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Shifa College of Medicine

It is one of the few medical colleges present in Islamabad city. Shifa college of medicine is a private institute. It is a constituent of the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University. In the year 1998, this medical college came into being. The medical college gives importance to skill, knowledge, and human beings.

Shifa medical college has got approval from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. It also has an affiliation with the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a survey, different students of this medical college after graduation have given some awesome reviews about the college. One of them says that the college provided her both social and cultural opportunities. The medical college has enhanced her intellectual capabilities.

Another student gave the feedback that the medical college has a great infrastructure. It provided us with quality education. Another student said that the decision of joining the Shifa college of medicine proved to the best decision for studying medical studies.

History of Shifa College of Medicine

The medical college was founded in 1998. It was being established in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The aim of the college since its creation is to promote lifelong competencies. The medical college has adapted the competency of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Canada.

This shows that the medical college has raised its standards on the basis of international standards. The curriculum of Shifa is usually learner-based. Shifa International Hospital has affilation with the medical college.

Overview of Shifa College of Medicine

The medical college has got reputation within a short period of time. It has a good infrastructure. The college provides quality education for both MBBS and BDS students. A number of international students are studying in the college. The college is a constituent of the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University.

The departments in the Shifa Medical College are, the department of Basic Health Sciences, Clinical Health Sciences department and the department of examination. The classrooms are well-established and well-managed. These classrooms are equipped with the on-line satellite-based internet access. The facility of projectors is also available. In order to comfort the students, there are air conditioners in every classroom. The laboratories are also well-established.

The Health Professional Education and Research center of the college is the home of the research department, clinical skills and Informatics Laboratory. The department of Anatomy has a dissection hall. Well stocked museums for the department of Anatomy, Pathology, Community medicine and Forensic medicine.


The college library is quite diverse with a range of informative books related to medicine studies. These books are a source for the clinical and health sciences. Students have an access to a number of learning resources in this library.

In the co-curricular activities, the students of Shifa college of medicine actively participate in every sport. Around 4 acres of land of the hospital has been set to provide recreational facilities to the students. When the year starts, the inter-class sports begin. Students actively participate in these sports like cricket, hockey, badminton, volleyball, and table tennis. Every student twho participates in the sports gets encouragement from the sports committee of the college to motivate them.

Students have formed several fund-raising campaigns. The most popular among these is the blood donor society. This society helps out the needy. The students collect donations and then help those who need these donations.

The college has a debating league as well by the name, Shifa Debating League. It encourages the importance of the speaking skills in the public. It urges the students of Shifa who are the future doctors to enhance their speaking skills as they are going to communicate with the patients. The college has many other societies working for the welfare of the students to make them more confident.

Hospital of Shifa College of Medicine

Shifa International Hospital is the teaching hospital of Shifa College of Medicine. It is located in the Islamabad city. In 1987, it was recognized by only a few doctors of Pakistan and some of the doctors working in the USA. It has now grown to a public limited company.

Over more than 20 years, the hospital has become as one of the best tertiary healthcare facilities in Pakistan. It has brought new ideas for the healthcare culture pf Pakistan. More than 500 tertiary healthcare beds have been provided into the Shifa Hospital. 100 critical care beds are also available in the hospital. An average of 1500 patients visit the hospital every day.

The medical graduates in the field of medicine, surgery, gynae etc. Do their house jobs in the Shifa International Hospital. The postgraduate training in Basic and clinical sciences has approved this idea of house jobs.

Admission at Shifa College of Medicine

Shifa medical college admission is not so difficult. As it is a private medical college, so a date for fee submission gets upload on the website. If the student is late to pay for the fee then the seat is given to the next student on the waiting list. The student who is late will not be able to claim anything in this regard.

Once the students have paid their dues, they have to wait for the final notice from the college. A written communication will be given from the admission office to those being selected.

Fee Structure

While applying for admission for medical studies at Shifa, the students shall think carefully about their expenses. And whether they are able to afford the fee a private institute for 5 years or not. The fee structure of Shifa for the national and international students is present below:

For the Local Students, the fee structure is:

  • Tuition fee (per year) Rs.9,50000
  • Admission fee (payable once) Rs. 50,000
  • Security fee Rs. 50,000
  • Admission Package charges Rs. 3,000
  • Total:      Rs.10,53000

For the International students, the fee structure is:

  • Tuition fee (per year) US$18000
  • Admission fee (payable once) Rs. 50,000
  • Security fee Rs. 50,000
  • Admission Package charges Rs.3,000

The courses/programs at Shifa college of MBBS and BDS.

Hostels of Shifa College of Medicine

The hostels are present near the college. But only a limited number of students would be given this opportunity. The hostels are separate for boys and girls. The hostel charges once paid are non-refundable. Students have the facility to manage their mess according to their will. The students should apply for the hostel as early as possible because those who are late will not be able to get to the facility of hostel.

Journal of Shifa College of Medicine

As Shifa is an affiliation of the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, so the university has the journal by the name JSTMU- Journal of University Shifa Tameer-e-Millat.


The college is quite good in its administration. The issues which may be faced by the students and the faculty members are seen by them.

Contact number and Address

Address is: NCBMS Tower near Federal Board office, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.

Contact number: (051) 8493007

Website of Shifa College of Medicine

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