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How to get bigger eyes? 9 effective ways

Another of the best items on several girls’ appearance desire lists is having large, big eyes. If you don’t have big eyes as several girls do from birth, one can still achieve the effect with a little manipulation. For this, let’s get into how to get bigger eyes.

Big eyes, ones that are full and bright, not drab and not droopy, have a certain allure and attractiveness about them. Since the eyes are the main feature of the faces, drooping skin towards the base of the eyelids is frequently seen to be unattractive.

Since not everyone was born with naturally large eyes, you’ll be happy to know that there are several things you can do to make your eyes appear bigger. Luckily, a variety of techniques one can do to make their eyes appear bigger than they are. Let us have a look at these techniques in the article on how to get bigger eyes.

The perspective of the eyes

There comes a question why to check out how to get bigger eyes. The conscience can be seen in one’s eyes. And frequently the initial thing we notice about someone else. Developing larger eyes can completely change the way one’s makeup looks since they give the face a brighter, more awake appearance. The same applies with lips. So people also check out these 8 tips on how to get bigger lips.

Helping the eyes stand out can provide your appearance with a considerable amount of structure. However, not everyone is born with large, commanding eyes. Do not however panic; There are a few easy helpful hints to help you get bigger eyes. Let’s finally get into how to get bigger eyes.

How to get bigger eyes?

To become the finest manifestation of oneself, one should have large, beautiful eyes because they will enable individuals to stand out as well as help one appear more attractive, stronger, and more vibrant. One must examine other facial features which are in harmony with the eyes, the center, and the focal point to achieve this organically. Let’s have a look at 9 effective tips on how to get bigger eyes.

1. Keep the under-eye region hidden

Utilizing a long-lasting concealer that doesn’t crease is essential for illuminating this critical area after using the cleanser, day lotions, and/or eye mask. If individuals have extremely dark undereye circles, one might try to find a peachy shade to mask the purple overtones before applying a color that is one or two shades lighter.

You should always focus on keeping care of your eyes. One should think about fixing the concealer by afterward using a loose foundation powder. To use the ideal quantity and mix as needed, Experts advise utilizing a light smoothing brush. This is one of the simple tips on how to get bigger eyes.

2. Apply ice

The eyes will look smaller if they are puffy. To lessen puffiness, apply ice around the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. One could also use moist tea bags to draw out contaminants and gradually lessen puffiness. Eyes will appear smaller if there is swelling or puffiness surrounding them.

By obtaining enough sleep, applying cool tea bags around the eyes, and consuming less salt, one may lessen puffiness. Furthermore, exercise to improve blood flow and rinse the face using cold water. This is a simple yet effective way on how to get bigger eyes.

3. The Brow Lift

Who among you struggles with stress daily? It assumes that it covers everyone. While stress may seem unavoidable, this also causes the brow to become set and trapped as a reaction that affects the size of one’s eyes and causes the overall appearance to turn inward. Just presently, constantly concentrating on relaxing the pressure in the brow and forehead will help individuals notice the change this creates. Using this can prove it an effective way on how to get bigger eyes.

As individuals release the stress and relax one‟s facial muscles, you’ll discover how one’s whole face looks like it elevates and one’s eyes widen. In the same way, we have various exercises to get bigger wrist that you must check out.

  • Step one: Position a finger in the center of one’s brow and a thumb on every corner of one’s brows.
  • Step two: Use the fingertips to gently press downward tension.
  •  Step three: Attempt to raise the eyebrows while continuing the downward pressure. Continue this posture for five to ten seconds. Repetitions: Four to five times, repeat this facial workout.

4. Make your folds

When doing eye makeup, people enhance the crease by adding a dark brown eyeshadow there. Place the brown eyeshadow somewhat more when striving to create a huge eye with makeup than where one usually would. The eyes would appear larger and stand out more as a result of this. Add a light shimmering color to the eyelids and mix it in after applying the crease shade greater than usual. Making folds can be an effective way on how to get bigger eyes.

5. Make Use Of A Shadow

Put a darker color shadow over the natural eye crease to enlarge the appearance of the eyes. Whenever individuals open their eyes, it gives the illusion that their eyes are elevated and bigger. It will consider making the eyes appear shut if individuals spread the color over them.

6. Get adequate rest

Individuals may be familiar with the reddish, dry appearance of the eyes which results from lack of sleep if individuals frequently keep awake late at night. An advice on how to get bigger eyes is to not sleep late at night. If individuals desire to increase the size of their eyes, they must ensure that we take adequate rest. For healthy regeneration, the eyes require a minimum of five hours of sleep each night. To guarantee that individuals consistently experience their optimum throughout the day, individuals must have a minimum of seven hours.

