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How to Get Bigger Lips? 8 instant and effective ways

If there is one thing that each and every woman desires, it is big and plumper lips, followed by beautiful skin and flourishing hair. Whereas the first two can be accomplished by strictly adhering to skin and hair care regimens, there are more complicated ways to increase lip size. If one wants to do it permanently, it is also pricey to do so. Long before lip fillers were available, women feigned having bigger lips. Many people want to know How to get bigger lips. So, read this article to know the answer to the question.

Particularly if individuals have larger lips to flaunt, a flawless pout can help one appear stunning. But if individuals have thin lips, how would one help them appear fuller? Suppose individuals think their primary solutions are pricey lip kits and lip fillers. In that case, Individuals are incorrect since there are other ways to achieve lovely lips besides invasive procedures and pointless, inefficient cosmetics. There are several non-surgical ways to get fuller lips. Let’s now have a look at how to get bigger lips.

Descriptions of the various forms of lips

There are many different lip forms, but despite what you may have read in significant publications, your lip type has nothing to do with your personality. Genes primarily determine lip shape, facial structure, and other facial traits.

However, how individuals care for their lips might affect their appearance. Others can understand your emotions better thanks to your grin, frown, and other lip movements.

Different kinds of lips include:

  • Full Lips: These have the most evenly proportioned upper and lower lips and lower lips. These pillowy, full lips with the bottom lip usually protruding out often become the cynosure of your face.
  • Small Lips: These lips are not comprehensive but tend to be complete and protruding.
  • Round Lips: These lips are prominently round and lack a cupid’s bow.
  • Heart-Shaped Lips: People with these lips have a prominent cupid’s bow, that is, their upper lip has a pronounced dip in the middle. They may also have a heavier lower lip.
  • Thin Lips: If your upper and lower lips are not so full, you likely fall under this category.
  • Top-Heavy Lips: If you have heavier upper lips and a not so pronounced cupid’s bow, your pout belongs to this category. Indian ladies typically have this lip form.
  • Broad Lips: Individuals undoubtedly have wide lips if one’s smile reaches the ears. Although one’s grin has the power to warm people’s hearts, individuals might wish to soften it a bit, so it doesn’t overpower the whole of one’s attractive face.

How to get bigger lips?

Having said that, occasionally, wanting a change of pace is also common. However, that doesn’t imply everyone needs to book a plastic surgeon’s consultation immediately. One can widen the lips in a few different ways, including the ones listed below:

1. Stay Hydrated

Lip skin is unable to hold large amounts of water. Lips frequently become dry, which could also affect how full they appear. So, to keep one’s lips looking soft, complete, and moisturized, drink lots of water. Additionally, one should shield one’s lips against harmful UV rays. Putting an organic plant butter-based lip balm to the lips would help to keep hydration and provide protection from the sun. Although this technique might not be a very effective answer on how to get bigger lips, it might give the impression that they are larger and smoother.

2. Add two more saucy lip colors.

Seeking bigger lips? Dimension is what individuals need. Adding color to your lips will effortlessly enhance them. Paint a single shade everywhere around the mouth, and after that, overlay it with a lightening shade (or even a white lip crayon) In addition to attempting to make the lips appear larger, doing so will also aid to normalize one’s lips in the central portion of one’s lips and afterward blend. Try using the lighter color exclusively on the smallest lip if individuals possess a bigger upper lip and a smaller bottom lip (or the opposite).

3. Put lipstick on the lips in the center.

Use a brush to apply the lipstick of one’s preference to one’s lips, and then smooth it all into one’s lip liner to soften any pronounced lines. Pick a lipstick that is a little lighter in the shade than the one you just used, dab it within the lips wherein light usually typically strikes it since that is where one’s lips are really the fullest. To make it appear organic, use your brush and merge it with the base shade.

4. Ice cubes can be used to massage the lips.

Frequent lip massage is a wonderful technique to increase blood circulation and give your lips a bigger appearance. A fantastic approach to naturally getting bigger lips is to softly massage them for a few minutes each and every day. Massage the lips together with ice cubes for one of the greatest ways to achieve this. The lips’ muscles will unwind as a result, and a more vibrant, reddish coloration will result.

