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Vital Facts about Ear Bleeding in 2021

Have you ever felt pain in the ear? Indeed pain in the ear is one of the most tormenting feelings. In the same manner, ear-bleeding is also seen as one of the most painful medical conditions. Have you ever wondered about the reason leading to the blood in-ear? Well, you must not worry as we are here to sketch out all the essential facts about the bleeding ear.

Ear bleeding can appear in response to the variety of issues going on inside your ear. Especially when you are suffering from some trauma or infection, there are chances that bleeding starts from your ears. Therefore, your ENT specialist will be very specific about your treatment because first of all, he will be analyzing the causes and symptoms associated with the ear bleeding. After that, he is going to treat your bleeding ears.

Are you looking for some in-depth knowledge about ear bleeding? Then you must sit back, relax, and keep on reading as we have especially compiled this blog post to educate you about the essential facts and knowledge regarding bleeding in the ears. Please scroll down to learn about ear bleeding!

Brief Description of the Blood in Ear

As you see the blood in-ear, you must be very clear that there could be many reasons behind it. Especially sometimes, you will feel about the clarity of the reasons and symptoms. Therefore, you must not do any kind of delay in this regard and you should get to check your ears from a medical ENT specialist. The reason we are suggesting you consult your doctor is that only he can understand the phenomenon behind the blood in-ear and he would be figuring it out for you.

What is Specifically Bleeding from Ears?

Now let us tell you specifically what does ear bleeding means? Blood in the air is visually observable and it is a clear sign that it is coming out of your ear. There can be some injuries and other unfortunate circumstances behind it. Also, you must be assured of the fact that whenever you have pain in your ear, there are some of the accompanying symptoms. We will be discussing these symptoms in detail. However, just for informing you here, we are enlisting them as:

  • Pain in ear
  • Fever
  • Loss of hearing power
  • Dizziness
  • Wheezing sounds in the ear
  • Facial paralytic sensation

Though the ear bleeding or pain related to it will not be ending in the most unfortunate conditions or complications. Yet, we suggest you take precautionary measures and consult your doctor promptly. However, the bad news about the blood in the ears is that it can be leading you to long-term problems with your ear’s health. So, you must not be ignoring it, especially if your injury history is the most recent one.

Maybe calling 911 or approaching the emergency room will help you save from the long-term complications and pain. Care and prompt action are what will be saving you from significantly harmful conditions.

Structure of the Ear

Before we can dive deeper into the symptoms, causes, treatment, and possible prevention of ear bleeding, we have added a brief account of the structure of your ear. The reason for the inclusion of the very fundamental knowledge about the ear is to make it easier for you to understand that how delicate is your ear and how it is so vulnerable to injuries and other medical complications.

So, beginning with the structure of the ear, we must inform you that your ear is categorized into three sections. These sections include:

  • The outer ear: Making the exterior region of your ear
  • The middle ear: The region between exterior and interior
  • The inner ear: This region makes the interior region of your ear

In a more specific manner, the external ear is composed of the externally placed ear region and also the ear canal. The eardrum and ossicles make up the middle ear. Ossicles are tiny bones and they are three in number. At, last we have the internal ear which is made from the specialized kind of nerve endings. Thanks to these nerve endings that you are capable of detecting the sound waves around you.

Mechanisms Operating Inside Your Ear

You hear the satisfying music and chirping of birds in addition to other sounds because the sound waves are known for traveling. They travel through the external ear reaching the middle one. Inside the middle region, they cause an instant vibration in the ossicles and also in the eardrum. In the next step, there is the transmittance of these vibrations inside your internal year.

In the final step, there is a resultant conversion of the vibrations into electrical impulses. After that, your brain comes into play. The brain will be decoding these electrical impulses as:

  • Sound of the rain and thunder
  • The satisfying beautiful sound of the flowing stream
  • Noisy sound of the large-sized generators in your hospital
  • The innocent first cry of the baby in the labor room

And the list will be longer and infinite. Thanks to nature for blessing you with such a gracefully operating brain and sound system. This is miraculous.

Causes of the Bleeding from Ear

We hope now you are in a better position to understand the causes which can lead to the blood in the ears. The following section is based on the main causes of the blood in the ears. So, let’s get started about these reasons:

Slight Injury of Cut

Minor kind of injury or cuts can be very dangerous at times. That is the reason that your medical doctors scold you and stops you from putting sharp objects or nails inside your ears. There are chances that you are habitual of scratching your ear canal using your fingernails. Or there are also chances of you being addicted to using cotton swabs. Using cotton swabs in a forceful manner or their insertion in a careless manner can lead to the blood in-ear.

Are you just thinking why that is so? Because you are trying to disturb nature’s machinery of hearing. That is the biggest reason. Therefore, you should always refrain from messing with your ears. Another serious infection can become your fate and then it will be bothering you a lot.