7. Your savior is Winged Liner

You may certainly experiment with other eyeliner looks, but wing eyeliner is your savior if you have small eyes. A flick that is stronger and upward can be beneficial. It will have an enlightening impact on you and let one’s dazzling eyes sparkle. Additionally, a clean eyeliner appearance can enhance the eyeshadow’s stand out. This can bring you a simple and effective way on how to get bigger eyes.

8. Eye twitching

Eye twitching is an easy facial workout to keep individuals beginning is stroking the fragile skin surrounding the eyes, which itself is 10 times softer than the skin on the whole of one’s face. Let’s look at this tip on how to get bigger eyes in details. What individuals have to do is lightly massage the area surrounding one’s eyes with the index fingers, going in both directions along the lines of someone’s brow as well as the eye sockets. 

With care to avoid using excessive power, keep tapping for another 45 to 60 seconds. Because tapping assists to increase flow and supplying enough blood to one’s skin, it is successful treatment and tried and true method for helping with larger, clearer eyes. This procedure simultaneously removes pollutants and provides nutrition. Combining these two effects makes individuals look younger and aids to minimize swollen and puffy eyes. Eye twitching is thus another effective way on how to get bigger eyes.

9. Making one’s eyes appear bigger by applying a mascara that lengthens lashes

Attach one coat of mascara to all of one’s top lashes once individuals finish the whole of their eye makeup. Then, when spreading the second coat, concentrate on giving the middle lashes only a heavier layer.  Just one coat of mascara on the bottom lashes can make the eyes come out. The longer the lashes are, the bigger their eyes will appear, so choose a solution that lengthens instead of thickens them. Consider investing in fake lashes if you don’t want to fuss with mascara. This can also help you in your query to how to get bigger eyes.

Advantages of having bigger eyes

  • Individuals already have large, wide eyelids, so you don’t even need different colors of eyeshadow to give the appearance of topography, not to mention lengthy eyelashes. Most of the people search for how to get bigger eyes for this reason.
  • By widening the eyes and causing them to appear bigger because they naturally tend to be larger and the arteries also protrude, you might frighten people away. Whenever people have under-eye circles and delicate skin which can be extended to reveal a faint peek of capillary blood vessels, it functions much more effectively.
  • The best part about having large eyes is that they will not be at all obstructed by glasses, particularly if individuals are wearing ones that are quite thick. Your large eyes make even glasses simple to wear. One’s eyes won’t ever become smaller because of the specs. Additionally, the larger eyelids will hide the glasses. So, there is no need for you to be concerned about using glasses. There are people who ask for how to get bigger eyes considering this advantage. Whenever individuals want to convey the rolling-my-eyes effect and individuals could make the cornea roll over, big eyes can be incredibly distinctive.  Of course, a 360 is also possible, but it will only make individuals appear foolish.
  • Men and possibly women will be drawn to you with ease. Individuals have no clue how often women have complimented their eyes on their sparkle and beauty. So, because individuals have their eyes to do most of the work for them, posing or talking to a person won’t ever become an issue for oneself. It sustains the magic forever! This not only is true for people with bigger eyes but also for people with bigger hands. For this you should check these 8 golden tips on how to get bigger hands. A majority of people must be considering this advantage while searching for how to get bigger eyes.


Our eyes are the primary and best attribute of one’s face. If someone has stunning huge eyes, it doesn’t make a difference whether one is short, dark, tall, or stout; practically everyone will pay close attention to them. Eyes are gorgeous in all colors and sizes, but occasionally it’s a great idea to explore with your makeup to enlarge and emphasize one’s eyes. For sure this is what has brought you to this article on how to get bigger eyes.

Your brows are crucial in framing the face and eyes. Over- or under-tweezed, improperly formed brows will ruin the overall appearance. Therefore, having one’s brows properly groomed is the initial and most important aspect of achieving the ideal eye look. These suggestions can help individuals have bigger eyes on days when they appear weary and droopy. We hope you must have gotten your answer to how to get bigger eyes in this article.


How can I tell whether my eyes are big?

To determine your eye size, compare it to the size of your lips and nose. The size of “average” eyes is comparable to, if not somewhat smaller than, the size of your lips or nose. However, you have small eyes if they are much smaller. You have enormous eyes if they are bigger than your other features.

Do eye exercises increase the size of the eyes?

It’s not about enlarging one’s eyes or altering the shape of one’s face to make one’s eyes appear bigger naturally. It’s about minimizing and getting rid of the optical illusions that give the impression that one’s eyes are bigger, asymmetrical, or misshaped.

Dr. Rahul Kushwaha

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