Motivation “A need for Medico”

Motivation is a medicine for depression where we don’t have to get worried about the bioavailability, as it strikes directly to the heart and mind of being. It is a source for invention for many scientists, it is food for those who are hungry for success. being a medico, what I have felt is it is the part of life, it’s the same thing which pushes us every morning to get up from the bed and do our daily activities.

If you are a student who feels your mind, Is not motivated to the extent it should be, this blog will not only help you to understand the true way of motivating self but also in this blog I will give you some tips which can be applied in our daily lives to make it easier and better. 8 billion people and 16 trillion problems are what the 21st century came up with along with technological advancement, each individual having different circumstances and different solutions to their problems. And where does that solution come from?

Yes, you have guessed it right, it’s the one and only motivation from the surrounding environment, from the family, and most importantly the self. Imagine, what if the great scientist like Thomas Elva Addison would have given up on his 999th try to discover the electric bulb! His self-motivation was so high he successfully achieved his goal on the 1000th try and that is now the reason our earth shines at night like a star when viewed from space. What I conclude in this paragraph is motivated to have indexed and it differs from person to person, the bigger the index, the more success in the hands and vice versa. And we can practice making our index biggest by training our mind and soul to be strong using different techniques. So here are some ways to get motivated, inspired, and be a better individual than you were yesterday.

1) Overcome Past Mistakes and move on with life: We all have made mistakes, but if we do regret that our past and all the happenings we will not be able to work daily with all potential we need and we have to accomplish our goals. Always keep in mind other people have made bigger mistakes and they have done great things by realizing that they are at their best right now wherever they are instead of wishing to delete the memories, actions of all the GET MOTIVATED!! Wrongs of the past. So change your priorities, reshape your goals, fill up your mind with new skills.

2) Get comfortable for accepting uncomfortable Nothing comes easy in life. Obstacles will come and go so instead of getting overwhelmed, learn to dance in the rain. Don’t be afraid to endure a little pain to get what you want. Problems are a part of life and it’s how you deal with them that matters.

3) Try to complain less Stop wasting your energy on things you cannot control. Don’t allow yourself to get upset over petty things. Just let it go because you know it’s not worth your time and effort. Learn to be more patient and try to focus on the things you can solve.

4) Research and get inspired: Don’t simply watch TV series, check your news feeds go after Facebook and Instagram, or play online games. Find things that inspire you. Get motivated. Learn about the people you admire. What are they doing right? Then list down your objectives or ideas. It is not necessary that everything works right away. You can always learn along the way. Follow quotes and guidance of the people who have passed similar circumstances!

5) You Have To Place Yourself Under Stress: Stress is never a solution to the problem. Your feelings are not permanent, You deserve to be happy and something better is waiting for you. You can favor getting what you actually need in life. You can choose to move forward. You can choose to be happy. You do have plenty of choices in life, however, you’ve got to be receptive to new experiences and embrace the challenges. You are the sole reason why you are feeling stuck. Make a dustbin in your mind throw the old and new stress away and always keep the positive energy in the wardrobe of your mind.

6) Overcome Procrastination: This has been a major problem that diverts a person from being motivated to a lazy one/demotivated. Procrastination is the fertile soil for laziness. But don’t worry here are some ways which have proven by research that it will help an individual to overcome procrastination.

a) “You need to forgive yourself for being delayed in the past ”.Studies show that self-forgiveness will assist you to feel additional positive regarding yourself and cut back the chance of procrastination within the future.

b) ”Commit to the task. Focus on doing instead of avoiding. Write down the tasks you need to simply complete, and specify a time for doing them. This will assist you to proactively tackle your work in efficient ways.

c) “Promise yourself a reward”. If you complete a troublesome task on time, honor yourself with a treat, such as a slice of cake or a coffee from your favorite coffee shop nearby you. And certify you notice, however smart it feels to complete things!

d) “Ask someone to monitor your “. Peer pressure works! This is the principle behind self-help groups. If you do not have anyone to raise, there are Webtools and app which will assist you to self-monitor. Also “Minimize distractions“.Turn off your Facebook and other social media, and avoid sitting anyplace close to a television or androids whereas you work!.

e) ”Target the bigger task at first, every day! “ If you start with the task which needs more hard labor than others you will have ease while doing the rest of other tasks for the day. This will give you mental strength in psychological ways.

With knowing what are the factors which are pulling you away from your dreams or goals and applying correct mindful tactics like this you will be able to change your life and grow as a better individual. Me being a person who had fought severe depression in my past have almost given up, but with the help of proper guidance from people around me,I fought it.So always keep your circle good. STAY HEALTHY . STAY BLESSED!


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