Ruptured Eardrums

Now let’s move to another biggest cause of the bleeding from the ear. There are quite fair chances of your eardrums being ruptured. The eardrum is a type of membrane structure that is important in terms of protection. Yes, eardrums are those guards which prevent the harmful bacteria from attacking your ear.

Therefore, as this membrane ruptures, you can visually see the blood in ear. Now you may be curious about the important causes of the tearing of the eardrums. Well, there can be many reasons for it. For example, they include:

  • Loud noises
  • Extreme trauma
  • Severe ear infections
  • Pressure changes as you fly on the airplane or do the scuba diving
  • several trauma conditions

Another important cause of the blood in the ears can be trauma. Any individual having an extreme accident in the head can be ending in internal bleeding. This bleeding will eventually lead to ear trauma. Therefore, after a life-threatening injury, you must be careful enough to seek medical care as soon as possible.

Infection in Your Ears

While enlisting the important causes of the blood in the ear or simply ear bleeding, we cannot overlook the factor of the severe infection in your ears. Because this can be one of the leading causes of ear bleeding. These infections are mostly occurring in your middle ears. Such infections can be very painful. Even they can result in the temporary loss of your hearing power. Also, there are chances of fluid ejection in form of puss and blood from your ears.

Ear Cancer

In the list of the causes of ear bleeding, we must not forget the rare but yet an important factor of ear cancer. In this unfortunate condition, you will be facing bleeding, loss of hearing, and also numbness.

Symptoms of the Bleeding from Ear

After the analysis of the structure of the ear and the cause behind the ears bleeding, now want to share some symptoms of the blood in the ear. Though visually, you may see the blood in your ear. However, it will not be all which you will feel. Rather, there will be an array of symptoms accompanying the bleeding ear. Are you curious about those symptoms? So, let us share them with you. They include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Buzzing in the ear
  • Headache
  • Earache
  • Fever
  • Facial weakness

Unfortunately, this is not where the list of the symptom end. Rather, there are some other serious symptoms, which can be dangerous. In that case, you are required to seek special medical care or call 911. These symptoms are inclusive of the:

  • Vomiting
  • Discharge of the blood from the nose
  • Extreme ear bleeding
  • Alterations in the level of your consciousness
  • Feeling sluggish or lethargic
  • Changes in the size of your eye’s pupil
  • Dizziness
  • Losing the power of tracking movements using your eyes

Treating the Blood in Ear

As we have already mentioned that the treatment of the blood in the ears is associated with the type of causes and symptoms. However, you can use the following section for understanding the type of care and treatment that you need in case of ear bleeding.

Infections in the Ear

In case of the different infections in your ear, your doctor will be prescribing you different kinds of drops having antibiotic effects. There is also a possibility that your medical doctor will also be in the form of an oral antibiotic. Oral antibiotics are meant for taking employing ingestion through the mouth. In case of ear infections occurring in a recurring manner, then you may go for using ear tubes as well.

In the present era, there is also an increasing trend in outpatient surgery. In this type of surgery, the doctors will be inserting some sort of tiny artificial tubes in the ears of the patient. These artificial tubes are so small, almost they are the size of the rice grain. These tiny artificial tubes are meant for the drainage of the fluid and prevention of the infections occurring in the ears.

Treatment for the Ruptured Eardrum

You can also face bleeding in the ear due to the ruptured eardrum. Normally, the ruptured eardrums will be repairing within 8 – 10 weeks. However, this is not what can happen all the time. Therefore, you need to undergo a surgery known as tympanoplasty which is meant for repairing your eardrum.

Presence of Any Object inside Ear

Sometimes, there are different objects which can be stuck into your ear. Sometimes, you can take the help of tweezers for removing such external objects. However, sometimes, you will not be able to remove it. Therefore, you must go to the doctor in this regard.

Another important thing which is worthy of mentioning is that you should never be poking around your ear with anything, particularly sharper objects. Because you may push it further away instead of removing it. It can become troublesome then.

Wrapping Up on the Ear Bleeding

We hope, we have used the simplest way to make you understand the essential facts related to bleeding ears. In the wrap-up section also, we will like to suggest you not be careless about your ears as they are the most sensitive organs you have.

Especially you must not be messing around them by poking those using sharper objects. We would love to have your views in this regard. Therefore, please do share them with us. Thank you!

FAQs on Blood in Ears

What are the most common sign symptoms of the blood in the ear?

The most common signs of the bleeding ear are hearing loss, dizziness, changes in consciousness, observing blood coming from the nose, vision impairments, and also sometimes there can be vomiting.

Are there any complications related to ear bleeding?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes. These complications are inclusive of balance problems, language perception changes, frequent vertigo, permanent loss of hearing, cognitive difficulties, headaches occurring frequently, and feeling some ringing sensation in the ears.

Are there any tests available for the diagnosis of the bleeding ears?

Yes, in the first place, your doctor will be conducting the physical examination. However, if further details are required, he may use an X-ray or CT scan as additional imaging to help them in the successful diagnosis.

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