Every Day, A New Beginning; Story of every Doctor

Every day
A new story,
Every day
A new chapter,
Every day
New challenges,
Actually,  A new Begining!!!

In the world, where everybody is busy in their own life schedule, running here and there, thinking of money & career, everybody in their own way. At the same time, is the life of those people, whose every day is a ‘New Case‘, handling the new situation and on whom depends the lives of thousands of people, to whom we considered as a ‘God’, and yes we called them as a ‘Doctor’;

                           ‘Our Doctor, Our God!’

For every patient, their Doctor is their God. There is always a strong belief that their doctor would heal them properly at the right time. Of course, they do! While every case are not the same and every story is different. There are also times, when Doctors have to say ‘Sorry’ to the patient’s family, tries their best, but fails at the moment; the moment where they questioned on their own practice.

Really, Hospital is such an amazing place, the place where the newborn takes place as well as someone takes their last breath. If the patient is alright, we thanks our Doctor, and if we lose the patients, we curse the same Doctor. But, WHY??? Definitely, losing the close ones hurts us, at the same time, we cannot forget that they do have the knowledge, but not the power to heal everything. It’s so easy for us to complained that they don’t know anything and they did this & that. But, have we ever feel the pressure, the situation, they go through every day, every moment, every phase………

From the entrance preparation days to the completion of MBBS course study, hats off to all the Medical Students for their hard work and dedication. The first phase of this life, getting seats in the Medical College, fighting with thousands of students itself is not an easy task. Probably, taking a year gap, studying day and night, with the inner feeling, ‘Yes, I have to do it’, and finally reached the gate, which welcomed them in the Medical Field. The second phase of life begins, the real struggle, the journey of an MBBS student.

To be frank, we called  ‘Bachelor’s Life’ as the ‘Most Beautiful’ phase of life. Maybe it’s because, till +2, you study being restricted in the discipline and your assignments. Whereas, you feel like being a bird, taking your own decisions in the Bachelor’s life, enjoying every moment, making the Best Memories for lifelong. What about the Medical Students then??? I don’t say that Medical life is boring, just studying and nothing else. Of course, Medical Students knows how to enjoy their moment in their own way. but, at the same time, in many of the cases, students feel like being in the pressure, studying all the time, cannot neglect your study course, working day and night, not an easy one definitely.

Some days, you wanna question to yourself, ‘Am I doing justify to myself being in this field?’, ‘Is my life just limited within the bookish world?’ ‘What am I supposed to do in this field…?’ Hundreds of questions may arise, you may feel low at some time, but remember one thing, ‘ When there is Challenge, there is Charm’.

Every field, difficult in own level. Of course, studying MBBS is not the easy one, but feel proud that, ‘Yes you are a Medical Student, you are the one on whom hundreds of lives depend, you are the one on whom our healthy nation depends, actually you all are the ‘REAL HEROES’ of all of us.

The road is difficult, the journey is not easy, every day is a new challenge, a new task, a new study but there is a beautiful proverb saying, ‘Difficult Road often leads to a Beautiful Destination’. So, why always giving them the name as Challenge, Task, Study etc, yes they are, but why not lets’ called them as a ‘New Beginning’. Every day come up with the new story, the unknown chapter and yes it’s the ‘New Beginning’ for all the Medical Student.

Those White Aprons and Stethoscope, the dream of hundreds of students, but lucky are the one who will work for it. If you dare to dream, dare to accept the challenge as well. Respects is given for every subject, for every field, but lucky is the one, who is considered as the ‘God’, to whom we called as the ‘Doctor’; ‘Our Real Heroes’.

          Every Day, the Unknown Story, the Unfold Chapter and the New Beginning, yes this is ‘MY LIFE’, actually ‘THE JOURNEY OF A DOCTOR’, AN ADVENTURE ONE!!!!

 Shristi Adhikari

Shristi Adhikari

Ms Shristi Adhikari is an undergraduate student, pursuing her Bachelor in Agricultural Science at Agriculture & Forestry University, Rampur Chitwan, Nepal. She loves speaking, reading novels and writing stories, poems & articles. Besides these, she also loves Dancing and is a ‘Stage Performer’. Currently, she is working as an ‘Art Director’ at CliMates Nepal 2019 Board and also as an active member at Amnesty, Rampur Youth Network for the Human Rights. She believes in following the Heart, so ‘Whatever you do, do it from the Heart’.



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