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Fun facts about chocolate

Here are some fun facts about chocolate that you might not know.

  1. Chocolate is actually made up of seed; it comes from a fruit tree.
  2. 400 cocoa beans make one pound of chocolate.
  3. One cocoa tree can produce as many as 2500 cocoa beans.
  4. Earlier people even used cocoa as currency.
  5. Chocolate comes with compounds with more than 600 different flavours while red wine comes only with 200.
  6. Chocolate milk can really help you relax after an intense workout.

Source: wikipedia

Surprising fun facts about chocolate.

Some fun facts about chocolate that you must know.

  • July 7 is chocolate day and it indicates the day when chocolate was first brought to Europe.
  • White chocolate is not actually chocolate but it contains parts of cocoa beans like cocoa butter.
  • Chocolate is native to central and South America as well as Mexico.
  • The first chocolate used as a treat was not a chocolate bar but a hot chocolate.
  • A very long time ago Spanish people used to use chocolate to spread love throughout the continent.
  • Baker’s chocolate is used in many other purposes rather than baking.
  • The title of the discovery of milk chocolate goes to Britain.

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What you must know;

Some interesting fun facts about chocolate.

  • Chocolate melt so easily on your tongue as it’s melting point is 93°F that is just below your body temperature.
  • Making chocolate is tough work; it takes nearly 2-5 days to make a single chocolate bar and maybe a few seconds to consume it.
  • Chocolate can harm your cat or dog. Keep some of your friends away from it as well.
  • Joseph fry created the first modern chocolate bar but still, you don’t need to fry cocoa beans to make a chocolate bar.
  • The name of chocolate comes from some ancient words that meant “sour” or “ bitter”.
  • Chocolate bar, not the chocolate tastes sweet.
  • Switzerland is the country that eats chocolate the most.


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