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Why Should I Need N95 Masks For My Family?

The general consensus does not recommend using N95 masks for personal use. However, we all want to protect ourselves and those closest to us, which has many people purchasing N95s and putting themselves first.

It’s difficult to argue with a basic survivalist mentality, especially when the safety of the greater good remains uncertain. Against popular opinion, here are reasons why you should buy online N95 masks for your family.

Alternatives To N95 Masks

You can find cloth masks at most retail and grocery stores. These are common face masks that people use to protect themselves. These masks are effective at blocking out between 50% to 70% of contaminants in the air. Some studies have observed nearly 80 percent blockage from cloth masks. Should these study findings become more commonplace, then they are just as sufficient as surgical masks to block out dangerous particles. Disposable masks for non-medical purposes are also recommended for public usage as the charge on the masks induces static electricity, which helps to capture particles. As long as people are disposing of these masks consistently enough, disposable masks are considerably effective at keeping one safe.

Reasons For Considering N95 Masks and Where to Buy Them

Although cloth masks and disposable non-medical masks are good options for self-protection, people are hesitant to purchase these masks because of their inability to keep up with the safety abilities of N95 respirators. Cloth masks stretch over time, making a tight fit less consistent, encouraging particles to come in. Likewise, if not changed quickly enough, disposable masks can get damaged or wet, and both of these cases can lead to increased exposure of contaminants as well. Neither cloth masks nor non-medical grade disposable masks filter the same percentage of particles as N95 respirators, so they are still less safe than wearing N95 alternatives. If you don’t know where to buy an N95 mask, check online for certified retailers like Well Before, an online retail supplier of medical supplies, including N95 masks.

The Common Debate

Right now, there is a shortage of supply for medical grade N95 respirators leaving medical workers with no choice but to rely on imported versions that have uncertain certification. With the supply that is left, health workers and sick patients are most in need of N95 respirators to keep themselves and their patients safe. It makes sense that those most affected by the virus in one way, or another should be given priority in terms of safety and protection. However, this is not easily accepted as people want to ensure that they are protecting themselves so that they do not end up in the position of being sick enough to really need an N95 respirator.

We Don’t Blame You

When you are worried about your family’s health and your own, it isn’t easy to consider the greater good. Whatever your personal standpoint is, we do not discourage the idea that N95 masks are a smart purchase for you and your family.

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