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How bad is my eye prescription?

Decoding your eye prescription and answer the famous question of how bad is my eye prescription?

After each eye exam that you pass from your ophthalmologist or optometrist, you will undoubtedly get the vest eye prescription for your eye lens for sure. The prescription will undoubtedly include many abbreviations and significant symbols that you have to care about and pay attention to each detail within the prescription. This post will handle all that you need when it comes to how bad is my eye prescription.

Top Symbols to find out how bad is my eye prescription?

  1. Oculus Dexters refer to the right eye, and its symbol is O.D.
  2. When it comes to the left eyes we talk about the O.S is what we can Oculus Sinister
  3. O.U.: stands for oculus; we are dealing here with both eyes for sure. Like that, you will be able to know how bad is my eye prescription.
  4. CYL is the direct acronym for the cylindrical correction; in other words, we deal with astigmatism diagnose.
  5. This means the direction for correction concerning the astigmatism problem
  6.  He DV is another concept refereeing to the distance vision, and it is responsible for making you see the thing that is far from your eye.
  7. NV: near-vision or the part of your prescription to help you see things close-up. Accordingly; how bad is my eye prescription will be apparent to find out.
  8. NV is the ability to see thinks near you. It is among the main criteria that you have to care about when it comes to figuring out how bad is my eye prescription.

It is related to the primary measures related to the bifocal, and the multifocal standards of any lens pertaining to your eye diagnosis.

What more to know on how bad is your eyes prescription?

When it comes to correct your vision, the numbers of such symbols are crucial to diagnosing how intense your eyes are for sure. We are dealing with O.D and OS and even OU. On the other hand, we can identify themes of the spherical correction SPH. It is measured in diopters. The OU is the primary key that can make you reach the answer to how bad is my eye prescription.

If the number has a (-) in other words minus then it stands for you are nearsighted. However, when we talk about a plus sign, then it means you are supposed to have a stronger prescription for the sake of fixing your sight for sure.

Correspondingly, to the SPH, there will also be a count with a plus sign (for farsightedness) or a minus sign (for nearsightedness) that follows CYL. A dominant number means that you have more severe astigmatism.

When we deal with the notion of SPH, then we are ultimately talking about the plus sign. It has a direct reference to farsightedness. Moreover, the minus sign means we are surely referring to the CYL. The higher number is the more severe and severe astigmatism you are dealing with for sure. Astigmatism often has a direct influence on your cornea, which can affect your sight easily. The CYL can answer your question about how bad is my eye prescription. This is thanks to its crucial role to identify the quality of your Sight quickly.

How to read eye prescription?

These common Rx Acronyms will help you to read your eye prescription:

  • OD: oculus dexter refers to the right eye.
  • OS: Oculus Sinister refers to the left eye.
  • SPH: sphere corrects nearsighted or farsighted vision.
  • CYL: cylinder combined with Axis corrects astigmatism
  • PD= pupillary distance is the measurement of the distance between the pupils.
  • VA: visual acuity
  • OU: oculus uterque ( OU medical abbreviation is oculus uterque which are a Latin term)

How bad is my eye prescription? And is the contact lens prescriptions are the same as the glasses ones?

Another pillar that you have to take care of is the type of prescription. The prescription for a contact lens is not the same as the prescription of your eyes. This is what can alter the end of the good of your eyes. This is the main reason I often ask how bad is my eye prescription.

You will have the best recovery for your sight either we are dealing with nearsightedness or farsightedness and even when we deal with astigmatism too. On the other hand, a contact prescription will include more advantages when we talk about the healing of your sight no matter what kind of type of problems it needs. Now, any person can know how bad is my eye prescription answer to such a complicated question.


  • Often, the reasonable measure of your eye contact is between 8 and 10. It matches the curvature of your eye directly. To be clear, we are talking about the inside of your contact eye curves. Here we are indeed dealing with the concept of the base curve.
  • Besides, we have to talk about the diameter. It is usually measured from one edge to another of the contact lens. It has an average of between 13 and 15 mm. This can depend on the size of your eye.
  • Moreover, the material of the glass can be recommended from the experience of your doctor for sure. He or she will know the adequate type of contact that you need for sure. How bad is my eye prescription will become easy to answer and handle you the best tools to protect your eye good shape.
  • In the end, the expiration date is always referring to the only good for one or two. After this deadline, you have to pick up another new prescription for buying new contact lines.

Prescription of glasses

No child or infant is too young to wear glasses. The decision to order glasses is frequently sufficient for some parents to seek a second opinion, so it is important to spend time speaking to the parents so that they understand the underlying reasons. In premature infants, glasses are usually deferred at least until the corrected age is about the term.

