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What are the causes of painful women feet?

Nowadays everybody is busy running here and there to finish their work. Women are no odd one out in this case. They spend their most of time running here and there to complete their daily duty. So, it no new thing that hearing about painful women’s feet.

As we all know our feet bear our entire body’s weight and help you to walk, run and stand. Because of this woman’s feet, pain is common. There may be some underlying causes as well.

8 causes of painful women feet

Not all women feet pain is serious, but you should never ignore any aches. Here are some of the common causes of the painful feet with some of their home remedies.

1. Fallen arch

A fallen arch is one of the main problems of painful women feet. The term fallen arch is commonly described as the flatten foot which some people have natural flatten foot whereas some develop during their adulthood.

A fallen arch is mainly seen in the sport women due to injury to the tendon that connect the calf muscles. The pain is experienced in the arch of the foot or even in your ankle.

The common symptoms of fallen arch are:

Fallen arch can be rebuild through use of the active isolated, constant-resistance exercises. And in some extreme cases it may require surgery too.

2. Tarsal tunnel syndrome

The second causes of the painful women feet are tarsal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) is painful foot condition due to compression of the tibial nerve which travels through the tarsal tunnel.

The fallen arch can be one of the contributions to this painful condition called tarsal tunnel syndrome.

You may experience heel pain, specifically a burning sensation because of compression on the posterior tibial nerve. The common treatment for tarsal tunnel treatment are

  • Complete rest
  • Ice pack over the affected area
  • Immobilization
  • Oral medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthotic devices

3. Cuboid syndrome

Here’s come another cause of painful women feet i.e cuboid syndrome. It is a common cause of lateral sharp foot pain on the outer side.  This lateral sharp foot pain usually does not spread to the rest of the foot or leg.

Pain gets exaggerated withstanding and walking. It often starts quite suddenly and last throughout the day.

The cuboid syndrome may be due to ankle sprain, or it may develop slowly over time from repetitive tension through the bone and surrounding structures.  Cuboid syndrome pain can be also related to the fallen arch.

Some of the home remedies for the cuboid syndrome involves resting, icing, compressing and elevating the foot. You need to seek help from a medical professional if the pain preserves longer.

4. Arthritis

Arthritis is not common in a younger individual with no prior injuries. But it is common in women who is been therein sports for a year. It is common in year-round athletes because they don’t get sufficient rest between seasons of a sport.

ISo we can say that arthritis is one of the common problems of painful women feet. It is mainly swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joint. Do read detail about types of arthritis with the prevention of arthritis.

5. Metatarsalgia

Painful women feet may be a contributor to metatarsalgia. It is a condition in which the ball of your foot becomes painful and inflamed.

Metarsalagai can be developed in particular activities like running and jumping. Foot deformities and shoes that are too tight and loose can be the other causes of metatarsalagia.

Metatarsalgia can be prevented by wearing a well-cushioned shoe. Your doctor may also suggest orthotics to fit inside those well-cushioned shoes. You can visit your podiatrist if pain ear the toes persists longer ad severe.

6. Calluses

Calluses are one of the common causes of painful women feet. It is formed from repeated friction and pressure which look like yellow or pale in colour. It is often bigger and wider than corns, with declined edges.

Calluses get soften after soaking your feet in warm and soapy water. This softens skin helps to remove the thickened skin. You can also rub a callus during or after bathing with a pumice stone, nail file, or washcloth.  

It can be also prevented by minimizing the friction between the shoe and the bony prominence of the shoe or the toea. Orthotics may also help with that.

7.Morton’s neuroma

One of the cause of wowen’s painful feet is Morton’d neuroma. It mainly affects ball of the foot mainly affecting are present between third and fourth foot.

It causes thickening of the tissue around neurons that leads to your toe. The main sole reason for Morton’s neuroma is wearing high heels. It is advised to avoid the high heels and use flat or less heeled shoes in were the toes are not constricted.

The person suffering from it will feel like standing in pebble in the shoe or feel tingling or numb feeling around toes.


It is caused due to inflammation of tendon and can occur in any place where tendon connects bone to muscle.

The main cause for it is lack of exercise done on hard surfaces and support. You can avoid it easily by doing yoga, exercise or running.

The best remedy is to take rest and even the pain persists to visit doctor.


Although women’s feet pain is common. Not all women’s feet pain is serious, but you should never ignore any aches.

There are many preventive measures and home remedies for this. It is not a normal part of life.

You can visit your doctor if you have foot pain that’s hasn’t anatomized after a week or two of home remedies.


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