Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood sweat and tears
I stand alone
Debating why it’s hard
And why I choose it
Then I see others pain being relieved
So comes my determination to go on

Learning was never easy
But medical it is just too hard
When you fight to remember names of muscle and bones
When you memorize names of drugs
Still, in viva, you jumble it all

The white coat hanging in my shelf
Always makes me forget all the negativity
Pushes me from the ground
TO toil again and again
To be remembered by all

This 5 year was never easy at all
The endless exam and viva
Then the time running like a marathon
When you always have to sacrifice your sleep
The endless family programs left unattended
So the time missed to meeting your family

All for being a person I want to become
The person my parents will be proud of
The person who is my model
The person who can heal and relieve the pain
The person I admire the most

Rashmi shrestha


World of Medical Saviours (WOMS) is a website formed by a group of medicos who are embarking to provide facts, tips and knowledge related to health and lifestyle. This website proves to be a great platform for the medical enthusiast and also for those medicos searching to outgrowth their knowledge about the medical field.

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