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Hookah: What it is and the harmful effects of hookah

In recent times, smoking hookah has been a trend well known to teenagers or among adults. There is a thinking smoking hookah won’t cause any problem. But there are harmful effects of hookah too. Let’s discuss the harmful effects of hookah, whether hookah is tobacco or not, the flavour of hookah and about electric hookah.

A hookah is a water pipe that enables an individual to smoke tobacco, regularly joining it with sweet flavours, for example, apple, chocolate, coconut, liquorice, or watermelon. Individuals have utilized hookahs for a considerable length of time in old Persia and India. Today, individuals frequently smoke a hookah as a gathering, at home or in bistros or parlours.

Various names for a hookah include water pipe, narghile, or shisha, or simply tobacco. A few people have confusions that hookah smoking isn’t destructive to their well being or not as harmful as other smoking sorts. In this article, we take a gander at the health-risks related with hookah smoking.

Harmful effects of hookah smoking

Lady smoking hookah and pondering is hookah terrible for you. A hookah opens an individual to tobacco smoke. A hookah has a few all inclusive segments, including a water bowl, metal body, a head with gaps in the base, and an adaptable hose with a mouthpiece. The gadget works by consuming charcoal that will at that point consume a tobacco blend, just as warmth up the water. The smoke the charcoal produces helps move the tobacco through the water and hose and up to the mouthpiece.

Utilizing a hookah opens an individual to tobacco smoke, which contains destructive parts, for example, carbon monoxide. The water in the hookah does not sift through these parts. Regardless of whether an individual does not smoke straightforwardly from the hookah, they can at present breathe in used smoke in the event that they are close-by.

A portion of the potential well-being impacts of hookah smoke include:

  • Intricacies of lung work, for example, endless obstructive respiratory sickness (COPD) and bronchitis.
  • Expanded danger of heart conditions, for example, coronary illness and heart assault.
  • Expanded danger of malignant growth, particularly lung, throat, and mouth disease.
  • Untimely skin maturing, since smoking tobacco can diminish the measure of oxygen that achieves the skin.
  • Expanded danger of irresistible sicknesses, for example, mononucleosis and oral herpes.
  • Expanded danger of irresistible infections, for example, mononucleosis and oral herpes.

Individuals may likewise expand their danger of respiratory diseases in the event that they share the hookah mouthpiece with others.

Hookah versus cigarettes

As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking tobacco through a hookah has “a considerable lot of a similar wellbeing dangers as cigarette smoking.”

For instance, the tobacco smoke still conveys nicotine, an exceedingly addictive substance. Hookah smoke additionally expects charcoal to be singed, which interfaces with tobacco, making exhaust that can be similarly as poisonous as tobacco smoke.

Individuals who utilize a hookah might be presented to the poisons in the smoke longer than if they smoked cigarettes.

As indicated by the CDC, an individual puffs on a cigarette a normal of multiple times, however they may take 200 puffs amid 60 minutes in length hookah session.

Additionally, smoking a hookah conveys more than 2.5 occasions the sum the nicotine as tobacco smoke, as indicated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, citing research lead by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This volume of nicotine can possibly be very addictive.

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Electric warmth hookahs

Makers have discharged fresher forms of hookahs that utilization electric warmth rather than charcoal. The producers call these e-charcoal warmth sources and regularly advertise them as a more secure option in contrast to customary charcoal hookahs.

The CDC state that specialists have next to no learning about the wellbeing dangers of electronic tobacco items at this stage.

Nonetheless, the University of Cincinnati report early research that a group of its physicists is doing to take a gander at the segments of smoke produced by e-charcoal. The scientists state they have discovered that e-charcoal smoke kills 80 percent of test lung cells 24 hours after introduction.

This hazard is more noteworthy than the higher-poison charcoal the group tried, which murders 25 percent of lung cells. The lower-poison charcoal was found to execute 10 percent of test lung cells.

Subsequently, the scientists infer that e-charcoal hookah alternatives could possibly be more unsafe than their charcoal partners.

Increasingly distributed logical research is currently expected to affirm these early outcomes.

Electric hookah

The electric hookah is also known as e-hookah. They are same as hookah and while smoking electric hookah a vapor containing nicotine or chemicals is inhaled. The only difference comes in their size as it may be of size of pen ,USB or pen-drive.

Hookah fantasies


A typical hookah fantasy is that smoking utilizing one isn’t addictive.

Some hookah bars move non-tobacco items, which they may publicize as having no destructive impacts. This is a fantasy, as the smoke still contains carbon monoxide, a destructive compound, and different poisons.

Different fantasies about hookah smoking include:

  • Hookah smoking isn’t addictive. Hookah smoke contains nicotine, a very addictive compound.
  • The water in hookah smoke channels hurtful fixings. The water in hookah smoke does not sift through any destructive synthetic concoctions.
  • Cigarettes “consume” the lungs since they use warmth, and hookah smoke is cooler, so it doesn’t consume. Smoke from a hookah can in any case harm the heart and lungs, even in the wake of chilling off.


While a few people trust hookah smoking is a more secure and increasingly social option in contrast to smoking tobacco, it doesn’t offer medical advantages and represents a few huge wellbeing dangers.

Hookah smoking additionally puts other individuals in danger of breathing in used smoke. Along these lines, to diminish the dangers of harming the lungs and different organs, it is best for individuals to abstain from smoking tobacco items, including by utilizing a hookah.

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