Cover the ice cubes in a clean towel if they are too cold to touch the skin directly. This can be a good answer to how to get bigger lips.

5. Lip plumper use

Lip plumpers are cosmetics that can give your lips a more significant, more voluminous appearance than usual. Such products are designed precisely to make your lips enlarge without requiring surgery. Lip plumpers contain substances that may cause slight irritation to the lips and make lips swell up and tingle. These lip plumpers work by temporarily enlarging and volumizing lips. This means lip plumper can be a temporary way on how to get bigger lips.

However, after a few hours, their impact starts to fade. Without fearing permanently altering the lips, one can use them whenever one wants.

6. Test out some essential oils.

Whenever it relates to beauty and cosmetics, one subject that is frequently disregarded is the use of essential oils for bigger lips. Unbelievable as it may seem, some essential oils can effectively enhance the lips and be your answer to how to get bigger lips.

  • Rose oil is a popular moisturizer because it softens and hydrates the skin. It can aid in reducing bruising and inflammation around the lips because it is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Since peppermint oil is a natural stimulant, it promotes bigger lips by boosting blood flow.
  • The efficient flow of blood well within lips is encouraged by cinnamon oil. Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that can support the health and infection-free maintenance of the lips.

7. Attempt whistling.

It’s questionable how much bigger one may increase one’s lips by whistling, however, it also can’t do any harm as a simple, free, and healthy treatment for bigger lips because whistling works the lip muscles, increasing their size through continuous “repetitions.” It won’t harm you

Try practicing whistling scales by continually moving back and forwards. Repeat the exercise till you feel the muscles contracting. As individuals practice on them, discomfort and tightness ought to occur. But this can be an exercise to practice on how to get bigger lips.

8. Lips lift

It is an excellent approach to gaining bigger lips constantly and is also referred to as lip enlargement or lip remodeling. Surgery is used to elevate the tissue around one’s lips and shorten the gap across the nose and upper lip. Lips lift is a surgical method on how to get bigger lips.

A local anesthetic is often used during lip lifts, which last almost an hour. The lips might appear puffy, and some bruising could appear following the operation. With the right care, one can restart one’s regular routines and return to work within a week. Typically, the outcomes are incredibly spectacular. Enduring for a long time.

The advantage of getting bigger lips

  • Bigger lips can give one’s face a more balanced appearance. Providing additional dimensions would aid in balancing the characteristics when individuals have small ones. Many people understand this and search on how to get bigger lips.
  • Also, bigger lips simply look nice! They may give any face a dash of sophistication and allure. Puffy kissers may enable individuals to achieve one’s desired look, whether they’re trying for a natural or glam one. Overall, the trend toward larger lips seems to be here to stay.
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Whether non-surgical or surgical, there are several ways on how to get bigger lips. While some people decide to have surgery, others would prefer less invasive procedures like getting collagen injections or lip plumpers.

The recommendations above would assist individuals in filling out one’s lips, start giving themselves a glowing complexion, and increase their self-esteem if they were conceived with thin lips but desire they be bigger. Whatever process you consider, properly investigate it and consider asking a professional before actually beginning the therapies. So, hope this article has answered the question regarding how to get bigger lips.


Can your lips expand in size?

They also require exercise: Getting bigger lips doesn’t require undergoing surgery. Working out will make your muscles grow, but so will your lips. The solution is daily lip treatment exercises.

How much time do lips grow?

In girls, the upper lip achieves its optimum fullness by the age of 14 and maintains it until 16, whereas in boys, it does not until 16. Following that, the lips of both genders start the gradual and inevitable cycle of thinning for the remainder of their lives.

Why are my lips appearing thinner?

The skin loses its collagen and elastin over time, which causes these changes. You’ll observe your skin starting to sag and your lips seeming thinner as collagen levels start to decline. Simply put, the lips are also susceptible to growing older.

Does squeezing the lips increase their size?

Daily squeezing of the mouth muscles will cause them to expand and become stronger, giving the appearance of fuller lips. To obtain the vintage look, simply press the lips together between the thumb and index finger then bring them out.

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