Our experience is that in the early period of life, particularly in infants born prematurely, there are changes toward emmetropisation that justify watching carefully to see if refraction is stabilizing before ordering glasses. Prescription of glasses to correct hypermetropia in accommodative strabismus is usually in the second or third year of life. Less commonly, hypermetropia may be among the spectrum of presentations of congenital esotropia.

How does astigmatism affect my vision? Does it have a direct influence on how bad is my eye prescription?

Astigmatism is a real common vision diagnosis condition that can alter your vision ability. This is why you have to take care of blurriness or the problems of distorted vision too. To be consistent, we are dealing with the affectation of your retina. The issue of the light refracts off the retina for sure. How bad is my eye prescription, knowing the right answer can handle you the best boost to protect your retina from severe damage?

We are surely talking about the blurred problems of vision. You will have restrictions of refractive errors. To read your eye prescription in the right manner, try to notice the number under the symbol of the CYL, if you find that there is no number there, then relax you have nothing to fear of without any small doubt. Furthermore, the problem is slight and neglectable that you cannot even feel it for sure.


In the end, we can confirm for you that permanent diagnoses for your eye situation can handle you the best health shaping for your eye for sure. All that you committed to doing is to keep updated with your ophthalmologist.

Another pillar to pay attention to is being aware of how bad is my eye prescription. Like that, you can always stay out of the misperception of your eye diagnosis. These tips and tricks can handle the best prevention from the worst scenarios when it comes to your eye’s proper shaping.

Frequently asked questions (How to read an eyeglass prescription)

Is 2.75 eyesight bad?

If you have a minus(-) number, like -2.75, it means you’re short-sighted and battle to focus on distant objects. A plus(+) number signifies long-sightedness, so objects up close appear more blurred or close vision is more tiring on the eyes.

How can I improve my eyesight in one month?

If you need to eat carrots which are good for your vision. 2. Exercise for your eyes 3. Full body exercise for vision 4. Rest for your eyes 5. Get enough sleep 6. Avoid smoking

What does 20/200 eyesight look like?

If you have 20/20 vision, then the smallest letters you can read from 20 feet away match the normal 20-foot distance. By contrast, 20/20 vision means the letter you can read from 20 feet can be read from 200 feet by people with normal vision. Thus, you see only one-tenth of the norm.

Can eyesight improve?

There are no special remedies that are proven to ameliorate your vision and eyesight naturally without therapeutic eyewear if you suffer from astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), or farsightedness (hyperopia). There are things you can do to maintain health and potentially enhances your vision, however.

How to improve our vision naturally?

Coldwater therapy. 2. Eye massage and exercise 3. Best foods for your eyes 4. Avoid smoking 5. Enough sleep at night 6. Make the best use of eyeglasses 7. Visit my eye doctor

What does ‘OD’ and ‘OS’ mean?

‘OD’ and ‘OS’ are abbreviated forms of the Latin words’ oculus dexter ‘and ulus oculus sinister’ respectively. In terms of prescription of an eye, ‘OD’ means’ right eye ‘and means OS’ means to be of left eye.

What does Sphere, Cylinder and Axis mean?

In reference to a prescription. Strong Sphere is basically a measure of how strong your prescription needs to be. The marked ‘axis’ number describes the orientation of astigmatism. This will be a number between 1 and 180. The number under ‘Cylinder’ provides the necessary lens power to correct astigmatism.

What does ‘base’ word imply on eye prescription?

Your leaflet may have a ‘base’ column, or it can be included in the same column as ism prism ‘, it gives more information about the required prism correction, which tells us the required orientation in the lens.

What does ‘joint’ mean on the eye prescription?

The number under the ‘Add’ column tells us the prescription of another lens required for multifocal lenses.

What is a strong eye prescription?

The higher the number on your prescription, the stronger your recipe. A number with a minus symbol before it means you are near, and a plus symbol, or a number with no symbol, means you are visionary. A number greater than 5 is generally considered to be on the strong side.

What is astigmatism?

If you have astigmatism, indicated by an “axis” and “cylinder” number on your prescription, it means that you have irregular shapes in front of your eye. This prevents light from focusing properly on your retina and makes your vision blurred. It usually occurs with near or foresight.

What is the diopter count?

Now that you understand those mysterious letters and numbers, you know how to read the prescription of glasses! Knowing what they mean will help you discuss your prescription more easily with your eye care professional.

These answers will help you get some idea on how to read an eyeglass prescription.


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