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USA and China’s Vaccine Against Coronavirus : A Ray of Hope

We might all be aware of the pandemic going on. Many countries and researches are trying their best to find the vaccine to overcome this pandemic. Some results have been fruitful too.

The international community is working to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus (Covid-19). Effective conclusions have not been reached yet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said nine vaccine tests have reached the third stage. More than 155 vaccine development trials are currently underway around the world.

The vaccines that are being researched and worked on have given hope to the human community. According to the WHO, there is a high probability of reaching the conclusion of ten vaccinations that have already passed the first and second stages.

The most effective tests have been for the Adenovirus type-5 vectored (Ad5-nCoV) in China and the mRNA vaccine in the United States.

Ad5-nCoV acts as a natural infection and is especially good at teaching the immune system how to fight the virus. During the next 28 days, no somber reactions were found which means the vaccine seemed to be endurable by humans.

In addition, three other China-based inactivated vaccine studies have reached the second stage. One of the vaccines is in the first stage. Since then, a vaccine called ‘Non-Replacing Viral Vector’ has been developed in collaboration with India and Oxford University.

Novavax is also developing a protein vaccine and two other INA and DNA-based vaccines against corona. All of them have passed the second stage. Apart from these, 114 other vaccines are in the early stages of development which was stated by WHO on Friday. Some vaccines have been tested on different animals, and some have been tested on humans.

The test results of the mRNA-1273 vaccine, which is being developed in the United States and which is likely to hit the market soon. It is a ray of hope to end this pandemic.

It is being manufactured by a pharmaceutical company called Moderna. The company claims that the vaccine was able to protect humans from the deadly virus by developing immunity during the first tests on humans. It is allowed by the WHO to move from the second phase of the test to the third phase.

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