8 Incredible Clary Sage Oil Benefits for Hair – How to Use Clary Sage

For many years, people have been using various plants and herbs for health benefits. Some of these plants are still unknown. However, one of these natural healers is the clary sage plant and this is why the search for clary sage oil benefits for hair has increased tremendously.

You see, this plant is now proven to be healthy for humans. It is free from poisonous substances, 100% pure, and loaded with nutrients for skin and hair. In this article, you will learn about the clary sage oil for hair and how you can infuse it into your hair-care routine.

What is Clary Sage?

The plant Salvia sclarea is known as Clary sage in the common language. Its essence is collected and sold in the form of essential oil. The name is derived from a Latin word that means “clarifying” in English. Before knowing clary sage oil benefits for hair, we should have a little knowledge about this plant.

This plant’s oil and leaves are commonly used for health and beauty, treating women’s health issues, and cooking. It is also common nowadays in aromatherapy for stress and anxiety. Its beautiful scent calms your nerves and helps you sleep faster.

Along with these health effects, clary sage is a wonder herb for your hair. Research proves it contains numerous micronutrients that can boost hair growth within days. Moreover, using its sweet fragrance on your hair also yields a relaxing effect. Let’s now look in detail about clary sage oil benefits for hair.

Clary Sage Oil Benefits for Hair

Hair growth

Clary sage oil is known to improve blood flow to the scalp. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair deeply and restore its health status. In addition, its antibacterial ingredients prevent infections that reduce hair fall in the long run. The end result of all these benefits is better and healthier hair growth. You can also look at these hair loss treatments for men to know more.

Dry Scalp

Due to the daily grind of work and walking outside, your hair loses its moisture. As a result, they look dry and dull. Such coarse hair is also difficult to style. Take clary sage oil for this problem. Its oily nature prevents the scalp’s moisture from drying out. Thus, regular use can restore the scalp’s hydration and make your hair look alive again. It is one of the most incredible clary sage oil benefits for hair.

For dandruff

Clary sage is a brilliant antimicrobial agent that can keep fungal attacks away from your head. As dandruff and flakes are commonly caused by fungi, clary sage oil can be a permanent treatment for them.

For oily hair

Imagine stroking your hair and getting your fingers back with oil and grease. It feels awful, isn’t it?

No matter how good your hair growth is, it will look dull with a lot of oil. Consider treating them with clary sage. This essential oil controls excessive oil production from glands and balances it in your scalp. It is one of the most important clary sage oil benefits for hair.

Prevents bumps and sores

Research proves clary sage has immense anti-inflammatory effects. This ability makes it helpful in resolving skin and head sores. Moreover, dirt accumulation and daily hairstyling can also cause inflammation that may hurt afterward. Go for a clary sage essential oil hair massage to relieve stress.

Grants a relaxing scent

Aromatherapy is the art of using fragrance to relieve your mental pressure. Clary sage oil has such a sweet smell that people prefer to use it in aromatherapy. Similarly, when you use it on your hair, its scent makes you feel relaxed and takes away all your stress. You can also apply it at night for a peaceful sleep.

Restores hair shine

Does your hair feel dull and rough due to day-to-day pollution and dirt?

Dull hair is a common issue that people often neglect. However, it represents the low health status of your hair. Don’t worry; Clary Sage can treat this issue too. Applying clary sage in regular intervals can restore the natural shine of your hair by removing dirt and locking natural moisture inside it. People often use it for this purpose among the many clary sage oil benefits for hair

Heals and prevents infections

Infections are one of the most common reasons for hair problems like dandruff, dryness, and baldness. Minimizing their ratio will eventually restore the health status of your hair.

With clary sage oil’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, you can reach this goal sooner than ever. It will not only treat the prevent issues but also prevent future microbial attacks.

How to Use Clary Sage Oil for Hair

Now that you know clary sage oil benefits for hair, let’s know how to use this oil for hair. You can get the clary sage oil benefits for hair by simply applying it directly to your hair. However, you can mix it with other ingredients to boost the advantages for different hair problems.

Moisturizing Hair Mask

For deep conditioning of your hair, add coconut oil or almond oil to the clary sage hair mask.

  • Take one tablespoon of coconut or almond oil and mix six drops of clary sage oil in it
  • Massage well from tips to ends
  • Leave the mixture for a minimum of two hours
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water
  • You can also add one teaspoon of shea butter to this recipe

For Hair Loss

  • Mix 4-5 drops of clary sage essential oil with a few drops of rosemary
  • Now, add an equal quantity of olive oil to dilute the mixture
  • Apply on your hair and massage for 5-10 minutes
  • Wash with lukewarm water after 1-2 hours 
  • Use this hair mask twice a week

As a Routine Cleanser

You can also use clary sage before your shampoo every time you take a bath. It works best as a regular hair cleanser too.

  • Mix 8-10 drops of clary sage hair oil with two tablespoons of grapeseed oil
  • Apply a pea-sized mixture one hour before taking a bath
  • Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • You can store this mixture of oil in a bottle for later use

For better sleep

You can either use clary sage in an aromatherapy diffuser or apply it to your hair to get a calm scent through the night. This way, it will induce better sleep and provide hair benefits simultaneously. These were the many clary sage oil benefits for hair.


Restore your health now with Clary Sage essential oil for hair. It is a wonder product for hair growth and prevents multiple scalp infections. It can also be your ticket to dandruff-free, smoother, thicker, and shinier hair. There are many clary sage oil benefits for hair that people love.

As for the application method, you can simply apply it to your roots or mix it with other ingredients for extra benefits. The sweet aroma you will feel along the process will relieve your whole day’s stress in a second.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clary sage help baldness?

Clary sage oil promotes hair growth in more than one way. It prevents scalp infections and nourishes the roots, which reduces hair damage. Hair growth starts in the bald areas as soon as hair fall stops.

Does clary sage make hair growth?

Apart from other significant benefits of clary sage for hair, its hair growth feature is the most prominent. It consists of essential minerals and vitamins that boost hair health and promote growth.

How do you use clary sage in your hair?

You can apply pure clary sage oil directly to your hair. However, if you suffer from a hair infection or have a sensitive scalp, mix it with other essential oils like coconut or olive oil to prevent any reactions.

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