Happy Doctors Day 2024

March 30, national doctors day in India. Let’s wish every doctor a Happy doctors day. India celebrates this date as national doctors day every year in the honor of the doctors across the country for their relentless services throughout the year. The doctors are great warriors who have been fighting day and night to save the patients in this ongoing pandemic. We salute and praise all the doctors and the frontline workers for their immense hard work and the dedication they have put in and are still putting on to save patients to this ongoing pandemic.

This day terms to be a tribute to all medical practitioners who have ethically treated patients and served the nation irrespective of their caste, religion, and race.

The legendary Dr. Bidhan Chandra ray being a doctor not only served his society and community but also was the 2nd chief minister of West Bengal.

A piece of clothing
An apron is it called
Respect the white apron
Respect the saviours for his way
Smile and say Happy doctors day.

Happy Doctors Day 2020

Memoir of doctors day in India

The national doctor’s day is celebrated in the memory of Bidhan Chandra Roy, the legendary physician and the second chief minister of West Bengal.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (July 1st, 1882-1962) was an esteemed personality of India to obtain FRCPS and MRCP degrees simultaneously an instrumental role in the establishment of the Indian medical association (IMA) and Medica council of India(MCI).

The legendary Dr. Roy was also eulogized with the country’s highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’ on February 4, 1961.

When we say happy doctors day, it is an attempt to accent the worth of Doctors in our lives and to for them our respects by commemorating one of the greatest representatives.

The doctor’s day in India was established by the government of Indian in 1991 to be recognized and celebrated every year on 1st July.

Doctors’ day is observed to be celebrated on different dates all over the world. In the USA it’s celebrated on 30th March, In Cuba on 3rd December, Ian on23rd august and 4th march in Nepal. To all those places on their respective days should always be celebrated as happy doctors day.

National doctor’s day is a day celebrated to concede the contribution of all medical professionals to individual lives and communities.

See the stethoscope see what he heard
Watching this way even disease get fear
Respect the stetho for its way
Smile and say Happy doctors day

National Doctor's day

Putting their own times for their families apart

Apart the doctors stand all the time for their patients and put over the higher contribution to the medical advancement in India.

The theme of Happy doctors day 2022

The national doctors day comes with a theme every year. And this time the national doctors day 2022 has come up with a theme of “Family doctors on the front line”.

The theme of National doctors day 2021

The theme of doctor’s day 2021 is Pandemic has once again reminded us about the contributions and sacrifices made by doctors and healthcare workers around the globe.

The theme of National doctors day 2020

The theme of national doctor’s day is announced by the Indian medical council association every year. The theme of national doctors day 2020 was decided on having a great focus on the larger scale issue related to the medical field and the professionals and doctors.

The theme of this year’s Doctor day is “Lessen the mortality of COVID 19.”

Putting apart his family and him
Fight with disease single or in team
Respect the doctor for his way
Smile and say happy doctor’s day.

The theme of National doctors day 2019         

The theme of doctor’s day 2019 was “zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”.

The main motive of this theme was to bring up awareness about the violence happening with the doctors across India. The week of July 2 to July 8, 2019, was also celebrated as “safe fraternity week”.

National Doctors day celebration

Several years past, national doctor’s day is celebrated by the government and non-governmental health care organizations for the intimation of the doctor’s contribution.

Along with staff health care organization organizes several events and activities on this day. Here comes the ground celebration on doctor’s day by rotary club and north Calcutta and northeast Calcutta social and welfare organization annually.

Various health care centers organize free medical check-up camps to level up the quality of medical services free of cost among the public.

Along with this, general screening test camps are also organized to assess the health status, counseling, nutritional talks, and chronic disease awareness among the various people and senior citizens.

Several varieties of activities are assembled to make the people enlightened about happy doctors days and the role in everyone lives like a free blood test, random blood sugar tests, ECG, EEG, BP checkup, etc. at schools and college levels to encourage the youth to choose and dedicatedly follow the medical profession.

Significance of doctors Day in India

National doctor’s day in India was established by the government of India in 1991 which is recognized and celebrated by the medical professionals of India every year on 1st July.

Happy doctors day is celebrated to repute the doctors and their role in the country’s development. National doctors day in India is a big awareness campaign offering appreciate opportunities to all.

Opportunities to all to be known about the roles, importance and responsibilities of doctors as well as to promote the medical professional to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicated.

No fear of his life but scared for other life
Respect him and his way
Smile and say happy doctor’s day.

Hence, it truly said, “God can’t be seen but the contextual profile of god can be seen in the faces of doctors who save us and gives life to living it better”. To all the doctors and doctors to be, we wish a very happy doctors day.

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