. Smoking results in reduced blood flow. Similarly, the nutrients also can not be transmitted throughout the body. This hampers the growth and thus stops your height from increasing.

6. Stretching workout

There are many people who claim that they observed an increase in their height after performing regular stretching exercises. You can observe an improvement in your height as well by performing stretching exercise for just 15 minutes a day. You may start seeing improvement after one month.

There are many stretching workouts that will help you to improve your height. Among them, Surya Namaskar is the best method for proper stretching of your spine. This is another method as an answer to how to increase height after 18 in 1 month.

These were the methods that will help you to improve your height even after 18. This was the answer to How to increase height after 18. But we should also not forget that it is difficult to increase height after 18. By following the above methods, there are many positive cases showing improvement in their height.

Supplements to increase height after 18

Besides the above methods, there are some other methods to improve your height. There are medicines and supplements available in the market that will help you to increase your height after 18.

Many supplements and medicines in the market have proven results in showing improvement in height. Many companies claim that their products have shown improvement in the height of individuals. But it can also be one of their marketing strategies.

We should also keep in mind that these products are manufactured considering science so they may be effective as well. Anyways, some of the supplements and medicines that you can use to improve your height are as follows:(√)

Homoeopathy pills

You may see many homoeopathy pills available in the market. The manufacturers of homoeopathy pills claim that their product can improve one’s height. Additionally, these pills have no side effects on the human body.

Ashwagandha powder

The common name of Withania somnifera is Ashwagandha. This plant has high medicinal importance. Many Ayurvedic experts claim that this herb can increase the height. You can make the Ashwagandha powder as a supplement in your home by following a simple method.

All you have to do is take two tablespoons of Ashwagandha powder and mix it with a glass of milk. You can also add Jaggery if you want to sweeten it.

This supplement is suggested to be consumed for 45 days. You need to take this every night for almost 45 days to see improvement in your height. This supplement has also many proven results.

If you have high blood pressure, we suggest you consult a doctor before consuming this supplement.

Height top supplements

If you were here to search for how to increase height after 18 for a male then here you go. There are many supplements available in the market that claim to enhance one’s height. These supplements are generally available in the form of capsules. Both males and females can take this supplement.

These capsules actually are herbal extracts. The manufactures claim that this supplement can provide quick results. According to them, the supplement enhances the working ability of growth hormones.

Growth maximizer pro

This is another supplement that not only improves your height but also energises the body. This product is in the form of a pack of a month’s supply. This supplement includes essential amino acids that help to improve your height.

Somatropinne HGH

This is a type of supplement that most of the body-builders use. This supplement causes elongation in the bones of an individual this improving the height. This supplement also provides the amino acids that can increase the height of an individual.


It is obviously difficult to increase height after 18 but not impossible. There are many cases where people come up with improved height after 18. You can increase your height too if you have the determination and follow a proper routine. You can follow the natural methods mentioned above that’s your answer to how to increase height naturally after 18.

Additionally, you can also follow the supplements that we have mentioned at the end of the article. These supplements may increase your height. We have mentioned the best supplements to increase the height available in the market. Not all these supplements may be good for you. These supplements may also have side effects. We suggest you consult a doctor before taking these supplements.


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